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So, Trump Is Going to Play the Executive Privilege Card

and keep staffers, both present and past, from testifying in Congressional hearings? That's how it looks today. Apparently, an executive order to that effect will be issued by Trump.

Richard Nixon tried that. The House called it another count of Obstruction of Justice and added it to the Articles of Impeachment.

Shortly thereafter, Nixon was forced to resign in shame....


If oversight was in the Executive Branch, we would have a King...

But in their wisdom, the Founders put oversight into the hands of the people's Representatives, the Congress of the United States.

One of the powers of oversight is the right to subpoena for documents and information the Congress perceives to be in the interest of the people and our nation.

Donald Trump does not seem to understand that simple principle from the Founders? ...


There is one very compelling reason not to impeach Trump

I am of the opinion that we should slowly build a case in such a way that compels everyone, including Republicans to face the facts and come to an agreement on the facts.

Once we have agreement on the facts then the impetus and force will build for impeachment.

There is one reason that strategists who look long term advocate stopping short of impeachment: it significantly undermines Republican 2020 electoral chances in all federal offices....


Where is the leader that will stand up to this dictator?

We do not have the time, unfortunately, to wait a month for hearings to begin. Democrats must act in a more urgent manner, in my opinion.

The question must be asked: Are the Republicans standing with Donald Trump? We can only assume that they stand unanimously behind him.


Gut punched

trump and junior got away with it by lying and refusing to be interviewed or cooperate.

No hope at SDNY because Barr will likely shut it down.

And all the BS about how "Mueller knows SOOOO much more than we do; its just the tip of the iceberg." Report was mostly a rehash....


So trump will not Cooperate with any Oversight by Democrats. Period.

This alone should trigger impeachment.

If this stands he is above the law.

This guy doesn't understand anything other than shoving it down the throat.

11 Bravo

Have you ever actually hated a sitting US President before?

Nixon was my C-in-C, and while I thought the sonofabitch was exactly that, I didn't actually hate him.

Reagan was, at least in my opinion, an amiable dunce, who was almost completely senescent by the end of his second term. (He'll rot in Hell for ignoring the AIDS crisis, but I was unaware of it at the time.)

George HW Bush was a patrician douche, who committed crimes in service to who knows what. Probably some misguided energetic Commie-hunting bullshit instinct left over from the 60's....


By their silence, Republicans are betraying our Constitution and are complicit in the lawlessness..

...that is exhibited by this White House.

Either they do not believe the facts that were uncovered by the Mueller Report, or they simply do not care? Because they know that no one will hold them accountable. Republican voters may as well be mindless robots. They have lost the ability to think. They are betraying our country, each and every one of them.

Our country was attacked, right down to our county government levels, and the Republicans refuse to defend our country?

God help them if the people ever wake up.


The point of impeachment hearings is to dribble out damaging information during the election

Starting them now means it dribbles out too soon. Congress needs to dither around with some preliminary stuff this summer and then really get the hearings going as the D primaries heat up, so that the contrast is not "Democratic division vs. Republican unity" but "Democratic division vs. Trump's piss tape". Then, drop the motherload right before the convention and have him address the RNC having just been impeached.

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