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I just don't get it.

I know Dump will probably survive the Senate vote and not to mention, forever ruining Home Alone II. And I get some GOP Senators are holding out for the election to remove the SOB...even if it means they might lose control of the Senate. Unless a few Senators go rogue...if that happens, I'm going to Vegas and betting everything on green and buy the insurance in Blackjack.

But eventually, all the shit will come out and history will not be kind. They have to think, their descendants will say "this is our family shame, your grand father voted to keep one of the worst presidents in history in office". Add to that, remove Trump, you get Pence and rubber stamp legislation and force Pelosi to make compromises. Granted for a limited time, but what could be better than that? It would make life for them severely better for them and they can "sell" the legislation as beneficial back home....


It was a "perfect" impeachment.

They shoveled all the shit up in one big pile and were unable to pick it up or sort it out. So they just called it "Abuse of Power". It was pretty much all-inclusive....

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Mitch McConnell Brags About Blocking Obama For 2 Years, Then Laughs About It

14 min ago - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Thursday night bragged about blocking President Barack Obama’s attempt to fill federal judicial vacancies for two years. Then, he laughed about it as he discussed the Republican Party’s effort to stac ... (Huffington Post)

U.S. Supreme Court justices set to tackle Trump financial records dispute

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House Judiciary panel passes two articles of impeachment against Trump.

43 min ago - The House Judiciary Committee resumed deliberations Friday and approved two articles of impeachment against President Trump accusing him of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The panel began deliberations shortly after 10 a.m. following an ... (Washington Post)

710KNUS won't comment on alleged neo-Nazi and Proud Boy connections

50 min ago - A local radio producer for conservative talk radio station 710KNUS said years worth of neo-Nazi social media posts attributed to him are an elaborate hoax by the leftist group Antifa. Kirk Widlund is the executive producer of The Steffan Tubbs Show ... (KUSA 9NEWS Denver)

McConnell: In 'total coordination' with White House for impeachment trial

1 hr ago - WASHINGTON- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Thursday that he will be in "total coordination with the White House counsel" as the impeachment into President Donald Trump presses forward. During an interview with Sean H ... (USA Today)

Trump administration heavily redacted documents concerning their withholding of Ukraine aid

1 hr ago - Published 11 hours ago on December 12, 2019 The Trump administration has refused to disclose how key officials at the Department of Defense and the White House Office of Management and Budget reacted to President Trump’s decision to halt mili ... (raw story)

White House delays new tariffs on China

3 hrs ago - WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will not impose new tariffs on an additional $160 billion of Chinese imports that were scheduled to take effect this weekend, after tentatively signing off Thursday on a so-called phase one trade agreement with Bei ... (Tribune News Service)

Wisconsin judge hears challenge to 234K voter registrations

8 hrs ago - By SCOTT BAUER Associated Press DECEMBER 12, 2019 — 11:10PM MADISON, Wis. — A Wisconsin judge will consider Friday whether to immediately toss out the registrations of up to 234,000 voters in a lawsuit brought by conservatives that could make it mo ... (Associated Press)

US tests ground-launched ballistic missile that was previously banned

8 hrs ago - Idrees Ali, Reuters December 12, 2019 at 07:35 PM WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon on Thursday tested a conventionally configured ground-launched ballistic missile, a test that would have been prohibited under the Intermediate-range Nuclear For ... (Reuters)

Defeated governor pardoned violent criminals in a spree lawyers are calling an 'atrocity of justice'

11 hrs ago - Matt Bevin is no longer the governor of Kentucky, but his decisions continued to send shock waves through the state’s legal system this week after he issued pardons for hundreds of people, some of whom committed violent offenses. Bevin issued 428 pa ... (Washington Post)

House Panel Delays Vote on Impeachment Articles

11 hrs ago - WASHINGTON — The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday abruptly put off a historic impeachment vote, turning back Republican attempts to derail the process and setting up final action on Friday to approve charges that President Trump abused his power ... (NYTimes)

Australia could see hottest day on record next week as Perth heatwave conditions travel east

11 hrs ago - Australia could experience its hottest day on record next week as a hot air mass building in Western Australia makes its way east. - "So when you combine all of the maximum temperatures recorded on any given day, the hottest on record was on t ... (ABC Australia)

Salvadoran man murdered in Mexico waiting U.S. asylum hearing

11 hrs ago - DECEMBER 12, 2019 / 9:53 PM / UPDATED 24 MINUTES AGO David Alire Garcia 3 MIN READ MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A Salvadoran man seeking asylum in the United States was kidnapped and murdered in the Mexican border city of Tijuana where he was sent to ... (Associated Press)

Jo Swinson loses seat as Corbyn says he won't lead Labour into next election

12 hrs ago - Corbyn says he will not lead Labour into another election Jeremy Corbyn is still speaking. He says the pressure on people in the public life is high. And the attacks on people in public life are disgusting. He thanks his family, particularly his w ... (The Guardian)

Democratic congresswoman uses Sharpie to explain Trump's phone call with Ukraine

15 hrs ago - 3 hr 6 min ago Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, tweeted a photo today showing an annotated print out of a line from President Trump's phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25, which is at the heart of th ... (cnn)

Clinton Portis among 10 former players charged with defrauding NFL health care program

16 hrs ago - By Adam Kilgore and Rick Maese Dec. 12, 2019 at 10:29 a.m. MST The Justice Department charged 10 former NFL players, including a group of former Washington Redskins that includes running back Clinton Portis and cornerback Carlos Rogers, with def ... (Washington Post)

Russia's only carrier, damaged in shipyard accident, now on fire

17 hrs ago - The Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia's only aircraft carrier, caught fire today during repairs in Murmansk. While officials of the shipyard said that no shipyard workers were injured, Russia's TASS news service reports that at least 12 people (likely Kuznet ... (Ars Technica)

UK general election 2019: exit poll predicts 86-seat majority for Conservatives - live news

17 hrs ago - Exit polls suggests Tories on course for majority of 86 Huw Edwards is reading out the exit poll results. Here are the main ones. Conservatives: 368 Labour: 191 Conservative majority: 86 ... (The Guardian)

Senate defies earlier White House block to unanimously recognize Armenian genocide

18 hrs ago - The Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide in Turkey more than 100 years ago, over earlier objections from President Donald Trump. The move amounted to a stern condemnation of Turkish President Recep Tay ... (Politico)

Congressional Leaders Reach Tentative Deal to Avert Government Shutdown

18 hrs ago - Senior lawmakers announced on Thursday that they had reached a tentative bipartisan agreement on funding the government for the remainder of the fiscal year, offering a solution to avert a shutdown after weeks of haggling over money for President Tru ... (New York Times)

McDonald's Settlements

18 hrs ago - McDonald’s Settlements Agreements Provide Full Remedy to Affected Employees December 12, 2019, WASHINGTON, DC – The Board today instructed an administrative law judge to approve settlements resolving complaints against McDonald’s USA LLC, McDonald’ ... (NLRB)

Liberal groups to spend $7 million to flip state houses

20 hrs ago - After watching Republicans quietly build power in school boards and state Houses across the country for years, progressive Democrats are ready to take a lesson from their rivals. Two groups, Arena and Future Now Fund, are planning to spend $7 millio ... (Politico)

House passes sweeping Pelosi bill to lower drug prices

20 hrs ago - The House on Thursday passed a sweeping bill aimed at lowering prescription drug prices, a step toward a long-held Democratic goal that was met with sharp Republican resistance. The bill passed on a largely party-line vote of 230-192. The measure, w ... (The Hill)

'Pot calling the kettle black': A Democratic congressman threw shade at GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz for his

20 hrs ago - ... snip ... Gaetz went on a lengthy rant about Biden's role as a board member of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural-gas company. The Florida congressman said he went online to find out more about Biden and came across a New Yorker profile that ... (Business Insider)

Pakistan protest: Patients die as lawyers ransack Lahore hospital

20 hrs ago - Three patients died when hundreds of lawyers attacked a hospital in Lahore during a furious dispute with doctors. Video showed the lawyers ransacking wards at the cardiac hospital, beating up staff and smashing equipment. As panic spread, doctors and ... (BBC)

Andrew Scheer stepping down as Conservative Party leader

20 hrs ago - (Canada) According to sources, Scheer recounted a lengthy late-night conversation he had with his oldest son last week, saying it left him feeling he didn't know his son well enough. Scheer said the job was taking a toll on him and his family. ... ... (CBC)

GOP Poll: Kobach Would Win Kansas Senate Primary, Unless Pompeo Jumps In

20 hrs ago - Internal Republican polling shows Kris Kobach trouncing the current GOP primary field for an open U.S. Senate seat Kansas, but losing by double digits to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, should he jump into the race. The previously unpublished findin ... (Wall Street Journal)

Pentagon Inspector General to review $400 million border wall contract given to firm Trump favored

21 hrs ago - The Department of Defense Inspector General’s office will audit a $400 million border wall contract the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded to a North Dakota construction company run by a GOP donor who President Trump repeatedly urged military offic ... (Washington Post)

Ex-Obama Attorney General Eric Holder says William Barr is 'unfit to lead the Justice Department'

22 hrs ago - WASHINGTON – Former Attorney General Eric Holder sharply criticized current Attorney General William Barr for comments he said were "deeply inappropriate for America's chief law enforcement official" and said he was "unfit to lead th ... (USA Today)

Mongolian ambassador visited Mar-a-Lago before Trump Jr. got coveted permit to hunt rare sheep

22 hrs ago - PALM BEACH, Fla. – About four months before Donald Trump Jr. went to Mongolia in August, where he reportedly managed to get a coveted permit to kill a threatened-species of sheep after he shot and killed the animal, the Mongolian ambassador and f ... (USA Today /Palm Beach Post)