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Mon Jun 17, 2019, 04:07 PM


Exclusive Polls Gonna Exclude -- The Safe Spaces For Sexist and Racist Doubt Churning

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Here comes the Daily Beast's "exclusive" poll.


Daily Beast's shiny new factoid: a problem weighs women down in politics! Some men said women aren't "effective"!

Let us progressives -- 80% of Democratic men, 100% of Democratic women and 100% of the DB's non-voting readers -- wring hands, shake heads, look away, walk away from the second class 'helpmate' fate that is women's lot in politics.

Across continents, four years ago, men together actually weighed Hillary down. While other men of this continent locked into the hypnotic "lock her up" chants of zombification. Dominionists, evangelicals, neonazis, FBI investigations, joined in the banality of fear and hate.

Today they whip out their their right wing shade mantle. Cool-ass media grab it, swing it around as a buzzy, breezy "exclusive" poll sample with shiny new data!

See what 20% of Democratic Party men think of Democratic Party women in politics? These men and their out-sized opinions -- Doubt women! And they think their neighbors doubt women!

But look here:

The right wing talking points -- have they flipped?? -- are the continental dividers flipping on women again??

Even Nicole Wallace reports on Fox News just now -- FOX NEWS reports that each and every Democratic woman candidate beats Trump in their latest NON-exclusive head-to-head match-up poll!

If you buy into "exclusive" samples, or even "representative" samples that are chronically problematic in "representing" a huge country like ours, you're likely to buy into whatever "new" data it tries to churn the rest of us with -- however invalid and unreliable that data really is. However early in the 2020 cycle they are. However wrong the "woman problem" question is just by being asked as an "agree/disagree statement":
"they agreed with the sentiment that women are “less effective in politics than men.”

Back to the Daily Beast "exclusive" poll:

The 20% who say women are "less effective" are wrong. It's men in govt who are "less responsive" to women leaders -- they are the problem. Not women's so-called effectiveness.

Any men's failure to see women leaders' ideas because they can't see past women having the ideas is what weighs women down.

Women not only have to

-- fight for their ideas and actions, first as theirs, second as worth hearing, they have to
-- fight against their equals who refuse to live with women's equality, who thus find any pretext for undermining women's effectiveness.

Fuck these traffickers in doubt data, and the right wing, Russia-driven troll poll horse they ride in on.

Now, about Governor Jay Inslee ...

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:

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