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Wed Jan 6, 2016, 07:24 PM

Decision Time for Iowans

'In less than 4 weeks, Iowa Democrats can upset the political apple cart, and lift up a new leader. I hope many of you decide to lift up Governor Martin O’Malley. . .

Clearly, both of them are far more experienced than was Senator Obama when you propelled his candidacy in 2008. But what is the nature of that experience? As U.S. Senators, both of them have toiled away in the Capitol, putting up with seemingly endless days of verbal sparring, inevitably honing some very serious debate skills. Also, Senator Sanders was once a U.S. Representative and he likely picked up some management skills as Mayor of a small town in Vermont. And for her part, Secretary Clinton undoubtedly learned a lot as First Lady and Secretary of State.

That’s all significant, and not to be dismissed. But, in evaluating that experience, we should ask one another to what cumulative effect either of them actually led the bringing together of diverse groups and successfully changed things for the better? Because that’s what Presidents must be able to do. They must be able to cut through, rather than feed, the seemingly endless debates in Washington. Our Presidents must be able to lead, and lead effectively. Otherwise, we get gridlock; our differences grow; and our most serious problems do not get solved.

Which brings me to the main reason I hope many of you will support Governor Martin O’Malley in your caucuses. Governor O’Malley has put his outstanding leadership abilities to very good effect in changing many things for the better in Maryland, and also in Baltimore while he was Mayor.

If the DNC Chairperson had not issued her unprecedented debate exclusion decree, tens of millions of Americans would now know this, and most of them would be very favorably impressed with Martin O’Malley’s leadership qualities. But Chairperson Wasserman-Shultz did suppress debates, and at this point, the majority of Americans know too little about Martin O’Malley to form an opinion as to whether or not they like him or think they would vote for him.

But in Iowa, as many as 10% of you have already wisely decided to caucus for O’Malley. You’ve been able to meet him at events around the state and some of you have heard him speak several times. Perhaps your county or precinct chairperson has committed to caucus for him. You may have seen articles about him in your local newspaper, and perhaps seen him interviewed on your local television station. Perhaps you heard him speak at the annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner, or maybe at the Iowa State Fair. And for those of you who still haven’t given him a look, still have questions, or want to see him again, here’s the good news. For the final month of campaigning, Martin O’Malley is going to stick to Q&A at community events in Iowa. “O’Malley Unplugged: The New Leadership Tour” will enable lots more Iowans to get their questions answered. So, be sure to keep an eye out for events in your area.

I strongly urge you to attend at least one of those events. You have the power to upset the apple cart and lift Martin O’Malley’s candidacy up so that tens of millions of Americans will finally decide to take a look at his excellent record as well as his outstanding leadership qualities. I very much hope that many more of you will get your questions answered in the coming days. And even if you can’t get out to any of these events, I hope you’ll at least click on the underlined words in this article to find out more. Your knowledge and a call from you could help persuade some of your friends and neighbors to caucus for O’Malley.

Whatever you decide, bless you for taking your immense responsibility so seriously. Because, as Martin O’Malley says, “Now is not the time to turn back the clock.”'


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