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Mon Dec 28, 2015, 12:09 PM

St. Martin (of the Poor) O'Malley Gets Martyred by the Press.EDITED

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'In 2012, Maryland Gov. (D)Martin O’Malley spoke at the Democratic Convention. You may remember it as the “forward, not back” speech:

Yes, we live in changing times. The question is: What type of change will we make of it? As we search for common ground and the way forward together, let's ask one another—let's ask the leaders in the Republican party—without any anger, meanness or fear: How much less, do you really think, would be good for our country? How much less education would be good for our children? How many hungry American kids can we no longer afford to feed? Governor Romney: How many fewer college degrees would make us more competitive as a nation? . . .

Fast forward to 2015: The press has declared the Democratic primary a two man race, much as they did in 2007. Then, it was Obama versus Clinton. Now it is Sanders versus Clinton. If Biden jumps in, we will have a three candidate race---

But wait. We already have a three candidate race. Just as we did in early 2007, when the corporate media “crib deathbed” John Edwards campaign by ignoring him. Only John Solomon for the WaPo wrote about Edwards in the early days of the primary, and his pieces were vicious attack fluff, like an interview with Edwards’ hairstylist intended to imply that the candidate was 1) vain about his good looks and 2) closeted gay and another about how the (rich former trial lawyer) had a big house. When Edwards came in second in the Iowa caucuses, E.J. Dionne, a guest on KO’s Countdown declared that Edward’s second place finish was the end of his campaign. Clinton’s third place finish meant she was still in the race. Is that what Karl Rove meant by The Math? . . .

Another candidate wants us to remember who Democrats are. And that candidate is also suffering the death of a 1000 media omissions. I write about Governor Martin O’Malley. Watch as he discusses poverty in the US (and remember that in Ohio, food stamp money is being denied to mostly minority inner city residents while it is being funneled to mostly white rural residents.)


“We are all in this together.”
It isn’t just the words. It is the way he says them. O’Malley gives voice to those who do not have a voice.

This kind of talk does not endear O’Malley to the right wing. The Washington Times---which hired John Solomon after he made himself into a journalistic untouchable with his Edwards hatchet pieces---has Cal Thomas flinging the poo at the former Maryland Governor. O’Malley’s sin?

Who is he blaming for “wrecking” the economy? Big banks and Wall Street.
Sounds pretty “Democratic wing of the Democratic party” to me. . .>>>

MUCH more, and I'll expand later.


I've posted the entire piece here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1251953912

It's WELL WORTH the read, and is by one of ours.

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