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Sun Aug 16, 2015, 12:33 PM

TRANSCRIPT of MO'M Face the Nation interview:

MARTIN O'MALLEY: I think the most important issue is whether or not we still have the ability as a people to make the choices that make wages go up for Americans and make our economy work for all of us. I mean, you have a legitimate question to ask. And Secretary Clinton and her lawyers can answer it.

For my part as a candidate, I intend to put out the ideas and the policies that make college more affordable for more people, (UNINTEL) expand Social Security, to get wages to go up again for a majority of us who are all working harder instead of down. So that's what I'm going to talk about, John. And I'll leave you to ask Secretary Clinton those other questions.

JOHN DICKERSON: Well, it's great. Because you (UNINTEL) exactly what her campaign says, which is, "Emails are not about trust. People don't care about that. What they care about is whether they trust you to take care of those issues." So do you agree with that splitting of the way the electorate looks at the email question?

MARTIN O'MALLEY: I think the electorate actually looks at candidates in a very holistic way. They ask, "Which of these candidates has the independence, the proven ability and experience, and the ideas that will actually serve our nation and move us forward?" I've done that.

I'm the only candidate in our party with 15 years of executive experience not just talking about progressive goals but actually achieving things like the best schools in America, more affordable college, the highest median income of any state in America. These are the things that people care about. And these are the things I'm going to talk about. And the thing that voters will draw their own conclusions about ability, about integrity, about trust, and who should lead us forward as a nation.

JOHN DICKERSON: When you talk about that executive experience, how does it work when you talk to voters who don't trust that whatever experience you have, the government can actually work?

MARTIN O'MALLEY: Yeah, cynicism runs very, very deep now and for good reason. I mean, this is the first decade this side of World War II where we're all working harder but a majority of us are earning the same or less than we were 12 years ago. So people intuitively understand that unless we can get things done as a nation, unless we can actually make the investments and put back in place things like an increased minimum wage, then we're going to continue to kind of stumble backwards into the future.

And our kids will have less opportunities than we've had. So the reason and the way I talk about it is this. Look, we all know we can't make our economy work again for all of us unless our government actually works as well. And then I'm able to plank on the things that I've done in office to make our government work and thereby make our economy work better. A higher rate of job creation than our neighbors north and south. Investments in infrastructure and affordable college. I mean, all the things that we need to do again as a nation.

JOHN DICKERSON: You said you want more debates.


JOHN DICKERSON: What question--

MARTIN O'MALLEY: Like, more than zero.


MARTIN O'MALLEY: --which is what we've had so far.

JOHN DICKERSON: What question would you ask Hillary Clinton?

MARTIN O'MALLEY: What question would I ask Hillary Clinton? I would ask Hillary Clinton what sort of ideas she has to make our economy work again for all of us and whether or not she has the independence to rein in the sort of recklessness on Wall Street that tanked our economy once and threatens to do it again.

I am in favor of reinstituting Glass-Steagall. I am in favor of putting robust prosecutorial efforts back on Wall Street. And as a candidate for president, each of us needs to state unequivocally whether we're for reinstitution Glass-Steagall, whether or not we're against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I am against the Keystone Pipeline. Where does she stand? These are the things that you can only have answered in a debate.


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