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sabrina 1

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Wed Jul 1, 2015, 12:26 PM Jul 2015

UPDATE: BernieTV Launches Today To Cover Madison Event! Counting Down to Madison Right Now!

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They will be livestreaming the event.

Let's give them a hand by watching.

Their Twitter Account is here:


Bernie2016 TV ?@Bernie2016tv 2h2 hours ago
TY @facebook @BernieSanders Supporters! We're making NEWS! Keep it up. You can't stop Bernie cause you can't stop us! #feelthebern

Bernie2016 TV ?@Bernie2016tv 2h2 hours ago
Bernie2016 TV retweeted WI4BernieSanders2016
Moving on up!! The @berniebriagde is growing! Watch it unfold at #Bernie2016tv. Live from Madison! @NV4Bernie2016

They have people on the ground in Madison who will try to talk to some of those attending the event!

Bernie2016 TV ?@Bernie2016tv 2h2 hours ago
We will have people filming the speech and if possible asking people questions to see what YOU have to say, all live.
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Bernie2016 TV ?@Bernie2016tv 2h2 hours ago
Tonight at 6:30 the Madison, Wisconsin speech will be Live streaming on Bernie2016tv YouTube! We will have people on the ground filming!

You can follow them on Twitter to keep up with what they are doing. They now have over 200 followers, the more the better.

Bernie TV is a fantastic idea and I hope that enough people know about them so their first event coverage is a huge success!

I know I'l be watching, spreading the word on Social Media and rec'ing their Utube Channel.

They are on the air! I am watching some video of Bernie right now, as they wait for the event to begin.

Adding this link for anyone who isn't aware of Bernie TV's creators: http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1280&pid=16621

Editing to add the link to Bernie's site's live stream:

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UPDATE: BernieTV Launches Today To Cover Madison Event! Counting Down to Madison Right Now! (Original Post) sabrina 1 Jul 2015 OP
Thanks for the info. Cleita Jul 2015 #1
Thanks! MuseRider Jul 2015 #2
Thank you, they just started this so they will need all the help they can get to sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #3
Well then I will do that. MuseRider Jul 2015 #5
Lol, I know what you mean, we live on a farm also, very small but it does take a lot of work. sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #6
The more exposure the better! SoapBox Jul 2015 #4
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Jul 2015 #7
Thanks - I was just looking for a site like this. n/t Peregrine Took Jul 2015 #8
Yeah! Rosa Luxemburg Jul 2015 #9
Thanks for the link. madfloridian Jul 2015 #10
3 hrs: 35 mins to go according to the countdown on Bernie TV! sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #11
Thank you sabrina 1...bookmarking.. nenagh Jul 2015 #12
2:55 to go! SoapBox Jul 2015 #13
k FlatBaroque Jul 2015 #14
Kicking for Bernie democrank Jul 2015 #15
Great, they are now on the air! This is fantastic. Congrats to them for launching this today. sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #16
Over 6 hundred people now watching the Utube livestream linked in the OP. sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #17
Well crap. MuseRider Jul 2015 #18
We are being 'rationed' I was told when I called for the millionth time to complain about our sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #19
I am actually getting bits and pieces right now MuseRider Jul 2015 #20
Another live stream just started... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #21
Thanks, I just added Bernie's site link to their livestream sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #22
K & R L0oniX Jul 2015 #23
Got most of it. MuseRider Jul 2015 #24
I'm glad you got to see it. It was fantastic. You probably missed all the cheerleaders sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #25
amazing speech virtualobserver Jul 2015 #26
K&R! raouldukelives Jul 2015 #27


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2. Thanks!
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 01:00 PM
Jul 2015

I rarely use Twitter but should keep my feed open these days just for Bernie info!

Subscribed to the YouTube and set a reminder. So happy you posted that here.

Will mention this on FB for those interested.

sabrina 1

(62,325 posts)
3. Thank you, they just started this so they will need all the help they can get to
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 01:05 PM
Jul 2015

help it get started. Twitter is a great source of information on all that is happening with his campaign. It's amazing how many people are jumping on board, forming groups, not waiting to be told what needs to be done. IF you use your Twitter acct, I have found that following as many Bernie Support Groups as possible gets people united, you follow them, they follow you (eg, there is now a Group for every state, and big cities are starting to form their own groups also).

It really is beginning to look like the movement Bernie wanted to start has begun and this group who are planning to document it seems like a great way to keep his events in the 'news' when the MSM decides to ignore him.


(34,253 posts)
5. Well then I will do that.
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 02:41 PM
Jul 2015

It sounds like a great idea and I do need a group. I can't start one myself, the farm takes too much time and I would be very bad at that but I can help and help a lot. I would love to do that.

Again, thanks. It looks like I will be learning how to actually use twitter after all these years GO BERNIE

sabrina 1

(62,325 posts)
6. Lol, I know what you mean, we live on a farm also, very small but it does take a lot of work.
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 03:05 PM
Jul 2015

As for Twitter, I just used it for news, by following people who were interesting to me. NOW I am using it totally for Bernie.

All you have to do is follow as many of his support groups, eg, @AlabamaForBernie or @NYForBernie etc and soon you will be finding so many more to follow, and they will follow you back. It's where the real action is frankly. Partisan forums are fine, but there's too much nonsense to sort through whereas YOU control your Social Media account and can focus on important stuff.


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18. Well crap.
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 07:21 PM
Jul 2015

I suppose it will be available later? Our wonderful 3rd world Internet barely is getting me on DU at the moment. Download speed 0.09Mbps. Crap.

It might get better, it usually bounces around this time of the day.

Maybe I should suggest Internet service to all citizens would be a good idea, maybe like most of the rest of the world?

sabrina 1

(62,325 posts)
19. We are being 'rationed' I was told when I called for the millionth time to complain about our
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 07:28 PM
Jul 2015

service. We are with Hughesnet. After two years I was informed a few days ago that 'you have used up your monthly allotment of gbts.

I was shocked. Did someone change our account? 'You were told this when you signed up'. Uh, no we were NOT. We were told this was the fastest most reliable and MOST EXPENSIVE btw, internet service in the country.

I won't go into more detail, but they offered a 'token' so that we could 'make it to the beginning of the month'.

Really? And what would be different at the beginning of the month, I asked?

Finally after threatening to report them etc etc, they reconnected us.

I have found out recently that they are limiting access, them charging more for 'faster more reliable service' and that this is against the law. I forget what it is called, but millions of Americans are being scammed.

You can report them as apparently supposedly there is an effort to stop this. I'll believe it when the Corp controlled elected officials actually do something about it.

Anyhow, the coverage hasn't started yet, they are playing videos of Bernie's speeches and interviews while they wait I guess.


(34,253 posts)
20. I am actually getting bits and pieces right now
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 07:49 PM
Jul 2015

and they are off and on so who knows?

We have Wireless tower to tower. One group that provides it. Satellite does not work during storms and that was not good in Kansas because the Digital does not work either. Now we find out that the wireless goes out as well so we depend on our phones.

We are not be ratcheted down there are just too many people without access to Internet out here in the boonies. We are 3 miles from fiber and/or cable but they won't bring it out because there are not enough of us. So they cram all of us onto a couple of towers, none very close and we lose signal easily. Rarely on a good day we will get 5 Mbps down for a short time then it is wonderful and we can actually download part of a movie and it will finish up the next day or so. We have unlimited data but we just can't ever get it LOL

Going back to try again. I know I will get it eventually it would just be nice to be a part of it live.

Good luck with your access. The fact that they are doing that to you when they are certainly not supposed to is just so wrong but who is going to stop them. The same thing happened to us with a Verizon home hook-up. 3 days into the month all our data was used up at 2AM. It cost a fortune to just make it through the month barely using the Internet and a fortune to get out of the contract. Sucks. Good luck.

sabrina 1

(62,325 posts)
22. Thanks, I just added Bernie's site link to their livestream
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 08:04 PM
Jul 2015

getting excited. Chanting FEEL THE BERN! Lol. It's going to be a fun night when Bernie gets there.

'Gimme a B!! Gimme an E! Lol, fun crowd!


(34,253 posts)
24. Got most of it.
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 09:36 PM
Jul 2015

Outstanding. Simply outstanding.

Missed crowd noise and pics but am assuming it was a large crowd and we will find out soon.

Thanks sabrina for this links and letting us all know about this.

sabrina 1

(62,325 posts)
25. I'm glad you got to see it. It was fantastic. You probably missed all the cheerleaders
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 09:50 PM
Jul 2015

before he came out, chanting 'FEEL THE BERN' and the cheerleaders chang: 'Give me a B Give me an E etc. Just people in the audience having some fun.

The intro was great, reminding people of Wisconsin's Progressive Uprising and talking about how he wasn't there to tell anyone who to vote for, but the feeling was and I know it's happening, that all the protest groups from the past few years, are rallying around Bernie's candidacy.

The crowd was estimated, so far as I have seen in reports, at 10,000.

The livestream had thousands of views, according to the streamers, translating into 20,000 viewers.

I'm sure it will be repeated somewhere, but it is great to see it live.



(8,760 posts)
26. amazing speech
Wed Jul 1, 2015, 10:05 PM
Jul 2015

I would be reluctant to debate him if I were Hillary, and if I happened to be a Billionaire's puppet I would be terrified.

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