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Tue Jul 26, 2016, 04:32 PM

xp—GOP Platform's Hideous Plan to “Rebirth” the Constitution

From PoliticusUSA

GOP Platform's Hideous Plan to “Rebirth” the Constitution

"If God-given natural rights come in conflict with government, court, or human-granted rights, God-given natural rights always prevail."

* The following is an opinion column by R Muse *

If Americans weren’t so inherently ignorant, all of them would understand that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. If all Americans were aware of that rudimentary fact, they would likely better comprehend why an overwhelming majority of actions the Republican Party base and funders support are patently unconstitutional and violate the 227 year old ‘Law of the Land.’

The problem with Republicans, and there are many problems, is that not only do they violate their sworn oath to defend the Constitution, they have demonstrated as of late that they fundamentally reject the Constitution as the law of the land. This is not conjecture anymore because according to a section of the 2016 Republican Party official Platform, the Constitution as the immutable law of the land is a principle they reject out of hand; and they have a plan to “reshape” the founding document to fit their tyrannical theocratic and plutocratic vision of American society.

There is a world of badness in the GOP Party platform, but nothing as dangerous to America’s 238 year existence as one overlooked section devoted to “reforming” the Constitution. Republicans do not love the Constitution as they are wont to iterate and now it is officially part of the party platform. In fact, they are so opposed to the “current document” that the official party platform dedicated seven of 66 pages to a revealing sectioned called “A Rebirth of Constitutional Government.”

In order to “rebirth” the 227 year-old “Law of the Land,” Republicans combined “the most radical ideas offered by modern day libertarian scholars with the rhetoric of Christian conservatism” in their vision that will “rebirth America.” Subsequently, this “rebirthed” Constitution idea fundamentally reforms the current Constitution, and American society according to “a distinctly Republican version of the Constitution:” one that allows them to rule according to religion, Koch-style libertarianism and oligarchy.

The official Republican plan to “rebirth” the Constitution opens with a decidedly theocratic declaration of set-in-stone Party principles:


Fkn theocrats

xp GD2016

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