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Tue May 8, 2012, 06:57 AM

Of course that's how the police behave...that's their expected behavior.

Cops are brutal against occupy.

That doesn't make smashing windows and buring flags a good idea.

Whether one thinks it is justified or not, it is not a successful protest tactic. There is no sense in defending it.

It gets MSM headlines and then that's the only thing people know.

Instead of "Protesters Burn Flag" a much better headline for us would be "Police Attack Non-Violent Demonstrators".

Remember that UC Davis pepper spray cop?
Remember Tony Bolongna attacking those girls in New York?

Those are the incidents we remember as successes. The MSM is just looking for negative stuff on Occupy so why give them the opportunity?.

Even trying to take over that empty civic center in Oakland, and the cops excessive reaction, made some very good videos. The MSM might have been compeled to cover it. But instead they had the flag burning incident and that's really all they needed to make a shitty news show.

I know it's impossible for a leaderless resistence, but Occupy could really benefit from a little message discipline.

Occupy is not all about defending occupiers no matter what they do, and justifying it based on the behavior of the police. Sometimes protecting Occupy means protecting it from infiltrators and assholes who want to make it look bad on TV.

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