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Sat Jul 28, 2012, 04:27 AM

Barbarians At The Tea Party

Or How the Blunderbuss Businessman Misread the British Tea Leaves

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark
- Hamlet (1.4.90), Marcellus to Horatio

The reticence of Willard "Mittens" Romney to cooperate with his hosts' Olympian endeavors is surprising at first since better etiquette might be expected from the crusty upperclassman, although one suspects that megalomania might be the primary cause for such incivility. But upon closer examination, it becomes more apparent why this participant of "dressage" clashes with even his Tory bosom buddies.




Mittens had previously stacked his deck of foreign policy advisers with the very same neoconservatives of the last Bush administration, with such infamous names as John Bolton, Eliot Cohen, Cofer Black, Walid Phares, Dan Senor, Max Boot, and Michael Hayden (who I'm still not sure why he's even involved in this). And oh, let's not forget their prime bankroller, Sheldon Adelson, who has the most narrow foreign policy agenda of his own.




This set up of his so-called "War Cabinet" is so highly suspect that one might be led to believe that the far right wing of the Teapublican party might ride in on Mitten's coattails and claim to be protectors of "U.S. interests" (actually their own) to drum up support for another war. And you might not be far off the mark.

It appears even Dick Cheney is clawing his way back into favor, performing a supporting role as a major fund raiser. Now that's really appalling to anyone who's appreciated the rise of America's recent standing in the world up until now as promulgated by the Obama administration, and deftly dealt with by Secretary Clinton in the true role that the U.S. State Department is responsible for. American influence has been repaired to a great degree by more than adequate stewardship, and competent handling of crises.

We simply can not, nay must not, permit these ex-Bushie bumblers to plunge us further into economic disrepair and military weakness as the unrepresentative shadow government in league with inept Teapublican freshmen would have us march again. We are still struggling to recover from those highly damaging 8 years of incompetent leadership under Bush with ineffective and misguided legislation, and the subsequent obstructive and recalcitrant 112th Congress, the most polarized since the Reconstruction. The most that the sequestration cuts to defense will total is approximately 10%, to the worst possible scenario of 14%, but further expeditionary follies need to hold anyway, before the armed forces of the U.S. become broken.



Only 1 in 5 congressmen have had any military service, and that includes the current members of the military reserves who you may count on less than two hands. Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was the only member of Congress whose spouse was an active duty servicemember until his retirement. So I ask you, who are the true patriots now, and where are the politicians gutsy enough to stand up for their own country over party affiliation and reelection contributions ?




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