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Fri Jul 27, 2012, 06:02 PM

It is all in the context.

Okay, it is an election year. I know things will be taken out of context. We do it, they do it. You know "all's fair in love an war".

But, IMHO, Romney and the RNC has gone to a new low. It is one thing to take something out of context by not including the sentence before and/or after, but to splice words together is going a bit too far. It should also be very easy to rebut, but it still seems to grow roots.

Just to see when the DNC has taken Romney out of context I discovered something surprising to me. They hurt themselves by cutting the full statement more than if they left it as is and ran in a different direction. I will give 4 example;

1. "I am also, unemployed" - Yes he was hearing stories of people who were unemployed and may have been making a joke, but it shows he felt it was something to joke about. Not something someone living on unemployment wants to hear.

2. "I am not concerned about the very poor"- he then states the he isn't concerned for the very rich either he was worried about the 95%. Well if you take the 5% which he isn't worried about and take away the 1 or 2% he think are very rich you are given 3 or 4%, that is all he feels the "safety net" is for. His plans want to fix the safety net by tanking it down.

3. "I like firing people" - he continued to refer to those giving him a service. This could be taken two ways, he is of a wealthy class with "servants" or simply give the real meaning of the speech, he was wanting to bust unions.

4. " I have already released two years, I won't release any more tax returns" (paraphrase) - before the said that he the Democrats would distort the returns, he knows something is being hidden, he followed by saying the 2nd year really has not been released so we won't have that 2nd year till a week or two before the election, so really he has released 1 year.

I think the DNC is doing Romney a favor by taking his speeches out of context, because in context they are even worst.

Now Romney or the RNC has three times taken speeches extremely out of context.

1. "If we continue to talk about the economy we will lose" - that quote was a quote from McCain.

2. "You didn't build that on your own" - we know that was spliced, and Obama was talking about roads.

3. "Our plan worked" - once again he was not only taken out of context but spliced.

Romney and the RNC have stooped to new lows in what is the dirtiest campaign ever.

Okay, I will quit ranting and get off my soapbox.

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