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Wed Oct 29, 2014, 05:27 PM

M$M celebrating their party's taking control of Senate. 'Great achievement' of campaign of Nothing

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The GOP public relations arm, the Corporate M$M has been celebrating the last couple of weeks the takeover of the Senate. They are quite confident in voter apathy as we march Democracy to the showers.

But I think it's time ...

[font size="4"] President Obama should make a statement explaining to voters what that the GOP's Campaign offering Nothing is all about.[/font]

The GOP plan to repeal Obamacare .. a Healthcare law modelled after a Republican healthcare plan: Romneycare.

The Idea of the individual mandate was a Republican idea first proposed in the Clinton administration as an alternative to the Single Payer system most Democrats were for.

And this is what the GOP says is so 'intolerable'. I guess they want to go back to a system of the most expensive health care in the world (with the pre-existing conditions trap door) which had a tendency to disappear just when you needed it.

What the GOP mean by "less Government" in your lives

"Less Government" means more deregulation and more tax cuts for the wealthy further aggrandizing the already economy-sickening wealth concentration problem which lead to the Trickle Down Deregulation disaster of 2008.

The GOP, he should tell voters, criticize the performance of the recovery (from the economic disaster they created) while the M$M has not bothered to tell viewers that the GOP set records filibustering every stimulus and jobs bill proposed by the Dems. Ever since President Obama took office the word "filibuster" is verboten on M$M tv.

____ The original Stimulus bill (ARRA) did receive - three Republican votes - but only after the bill was weakened by about a third by converting government spending into tax cuts. The GOP demanded this as the price of their votes to pass the ARRA - and when this was added - they didn't vote for it anyway (except for the three who broke ranks and voted for the country). The GOP demanded he convert government spending to tax cuts because they knew that when you are sliding into a depression and everybody is wondering if they will have a job in six months - that tax cuts WILL NOT LEAD TO SPENDING - BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL SAVE ANY TAX CUT OR USE IT TO PAY DOWN DEBT. Which is exactly what most people did. Thus the original stimulus was downsized by a third.

GOP Improvised Economic Disasters - Government shutdown and threats of government default on its debt

The repetitive threats and then the actual shutdown of the Government and the threat to cause a default on the U.S. debt caused businesses to become extremely wary of hiring back FULL TIME PERMANENT workers. Businesses have been sitting on huge cash hoards over the last few years. Now, businesses don 't like keeping mountains of cash. It doesn't make much money for them and they would rather be putting that money into their busineses - as in hiringmore people. But WITH THE GOP THREATENING GOVERNMENT CLOSURES AND DEFAULT ON THE DEBT - the businesses weren't about to hire back full time people - just to lay them off a few months later. That costs businesses money.

As the GOP like to say: "businesses don't like uncertainty". You got that right. And the uncertainty cast over the recovery by continued threats to the economy really scares business. So, given the reckless behavior of the GOP the businesses were playing it safe and hired fewer than they would have (2011 - 2013). This of course slowed the recovery and with less hiring slowed the recovery of wages - making many people wonder "what recovery?". Tell them that Mr. President.

More on "less government"

The GOP are 'hot' to privatize social security. GOP friends on Wall Street have been salivating over all that money for decades. A great idea - have everybody's safety-net invested in the stock market then the next Trickle Down disaster will be even worse!

Mr. President, challenge the GOP to tell people what their Nihilist Campaign of Nothing is all about - and then go ahead and tell people what they plan to do to America. Let the GOP deny it. Make your points now - just before people go to vote.

Mr. President, Democrats would like to see you are willing to fight for what's right.

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