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Thu Apr 26, 2012, 09:23 PM

I saw a great MLK quote for the first time yesterday, and...

...it describes my opinion of campaign 2012 perfectly.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends"

A few days ago, I posted an admittedly long, but I thought pretty good thread about the need for this campaign to be PERSONAL. The thread sort of laid there like a fresh turd in the junior prom punchbowl, but here is the gist of it.

In 2012 republican land, the teabagger movement and the right wing hate radio talking heads who are the actual leaders of the party have declared war on women, denigrated an innocent young man to protect a murdering and cowardly Rambo wanna be, have been vociferous about their hatred of the LGBT community, minorities, immigrants, the unemployed and just about anyone else who isn't in the 1%. They have promulgated and advocated positions and beliefs that were archaic and outdated in the 50s as they've campaigned non-stop, as we've recently learned, since the day of President Obama's inauguration, to sabotage anything that will put this country back on the right track.

If you aren't in one of the groups that they've targeted, you probably have friends or family who are. Quite possibly, you love someone who is. Maybe you're just a decent and moral person who believes that for the idea of America to be real there has to be justice for everyone.

We can't be silent for our friends.

One of the far Rights favorite current circle jerks is for them to trumpet that they are "proud conservatives" as they pound their chests like second rate Tarzans.

These are the children and grandchildren of the 1940 rightists who were angry at Charlie Chaplin for "The Great Dictator" because he was too hard on freaking HITLER! These are the "drill baby drill" loons who made the mcsame/palin(comparison) rallies of 2008 such a disgrace. These are the people who supported george w moron's "free speech zones" while they thought it was perfectly OK for THEM to bring rifles to Presidential town halls. They had temper tantrums over President Obama wearing a sweater in the Oval Office on weekends while george w moron worked his solid 30 hours a week. They blindly supported a president whose own handlers' best story was that he was too stupid to chew a pretzel but were angry at President Obama for having mustard on a burger.

They blindly supported the administration of the worst president in American history as the country was going up the well known creek without a toothpick, let alone a paddle.

They're proud?

I've said before, as many here have also, and I'll say again, as many here will also, that WE have to be the media. I'll add to that, once again, that THIS campaign is personal for anyone who has been the target of the hatred of the teabagger movement, the right wing talking heads or bain romney and the other weakling republicans who have allowed their party to be dominated by them. It's also personal for anyone who loves and cares for someone who has been targeted.

We CANNOT give our friends reason to remember our silence.

My 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


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Response to MarianJack (Original post)

Thu Apr 26, 2012, 09:30 PM

1. The people you describe are the teabaggers.

The teabaggers were dubya's most notorious cheerleaders. As long as one of their own kind (white, religious conservative, male) holds power, they are content with anything he does. Once a Democrat is elected (especially a black one), they go over the deep end.
Forbid, should Romney be elected, the teabaggers will be Mittens greatest cheerleaders.

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Response to Dawson Leery (Reply #1)

Thu Apr 26, 2012, 09:46 PM

2. That's one of my points.

Same ugly assed product with a different label. In the 40s they were the "America Firsters". They've had many incarnations since until now they're the teabaggers.

Before long, they'll be "something else", but it'll be the same old sack of poop!


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Response to MarianJack (Original post)

Thu Apr 26, 2012, 11:43 PM

3. The danger of the Republican'ts is their indifference to the consequences

of whoring themselves out to the Teabaggers, who are effectively the unholy (pun intended) alliance of the Moral Majority and the John Birch Society. Before that, they were known as the Ku Klux Klan (particularly the 1920's incarnation); before that, the Confederate States of America. While they will never be a large enough voting bloc to swing an election by their own dint, they certainly beef up the tally in favor of the party who courts them. And that is the purpose they serve to what remains of the core republican'ts, who are concerned primarily with rigging the financial infrastructure in their favor and fattening their coffers with kickbacks from the military-industrial complex. I am convinced this is the only genuine motivation for their Vince Lombardi attitude towards civic duty. Everything else they spew about patriotism, fiscal responsibility, and morality proves by the consistency of their own behavior to be empty blather aimed to harvest votes from the aforementioned lineage of willfully ignorant reactionaries.

I agree that we can only be the change we want to see. Our silence is indeed as much an endorsement of their agenda as anything muttered on the campaign trail. The MSM is not an ally of progress, regardless of what Faux News might have us believe. No matter what happens, as long as there is a U.S.A., there will always be cowardly white men who fantasize about an idyllic "good ol' days" of patriarchy that never really existed. And they will always be shooting their mouths off. And there will always be a political faction bent on exploiting their misguided disenfranchisement. And as a result, women, minorities, immigrants, the LGBT community, the unemployed, and the otherwise disadvantaged will remain acceptable collateral damage. It is up to these targeted groups and their friends to own their potential to make the difference.

It seems like every presidential election cycle gets hyped as "the most important election of our lifetime". And while that may be somewhat hyperbolic, it's hard not to notice how extreme the union of Wall Street and Civil War re-enactors has taken the vitriol. And whether or not it's just shameless pandering, if we stand mute, the results are poised to be dire for anyone who is not a doughy rich white male.

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Response to Iceberg Louie (Reply #3)

Fri Apr 27, 2012, 05:23 AM

4. Exelent Points, Iceberg Louie.

There will always be that group of soft headed useful idiots who are willing to be spoon fed their opinions by rush limbooger or the rightist pied piper of the moment.

They are too stupid (perhaps deliberatly) to realize that limbooger has been the defacto leader of the republican party ever since bush sr carried his suotcase into the white house for him in 1991. Remember how bush sr just turned the republican convention over to the pat buchannan faction in 1992? Hmmm.

BTW, welcome to DU.


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Response to MarianJack (Reply #4)

Fri Apr 27, 2012, 10:22 AM

5. It boils down to two things

The first is willful ignorance. Among the "useful idiots", this has been skillfully crafted by their suitors in the GOP to be perceived as a virtue by demonizing "intellectual snobs"/"coastal elite". The second is moral superiority, which, in the case of CON-servatives, means that proclaiming themselves to be Christian grants them the high ground by default. It also seems to serve as an umbrella under which they are able to ambiguously lump patriotic superiority. It never ceases to amaze me how ferociously the right works to revise historical fact and try to assert the idea that the Founding Fathers were avid Christians and that the Bible is deeply rooted into the fabric of the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution. Studies have shown that self-professed religious people get a high off the feelings of persecution and martyrdom. Groups like the Westboro Baptist Church are extreme examples of the drug-like effect of holier-than-thou confrontationalism, but it is just as evident to varying degrees among groups like the Tea Party, Million Moms (hahaha!), Focus on Family, and/or Rick Santorum supporters. The irony is in, by the actual teachings of Jesus, how un-Christian these groups tend to be in deed. I challenge any Republican to reconcile the specifics of their behavioral values with Biblical passages.

Anyway, thanks for posting the MLK quote. It's really given good food for thought.

Peace and respect

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Response to Iceberg Louie (Reply #5)

Fri Apr 27, 2012, 07:26 PM

6. Once again, good points.

I always love the look of vacuous bafflement on a fundie/bagger's face at the moment they realize that I know the Bible and the teachings of Jesus better than they do. Of course, I've actually READ the Bible. I didn't sit back to be spoonfed hate points from a bagger preacher who relies on the most draconian pasages and ignores the parts about loving and forgiveness.


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