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Mon Dec 24, 2012, 06:44 AM

Wayne LaConMan, and NRA propaganda

Moderator Gregory appeared bending over backwards at times to be gracious to the nra conman, why? Why didn't he ask 'you're ducking the questions'?
I think gregory hasn't seen such an 'issue avoider' in all his time on MTP, for most of the time l'con man dodged the questions, went off tangentially to some unrelated topic, & subtly expressed his hatred of any suggestion guns were to blame for anything - I think I saw in gregory's eyes 'did he even hear my question?"

Couple clever propaganda points from l'pierre (is he french? fr-canadian?):

PROJECT EXILE: As an alternative to guncontrol, lapierre said nra 'supported' richmond virginia's project exile program in mid 90's when charlton heston had a gun in his cold dead hands. Here's how nra reported it then:

Virginia's Governor Gilmore is a strong proponent of the program, and is working to have it codified statewide by his legislature. Recently, NRA has attained Congressional funding of $2.3 million for Project Exile to spread to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden County, New Jersey.

True, NRA supported it but note above how they imply that THEY were instrumental in attaining 'Congressional Funding of $2.3 million for Project Exile' efforts in other cities. Pffft, take credit where none is due, nra in it's nutshell, the project exile program was a federal initiative & would've been enabled regardless of nra support.
.. lots of groups & people 'supported' project exile, it wasn't an nra idea, it was the brainchild of a federal lawyer Helen Fahey (iirc), & it worked for a few years in reducing guncrime & gunmurder but then violent crime & murder rate went back up (in richmond Va).
NRA did contribute, last I heard, about $100,000 to project exile as per above extensions, often in the form of advertising where they could put the name NRA up alongside the project exile ad, thus self serving - ads like inside busses.

nra: Project Exile mandates a 5 year prison sentence without possibility of probation or parole for felons caught in possession of a firearm.
Project Exile mandates a 15 year prison sentence without possibility of probation or parole for felons caught in possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.
The crime rate in Richmond, VA dropped by 55% in less than a year.
The crime rate in Richmond, VA has dropped 65% overall.
HESTON: "...[Project Exile] has been such a spectacular success in Richmond, that I am a little puzzled why the Administration hasn't embraced it..."

I believe the above results were affected prior to nra 'support', most which came after it's creation.
NRA saw a good anti crime initiative, & saw an opportunity for reflected glory.

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jimmy the one Dec 2012 OP
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Response to jimmy the one (Original post)

Mon Dec 24, 2012, 07:05 AM

1. Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Course for Children

Wayne LaConMan also touted the nra's Eddie Eagle Program, which (allegedly) teaches children what to do if they see an unattended gun - Stop, Don't Touch, Leave the Room, Tell an Adult - a quick 4 step process for children which makes the nra feel all warm & cuddly inside that they're protecting children both from guns & with guns.

HOWEVER, it's just another chapter in the NRA's 2nd Amendment Mythology Bible:

wiki: The Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program, administered by the (NRA), is geared towards younger children from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade, and teaches kids that real guns are not toys by emphasizing a "just say no" approach. The Eddie Eagle program is based on training children in a four-step action to take when they see a firearm: (1) Stop! (2) Don't touch! (3) Leave the area. (4) Go tell an adult.
Materials, such as coloring books and posters, back the lessons up and provide the repetition necessary in any child-education program.
The ineffectiveness of the "just say no" approach promoted by the NRA's Eddie the Eagle program was highlighted in an investigative piece by ABC's Diane Sawyer in 1999. Sawyer's piece was based on academic studies conducted by Dr. Marjorie Hardy..
.. Dr. Hardy's study tracked the behavior of elementary age schoolchildren who spent a day learning the Eddie the Eagle four-step action plan from a uniformed police officer. The children were then placed into a playroom which contained a hidden gun. When the children found the gun, they did not run away from the gun, but rather, they inevitably played with it, pulled the trigger while looking into the barrel, or aimed the gun at a playmate and pulled the trigger. --- {not all of them though, some avoided the guns}
The study concluded that children's natural curiosity was far more powerful than the parental admonition to "Just say no".

Diane SAWYER:.. we decided to set up an experiment of our own. We went to this day-care center in Allentown {Pa} and rigged a playroom with 3 hidden cameras. We filled the play area with all kinds of toys and with something else, 3 handguns, a .38, a .22, a .357 Magnum, all of them real but unloaded and disabled. We placed them at varying times on a table, in a small purse and in a box of toys. Dr. Hardy said young kids don't make a distinction between a gun they'd find in an adult closet or shelf and one they'd find in a toy box.

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Response to jimmy the one (Original post)

Fri Dec 28, 2012, 08:18 AM

2. Which scotus justices do obama/biden support on 2ndA?

Which of the supreme court justices do the obama/biden admin believe, in the 2008 & 2010 supreme court5 rulings on the 2ndA? the 5 rightwing justices? or the 4 liberal justices?

Several times I've seen both Joe & Barack concur that the 2ndA grants an individual right to keep & bear arms (RKBA). It makes me wince for more than the vote maintaining ballyhoo, for does this mean, Joe & Barack, that you disagree with what the 4 liberal justices ruled on these two cases?
Justices Ginsburg, Stevens, Breyer, & one other (sorry) ruled that the 2ndA was a RKBA incumbent upon a well regulated militia, in direct opposition to what Scalia, Robts, Alito Thomas & kennedy ruled.
Do you, Joe & Barack, AGREE with the ruling of the 5 rightwing justices & disagree with the liberals? It appears so. Why? we know why.

.. in the last supreme court ruling in 1939 miller case, the ruling was UNANIMOUS, 9-0, that a sawed off shotgun had no relevance to a well reg’d militia, & the 2ndA had to be interpreted with the wrm in mind. You’d think if the 1939 supreme court had thought 2ndA pertained to individual RKBA, at least ONE of those 9 justices would’ve chirped up ‘Whoa fellow justices, look how we’ve worded our ruling, future generations will think we ruled for a militia based right’… yet not one objected to their well regulated militia RKBA wording.

Unanimous (9-0) 1939 miller decision by scotus, excerpts: 1) "The Constitution as originally adopted granted to the Congress power - 'To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union'.... With obvious purpose to assure the continuation and render possible the effectiveness of such forces the declaration and guarantee of the Second Amendment were made. It must be interpreted and applied with that end in view."
2) "In the absence of any evidence tending to show that possession or use of a [sawed off shotgun] at this time has some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia, we cannot say that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear such an instrument.."

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