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Thu Dec 20, 2012, 07:57 PM

Time for Hollywood to do: "The Presidency of George W. Bush - a People's History."

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I'm thinking someone should do a "Downfall" type documentary about the reality of what George Bush did (or didn't do) between 1/2001 and 1//2009....a real autobiography of what went down in those 8 years - let the RW propagandists try to refute reality....people need to understand what Obama (and us) faced after this criminal cabal escaped office. We lost at least $2 Trillion dollars and had another $5 Trillion in future debts dropped on us by Bush'Cheney policy. Hold these war-criminals responsible, at least for their executive incompetence, if not down-right criminality. Hell, we can write this swcript!

Chapter 1 - the "Fuck You, We Won" moment.
Chapter 2 - The new reality - no more OBL "terrorist BS" moments. There is no terrorism!
Chapter 3 - Cheney's secret energy meetings - The Hostile Takeover of Iraqi National Oil
Chapter 4 - Oh fuck, Rice is in charge and Dimson doesn't want to hear about "terrorists".
Chapter 5 - The Shitcanning of the Hart Rudman Report on Terrorism. Because Dick Cheney is smarter than the combined, bi-partisan sentiments of our intelligence community.


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