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Thu Dec 20, 2012, 04:54 PM

Want American Exceptionalism? Try Insuring Ourselves

We all know the villagers in D.C. live in a different world than us, and rarely are we able to break through the filter. Even after a solid Democratic victory in 2012 the meme in the village still seems to be austerity. Why, you would think pathological liar Mitt Romney won the election, given the topics on the hill.

Cut the social safety net in order to save it, tax increases will destroy the economy and the private sector is efficient while government is not efficient. Does not matter the facts, such as the best economic times of the U.S. were under Democratic presidents with much higher taxes than now.

For some reason, we cannot break through the filter even after the economic crash of 2008. and you hear more about President Jimmy Carter than we do President George W. Bush. Newt Gringrich is on the Sunday talk show circuit repeating the same tired talking points that failed when he was Speaker.

I digress a little, but the economy exploded with prosperity during President Clinton's terms yet Newt Gringich sits at the tables, spouting his points with no one saying the obvious to him, except for Lawrence O'Donnell.

So, after years of trying to find sanity in the maze of disinformation I want to post something which never or rarely seems to be said. It won't go anywhere, or have any effect, but once, just once I want it written somewhere what a common person like myself thinks

Here it is:

I often hear from the intellictually xenophobes about "American Exceptionalism", in spite of the fact we are a nation in decline and excel in few things anymore. Education, health care, transit, science, infrastructure, life expectancy, incarcerated citizens we are medicre and falling.

American Exceptionalism, as you know is a term used as a patriotic bully pulpit designed to shut down anyone who dares speak the truth about our nation and its struggles. "You mean you don't love America, and don't think it the greatest of great in all of history? You hate America!" Of course, those dishonest people will cite examples of other country's methods when it suits them, such as voting procedures. "Mexico requires voter I.D.s".

I believe the U.S. of A will become exceptional again when we insure ourselves, freeing up the middle class from fighting for education and health care so they can focus on economic improvements both individually and nationally.

Therefore I want my taxes raised in return for national health care, national educational system and national retirement plan.

I will gladly pay more in federal income taxes so that I may have access to health care, be able to retire at age 55 if I choose, and access all forms of schools, to my choosing and abilities.

Think of the explosion of productivity we would realize if we could work at something we love or believe in. No longer tied to jobs because we need health insurance. People would be much more likely to start businesses or even stay at a company they enjoy if they did not have to worry about health care.

Think of the businesses and their benefits from no longer having to negotiate with labor and for insurance and could focus on their core missions, of producing their goods and or services.

If we could go to school and then college or trade schools, then know we can get medical needs, as well as know we will have food, basic housing and health care when we get older we could take risks as well as make decisions based on the heart not survival.

It is amazing to me, that Medicare and Social Security are referred to as "entitlements" when we pay for those benefits our entire working lives, yet the village and the media insist on using this inaccurate phrase.

Now, after the miserable failures of the Republicans, and the continued Democratic victories we STILL cannot have an honest discussion.

In conclusion, we must stop allowing the conversation to be dictated by the villagers and change the way we communicate with our supposed leaders.

For example, it is not okay for President Obama to offer social security as a bargaining chip. Change the CPI? NO!

We must say simply and consistently:

We demand the following:

1) National health care from cradle to grave.
2) National education system.
3) National retirement plan, starting at age 55 years (or later as we choose per person).
4) We are willing to pay taxes for these services (so don't pretend they are entitlements).

We are improving our messaging, thanks to hard work from progressives and the social media's chipping away at the mainstream media filters. However, I find it amazing that very, very often when I talk to average folks like me, they are confused or AFRAID to say these very basic principles because they/we are so conditioned to saying the free enterprise system is the greatest of all greats and to say otherwise is Un American.

We must give cover to those people, and affirm that the system in place now is not religion, it is not perfect and we became exceptional when we lead in education, health care and entrepreunerialism. That happened when the masses had access to those needs, and since the "Reagan Revolution", we have made it harder for "us" to access those needs, and thus our exceptionalism has waned.

So, if we want to be exceptional again, insure ourselves.

Finally, I say go off the cliff. Think about it.

We would cut defense, raise taxes on everyone which would reduce the deficit. Then, we could be the ones demanding tax deductions and you know the Republicans cannot agree with anything a Democrat does, so it will put them in a quandry. Go along with their own principles, yet give President Obama a success.

I also think the country knows the Republicans are to blame, so go off the cliff but do not touch Social Security except to lower the retirement age, and increase benefits.

Thanks for letting me rant, and sometimes just stating the obvious helps me. It is freaking crazy out there and we must stop letting the dittoheads dictate the conversation.

Pay more in taxes for health care and retirement? You bet! Sure better than bankruptcy and medocrity.

Insuring ourselves? That would be exceptional!

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