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Sun Dec 16, 2012, 07:26 AM


A good MA Democratic candidate with a GOOD campaign CAN beat The Naked Man. Here's how.

First, we just saw The Naked Man get BEAT in MA by what, 7 or 8 points, against Warren who had a tough start, didn't handle the Native American controversy well at all at first, but still spanked his naked ass in the end. Now, of course in November Obama was also on the ballot which bolstered Dem turnout and Warren caught her stride and ran a very strong middle and endgame campaign. But they also ATTACKED The Naked Man very well, and much of how they beat him can be used again. ***** ALSO REMEMBER THAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE IN SHAMBLES RIGHT NOW AND NO ONE CAN STAND THEM, ESPECIALLY IN STATES LIKE MASSACHUSETTS.***** So here is how you beat The Naked Man in another special election IF he runs.

1) It will most likely be a MALE Dem nominee like Markey or Capuano who will be able to cut into Naked Man's advantages with crossover male Democrats and male Indies.

2) This time, USE THE TAPE of The Naked Man begging Koch for money.

3) AGAIN, ATTACK the Naked Man on his ROTTEN pro-corporate and other whacko right wing votes in the Senate.

4) AGAIN, ATTACK him on women's issues.

5) AGAIN, ATTACK him as a member of a generally CRAZY Republican Party that right now refuses to work with Obama on the fiscal cliff. DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO RUN AWAY FROM BEING A REPUBLICAN. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK HIM AS THE REPUBLICAN REPUBLICAN REPUBLICAN THAT HE IS !

6) Regardless of the status of the fiscal cliff matter by the time this special election comes along, say over and over and over again that they need a DEMOCRAT in that seat who will work with the President on the CORRECT kind of balanced approach to deficit reduction in the long term and that THE LAST THING WE NEED IS MORE SCOTT BROWN TRICKLE DOWN and a member of party willing to hold the middle class hostage while demanding more tax cuts for the rich. HAMMER AWAY BIGTIME ON THIS ISSUE.

7) Also hammer away on the SUPREME COURT issue. Obama will likely get two if not three more appointments. The Naked Man voted AGAINST Elena Kagan. He said SCALIA of all right wing extremists was his ideal judge. HAUNT THE BASTARD WITH THIS. Make it clear that we need someone in there who will support Obama on the judicial appointments.

8) FINALLY, RUN A CRACKER JACK CAMPAIGN ! Get the best damn team in place from day one, GO ON OFFENSE ON DAY ONE, and hold events and rallies all over Christ's Creation from one end of that state to the other.

Do all this, and The Naked Man CAN and WILL go DOWN once again. So much for the barn coat and his pickup truck.

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