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Thu Dec 13, 2012, 06:47 PM

IMHO... Fiscal (insert noun), Spending cuts, Balance

Congress has proven, and there is a mountian of evidence on this, that they have no idea how to manage the countrys' budget. Time and time again they screw it up and We the People have to pay for it. Boehner, Mcconnell, Ryan, Ried, Pelosi... Right or Left, each party has screwed the pooch... and are continuing to do so. It's time for them to listen to OUR priorities.

All the fiscal whatever hogwash about taxing the wealthy, what social programs to cut, why defense is off the table, infrastructure spending... nobody seems to be listening to those that will be effected... We the People! They work for us. Period. We DO NOT want the social safety net programs that so many depend on... young, old, veteran, poor, wealthy and everything in between touched except to strengthen them. We need jobs bills. We need the wars ended so we have that money for domestic programs. For all the posturing and name-calling, it accomplishes nothing. They are not even talking about the right programs. The American people want Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security off the table. The American people want the weathy to pay their fair share in taxes but they are going about it wrong. Tax rate hikes will gain some, but it still will do little to their tax burden. Raise the rates, but include ALL income sources in that category - Capital Gains, Dividends, Interest payments, Wages... everything. If you didn't have it and now you do, it's income. Then tax it at that rate.

Cuts? Defense. The savings we get from defense cuts that would make no difference in our readiness or war-making capability could easily make up the lion's share of the deficit problem. A couple hundred billion a year and problem fixed. The only appriciable difference it would make is in the polytishuns campaign chests. So f'n what. The way they have screwed the pooch... for decades? They deserve it. I have another social program we can cut... Congress! Eliminate their paychecks until they grow up and learn to play nice... no lobby money, no medical coverage... nothing. No more good ol' boy social club at taxpayers expense. See what deals come out then. They need to learn that We the People rule the roost. It's high time they do what WE want instead of us having to deal with what they keep messing up.

Balance? Sorry republicant's, you've been getting your way for far too long. It's our turn. Time to give back. No more gravy train. No more easy street. It's time YOU sacrifice. Big time. Tax increase for the wealthy, defense cuts, infrastructure spending, jobs bills, bring our troops home now, education investments for the future - NOT charters, voter expansion not suppression - National standards, no governmental vagina intrusion, gay rights, $15/hr. min. wage, Union rights! Oh, and... WE WON! Deal with it.

Pressure needs to be put on businesses and corporations to pay workers a living wage. They need to learn that their workers are the biggest consumer base out there. Pay them a reasonable wage and that will create the market for goods. When the middle class does well, EVERYBODY does well... even the rich guys.

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Response to PoliticalBiker (Original post)

Thu Dec 13, 2012, 06:52 PM

1. despite dems buying into the repub framing they actually have the PR upper hand. over the cliff

is the best move imo then whack the welfare military and get corporations to pay for the infrastructure that makes them so much money

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Response to msongs (Reply #1)

Thu Dec 13, 2012, 07:18 PM

4. Hence...


What we need to do is to inspire the liberals to pressure thier congresscritters and KEEP IT UP.

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Response to PoliticalBiker (Original post)

Thu Dec 13, 2012, 07:07 PM

2. It is the spending!

$4 trillion spent on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that were never paid for.

The Repuglican Teabaggers in Congress need to step-up and face the truth about what it means to be 'fiscally responsible'.

Bush/Cheney never proposed paying for their wars -- Democrats, liberals and progressives ought to be challenging the Teabaggers to live-up to their rhetoric and figure how to pay for their wars. How about Boehner and Company proposing and supporting a 'war tax' ... or they can support cutting the military budget by an amount necessary to pay for the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Until they earnestly deal with the unpaid-for-spending that they supported, nobody ought to be taking them seriously. Period.

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Response to earthside (Reply #2)

Thu Dec 13, 2012, 07:16 PM

3. RE:It is the spending!

That's one of my pet peeves. I'm a veteran so I know the importance of the military, but the necessity for wars the neo-cons seem to have a hard-on for is out of bounds. Besides, increases in military spending doesn't go to our military members. It goes to the MIC corporations... the contractors, who may pay thier employees fairly well (and sometimes not) but rake the taxpayer over the coals in what they charge the government - i.e. us.

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Response to PoliticalBiker (Reply #3)

Thu Dec 13, 2012, 07:55 PM

5. The MIC gravy train.

Honestly, we could defend the United States for about half of what is allocated to the Pentagon every year.

Over a hundred bases and installations over seas?

I have a brother-in-law who just 'retired' from the Marines after the requisite number of years ... he's only 55. So, he draws his 'pension' -- and now he's gone to work for a huge military contractor that gets virtually 100 percent of its business from the DOD. This guy and his family are stubborn Repuglicans, always griping about the size of the federal government and how their taxes are too high.

Frankly, I see at least half of the federal government's spending on the military as little more than welfare, jobs programs, and subsidies to powerful corporations.

Now that is spending --- but Boehner and the Repuglicans and the Teabaggers aren't proposing any significant cuts in government spending to those 'socialist' 'welfare' programs.

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