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Sat Nov 17, 2012, 09:21 PM

Are we there yet? Seems like this describes the US economy under the GOP

Romney's campaign was an example of the shysters canibalizing each other as he got big donors, who wanted to exploit the american worker and get tax cuts, to give him campaign funds even when he knew he wouldn't win. And Romney himself was exploited by the people who ran his campaign.

Saints Against Shysters from the book "The Wisdom of Psychopaths" by Kevin Dutton

" SNIP..............................................

To answer this question, let's imagine a society slightly different from the one we currently live in: a society like that of days gone by, in which the workforce is paid in cash at the end of each week, in personalized little brown envelopes. Now imagine that we can divide this workforce into two different types of people. The first type is honest and hardworking and puts in a full week's work. Let's call them the saints. The other is dishonest and lazy and preys upon its diligent counterparts as they make their way home on a Friday, lying in wait outside the factory gates and appropriating their hard-earned wages for themselves. Let's call them the shysters.

At first it would seem as if the shysters have got it made: that crime pays. And, indeed, in the short term at least, it does. The saints clock in to keep the community going, while the shysters reap a two-fold benefit. Not only do they enjoy the advantages of living in a flourishing society, they also, by stealing the saints' wages, "get paid" for doing nothing. Nice work if you can get it. But notice what happens if the pattern of behavior continues. The saints begin to tire and fall sick. Having less disposable income with which to look after themselves, they begin to die out. Gradually, the ration of the "working" population starts to shift in favor of the shysters.

But this, of course, is precisely what the shysters don't want? With the number of saints diminishing by the week, the likelihood increases that the shysters will encounter each other. Moreover, even if they do run into a saint, there's a greater chance that they'll come away empty-handed. Another shyster may well have beaten them to it.

Eventually, if the fun and games are allowed to play out naturally, the power balance comes full circle. The pendulum swings back in favor of the saints, and society reverts to working for a living. But note how history is programmed to repeat itself. The saints call the shots for only such time as the economy is in recession, and the shysters preside for only as long as the saints can keep them afloat. It's a bleak carousel of recurring boom and bust.


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