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Sun Nov 11, 2012, 07:31 PM

They just don't get it.

Facebook conversation between me and a guy I went to school with who is also an immigrant to the US (now a citizen) and I know he voted Repub: His comments bolded below:

Samjm Status:
Yes! Exactly!
Congressman Joaquin Castro on Meet the Press: "Part of the fundamental problem with a big wing of the Republican Party is that when they think of Hispanics they think of folks that are illegal immigrants. What they need to accept is that Hispanics and Latinos are part of this American Family and they are not going anywhere. You have folks that have been here second generation, third
generation, fourth generation Americans and they are making them feel like they are not part of the United States. Thatís a fundamental part that goes beyond tone, beyond rhetoric and it goes beyond who you elect to the Congress and the Senate. They have Ted Cruise, Marco Rubio and others now but itís more than just the personalities itís the policies they pursue."

EB: The part I find ironic is that most of the Latino ancestors lived here in the Americas long before we did.

LB: Yes, 4th generation isn't that long compared to the ones who have family here going back to the 1600s. °Ay, Dios!

Samjm: (Husband)ís family has been in the New Mexico area since 1598. His family didn't come to America, America came to them.

RH: Letís not forget though, by definition, a lot of them are

RH: We are not talking about 10 million legal and a few thousand illegal

Samjm: No, but we're talking about almost 60 million Latinos of which an estimated 11 million are here illegally. That's still 5 times as
many LEGAL Latinos. To assume they are all, or even a majority are "illegal" is just plain wrong and short-sighted.

RH: 60 million!! shit!

NG: Maria Shriver and her cousin Caroline Kennedy are only 4th generation "American". Their ancestor left his imporverished country when his family's little property was going to his older brothers and emigrated here where the restrictions were apparently too lax to keep him out. His family then infiltrated local politics and made their money on quasi-legal mind-altering substances before moving on to national politics. And years later, Maria still hasn't assimilated, being married to a foreigner who tried to change the US constitution to take on even more power in this country!

RH: letís put the limit at 49 million then

Samjm: And you're assuming that ALL of them are immigrants? That's the problem the Repubs (and apparently you too) seem to have. I have 3 Latinos in my house with me. All of them were born here. The only immigrant in sight is ME. See further up this thread when talking about my husband's family who have been in the northern New Mexico area since 1598. They never immigrated. They are arguably MORE American than all the white Americans.

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