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Sun Nov 11, 2012, 01:49 PM

I have a great IDEA

Since all the vulture capitalist are whining and complaining about the Affordable Care Act.......why don't we make it easier for them and BOYCOTT all of their businesses? So this is how I see it: The big corporations are all about profits over people. They have destroyed small businesses. Look at your local downtown business store fronts. I know in my town there are at least a 1/3 that are empty and boarded up. When riteaid came to town they shut down and bought out 2 drug stores, one that had been in business for over 50 years.

So big vulture capitalist businesses, take all your profits and go home. Let the small businesses open back up. Let those businesses hire all of your ex employees. Let them get their health insurance from the health care pools that will be opening up all over the Country. And since they no longer have to worry about their profits, maybe they will actually start to contribute to the economy by SPENDING ALL OF THEIR MILLIONS, since they haven't used their millions to hire new workers.

Stop supporting the big mega businesses and support your local stores. They will not have to worry about the affordable care act because they will have less than 50 employees. When their profits start coming in they will pay their employees a decent wage and they will not have to worry about their employees being covered by insurance, they will be in the health care pools. Those big businesses that have scruples will gladly take a small percentage of their profits and be active, proud contributors to their Nation and it's people. We have choices and need to do something different, because what we have been doing is not working. Go forth and BOYCOTT. Go forth and Start New Small Businesses. Go forth and shop small businesses.

We need to REALLY SUPPORT MAIN STREET!!! We should start by opening the shuttered store fronts. Imagine your small town with small restraunts, small pharmacies, small hardware stores, small appliance stores, small town grocery stores, small clothing stores and soooooo on. These small business owners won't have their hand out for huge tax breaks from the towns and counties and that will increase the tax revenue. They won't layoff workers when their board of directors wants a new vacation home. They are invested in their community, unlike people like Papa John

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