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Sat Nov 10, 2012, 03:03 PM


Uhhhh Ohhhh Looks Like I Hit A Nerve With My Puke Friend ROTFLMFAO

So I took some of your advice on this thread and sent these responses back to my repukelican friend in Janesville and now look what has happened... ROTFLMFAO

Hey I'm curious do you get your "facts" that you spew here from the same place that had you forcasting a romney landslide???? because if you do you might want to start to question these sources and that's another FACT! so riddle me this, why has business been at record profits for the past 4 years???? oh wait I know fox news they are your almighty news source right? well here ya go maybe you can riddle me on this too ROTFLMFAO

Now of course if you really understood economics and history you would now that Republicans like Reagan set this wheels in motion for the economy to exceed far beyond his tenure. This of course goes against the grain of the teaching of the schools today and how facts are spun.

Romney landslide prediction was all mine and based on the hope that people where not that blind and frankly stupid.

It is very unfortunate that there are so many people blinded by falsehoods spun and not challenged by the complacent media or Romney himself.This was not a Presidential race based on facts and policies.This was a popularity contest and followed up by a good ground game by Democrats.

Business profits are high due to "unknown factors" of this regime. There is trillions setting off shore that could be here at home if it were not for the horrible tax code. Republican and Democrat are at fault here. Look at what is happening over the last few months to the market. The seeds are planted for a major collapse if nothing positive gets doe over the next few weeks. Several companies have announced layoffs since Tuesday that go unreported and blame the uncertainty and the reelection of Obama.
Before you say prove it ....Energizer, Westinghouse,Research In Motion, Lightyear Network Solutions, Hawker-Beechcraft, Boeing, CVPH medical center, US Celluar (640 in Chicago alone) and the list goes on.

ummmm genius if that landslide prediction was all yours then that really shows you don't understand politics at all nor economics nor history! Maybe if you put down your kool-aid and class 3 narcotics long enough to step outside your bubble and echo-chamber of Rush LimpMind and FAKE-News you would snap out of it. FACT... Obama didn't "suppress the vote." (That one is a real hoot.) The "liberal media" didn't do it. Hurricane Sandy didn't do it. Why do you keep drowning yourself in self-imposed non-reality? HERE are the five FACTUAL resons why you REALLY lost by over 125 electoral votes and nearly three million popular votes even though your side spent an unprecedented amount of money on more attack ads than we had ever seen in history, and even though the unemployment rate is at 7.9%, and even though President Obama is part black, and even though you thought it was impossible that you would lose this campaign which you did decisively:

1) The fundamentals were simply against you from the get-go. Americans understood the mess Presidenet Obama inherited and believed that he did a good job on balance dealing with it. His likeability numbers are strong, and his job approval is at or above 50%. He has very strong numbers on foreign policy and national security. It is difficult to unseat an incumbent President under such circumstances. FACT!

2) Your candidate was fundamentally flawed. He showed himself to be a shallow ultra flip flopper with no principled core beyond that of an out-of-touch corporatist who slandered 47% of the country he hoped to lead, and an odd shape-shifting phony with secret tax returns and a secret plan for the economy that he said he would only share after the election, save his budgetary assertions entirely unsupported by basic mathematics. He also added insults to his injuries with his endless gaffes well beyond the 47% comments prior to and during the general election campaign, and he was beaten in two of the three debates. Your Janesville Joker, good ol' Lyin Ryan lost his debate as well, and he only reinforced Romney's already-flawed image. FACT!

3) You were out-campaigned on the ground, BIGTIME. Yes, you got your corporate money and an awful lot of it. But, while you relied on endless annoying attack ads, Team Obama balanced their effective on-air punch-counter-punch with a voter registration, ID, and turnout operation resulting, once again, in a highly motivated broad and diverse coalition at the polls that you could not match. FACT!

4) As a party, you have turned so far to the right wing with your TeaCRAZY rhetoric and wars on minorities, women, gays, the young, the infirm, workers, students, the middle class, and the poor that you have dwindled yourselves down into a party dominated by a strange coupling of a few greedy rich corporatists and a bunch of angry delusional old white men. And it doesn't bode well at all for the future as national demographics continue to trend sharply against you either genius. FACT!

5) Doubling down on failed trickle down was soundly rejected. FACT!

So, tell me genius when are you going to face the Facts??? You LOST. And these are the REAL FACTUAL reasons why. And they are just as real as global warming, science, math, gravity, and the FACTS that the President is from Hawaii and is a Christian and that rape-caused pregancy is NOT a gift from God!

Now I'm going to get myself a nice cup of tea and some breakfast and then head on down to the beach this morning so I can do some dark-skinned girl watching since it's going to be approacing 90 degrees here today. So you have a great day there in beautiful downtown Janesville where I'm sure the weather and the politics will be dark and fuckin gloomy!

P.S. oh and by the way couldn't help but also notice this morning that it seems all your neighbors can't stand that asshat Lyin' Ryan and that's another FACT!!!!!

Even though Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) won re-election at the same time he was on the national ticket, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel notes he was crushed in his hometown of Janesville, WI by challenger Rob Zerban (D), 55% to 44%. Ryan had never lost Janesville in a re-election campaign before.

In addition, the Obama-Biden ticket defeated Romney-Ryan ticket in Janesville by a whopping 25 points, 62% to 37%.

"The drop-off from the Ryan congressional vote to the Romney-Ryan presidential vote was much larger in Janesville (7.2 points) than it was in the rest of the congressional district (3 points). Put another way, there were more Ryan ticket-splitters in Janesville than other places: people who voted for Ryan for Congress but against Ryan for vice president."

P.P.S. oh yea and one more thing about your beloved reagan genius...everyone knows that during Reagan's eight years in office the top income tax rates were 50%, 50%, 50%, 50%, 50%, 50%, 38.5%, 33% (up to $149,250, then 28%). And starting in 1986 Capital gains were taxed at the same rate as income! And then when President Clinton followed a balanced approach with higher taxes, we had a balanced budget! FACT! great job creation, FACT! and now I'm outta here FACT!

Typical bullshit by you. He still won the district by 11+%. Now that is a landslide that you do not get. Yeah that GM plant is in Janesville and it is shuttered!!!!!FACTS Yeah Clinton dumbass lowered cap gains Obama wants to raise them. Simply fuck off idiot.

This post was made with 100% recycled electrons.

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Response to pismoclam (Original post)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 03:43 PM

1. Just an observation


From person who works with about 60 people who get their news from Fox and Co.

If the point of this was to make you feel good and give you a great laugh, the you succeeded admirably. If your attempt was to actually educate him, persuade him (or anyone else reading) then it is a pretty clear failure.

I have actually managed to get some of my conservative coworkers to watch Rachel Maddow and The Daily Show, resulting in thoughtful discussion. It's harder and it takes longer, but i convinced one guy to oppose the death penalty, so it was worth it.

To persuade someone to your point of view, you must respect them and remember they are human beings.

Just something to ponder.

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Response to Kelvin Mace (Reply #1)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 04:13 PM

4. Believe Me


I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200+ emails that we exchanged since I was introduced to this guy back in August via email from our common friend in San Diego and all the efforts to engage this republican in any sort of a dialogue of FACTS was always like driving my car into a brick wall.

I was raised in a household in Orange County California where my parents and grandparents attempted to indoctrinate me that Barry Goldwater was going to be America's savor, that John Kennedy was the devil reincarnated and I can still hear my beloved Father telling my children that they were going to be reading in their history books that Richard Nixon was going to go down in history as one of America's greatest Presidents and that it would be proven that he was not a crook! When I returned from Vietnam and cast my very first vote for George McGovern my family said that my time served in the military had turned me into a "hippie" and that I must have "smoked too much dope" while I was in the Nam. Suffice it to say that I am living proof that not all of us "old white 60 something dudes" are going to march to the music of the republican party of today or yesterday.

I learned years ago when attempting to "convert" my beloved Father into seeing things in a more clear and rational way that it would be a effort in futility so yes engaging this "40 something" repuke from Janesville that I was introduced to via email by a dem buddy in San Diego did become a good laugh for me over these past few months, in a sad way he replaced my Dad as someone I could banter back and forth with after my Dad passed away in '07 shortly after he had to watch President Obama place his hand on the bible and take the oath of office.

They say a constant drop of water wears a hole in the hardest of stones my friend and I'm glad you've had some success in that but for me I've yet to ever be able to talk any sense into a repukelican with either logic or humor.
Peace Out!

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Response to pismoclam (Original post)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 03:48 PM

2. Repukelican? Really?

Petty name-calling does little to repair our national dialogue.

Grace and humility in victory tis nobler than mockery.

Enjoy your tea and breakfast

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Response to Servius Valerius (Reply #2)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 09:37 PM

5. You better get used to that.

It's rampant here.

The biggest shock I got when I came here last month was realizing that the partisan left behaves much as the partisan right does... media conspiracies, name-calling, etc.

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Response to NCLefty (Reply #5)

Sun Nov 11, 2012, 01:55 AM

8. It is a minority here, just like there


A very vocal minority, though.

Where in NC are you? I am in High Point.

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Response to Kelvin Mace (Reply #8)

Response to Servius Valerius (Reply #2)

Sun Nov 11, 2012, 01:54 AM

7. Unfortunately


Some folks seriously believe this type of attitude helps. Worse, some are downright hostile to those of us who try to be polite. It is a sign of weakness or we are trolls.

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Response to pismoclam (Original post)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 03:55 PM

3. You did a great job.

People earn respect. Sounds like these "friends" needed a dose of reality whether
they are capable of absorbing the facts or not.

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Response to pismoclam (Original post)

Sat Nov 10, 2012, 09:55 PM

6. Gee, your puke friend is just


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