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Tue Aug 30, 2016, 11:03 AM


Message For Trump Minions - It's Reaganomics That Crush Poor/Minorities Not "Democrat" Policies

The stream of Trump nonsense babblers on the TeeVee mouthing bs is endless, and pathetic. All these Trump Surrogates are trying to convince minorities to blame Democrats for the fact it is so hard to get ahead. Really? Democrats?

De-regulating corporations, and cutting corporate taxes, and cutting taxes for billionaires is all the GOP has to offer in the way of economics. Oh yeah, I forgot, trashing unions. I won't even mention the environment, and voting no on disaster aid.

Republicans don't give a damn about poor people. As far as they are concerned the poor can starve, or die because they can't afford a doctor. The sooner the poor die the better in a Republican's eyes. Republicans even brag about how many people they kick off "welfare" regardless of the circumstances. Then they push for a "tax holiday" so the corporations that made money by offshoring jobs can bring the money back tax free to give to their filthy rich stockholders.

If you aren't doing well, put the blame where it belongs.


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