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Thu Nov 8, 2012, 01:27 PM

The best nutjob conspiracy theory I've ever read.

No..I really didn't think it was possible that this would happen. I knew that many were/would blame the hurricane for the loss, but they've really actually gone to...

Obama created the financial crash in '08 to turn around the election...and also created the hurricane this year.


Far be it from me to advance conspiracy theories to explain what happened in our recent presidential election. Frankly, people who do that routinely make me more suspcious of them than of what is happening. But neither do I believe in cooincidences. Not when the competition for power intense, the future of the world is at stake and the capability exists to influence if not determine an election result. Not when, in legal parlayance, there is motive and opportunity.

Frankly, I was surprised by the election results. They raise in my mind one pivotal question: How does a president with a track record of failure in foreign and domestic affairs–which is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention, manage to win re-election against a candidate who appeared to have the very credentials necessary to rescue the country from the current malaise, and who was in fact prevailing until the very last minute?

Big media, a less than credible source, claims that the demographics of the electorate have changed. Furthermore, they argue that the Republican Party as a whole is controlled by the Tea Party, which is racist to its core. Not surprisingly, the Tea Party represents a challenge to the power and priviledge of the Washington establishmen of which big media is a part. We should be sceptical their explanations, because they have shown themselves to be bitter partisans in this election. Thus, in legal parlayance, anything they might say on the subject is tainted with bias.

Republicans offer an entirely different set of explanations. Grass roots Republicans claim that Romney was not conservative enough. That argument assumes that conservative principles are wildly popular in battleground states–which is a dubious proposition. And they ignore the distinct possiblity that in bad economic times, the electorate wants big government. Establishment Republicans offer an entirely diffeent explation. The claim that Romney, who was after all, their candidate, ran a poor campaign, which failed to appeal to Hispanics, and lacked the massive ground game of their opponent. Those explanations fall short as well.

From my perspective, none of these explanations suffice. They tend to reflect the institutional interests and belief systems of those that advance them, and ignore the possiblity that the entire process is rigged–more than any of us realize. The obvious response is prove it. Tell me who, when, what, why, where, so I can disprove it, and laugh you off the stage. No, I am not going to walk into that trap. As the golfing great Ben Hogan said, when he was asked him about his golf swing: “Dig it out of the ground like I did”. But, if you have the time, interest and inclination, then the following facts and anomolies:

1. In 2008, John McCain was leading in the polls. Then came the financial crash. Thereafter he lost.

2. In 2012, Mitt Romney was surging in the polls a week before the election. Then came the hurricane Sandy. Thereafter he lost.

3. Markets crash like this once every eighty years. Hurricanes devastate the center of our financial and media outlets never before.

4. Human beings have the ability to cause markets to crash. Soros did this in Britain in 1992, and in Asia in 1998. As Casey Stengel said, look it up.

5. Human beings have the abiity to manipulate weather patterns. Bush 43 set up a project to generate sand storms in Iraq. Obama has expanded that project.

6. There is evidence that voting machines in swing states registered Romney votes for Obama. How widespread this was has not been determined.

7. There is evidence that the vote count for prominent conservative Republican Allen West was changed. That issue has gone to court.

8. There is compelling evidence that a substantial portion of the campaign contributions of Obama came from overseas, through Roach, et. al.

The questions here go on and on and on. Either you believe in coincidences, or you do not. If you believe in cooincidences then you will be drawn to one or more of the explanations presented above. And when it happens again, you will do so again, because that is how your mind works. But if these facts make you curious, or even a trifle suspicous, given all that is at stake, then perhaps they will provide a point of departure for rational analysis on your part, and new insights on what is likely to happen next.


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Response to WestCoastLib (Original post)

Thu Nov 8, 2012, 01:37 PM

1. One quote I agree with in this loon stew...

"tainted with bias." Other than that, it is to laugh.

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Response to WestCoastLib (Original post)

Thu Nov 8, 2012, 01:44 PM

2. Assumption is a matter of opinion

"How does a president with a track record of failure in foreign and domestic affairs–which is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention, manage to win re-election against a candidate... "

What I've seen of the president, I agree with and I've paid attention for the past 18 years.

I think this guy just has a disagreement with the political philosophy of the Pres.

Sorry, gotta read the rest...

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Response to WestCoastLib (Original post)

Thu Nov 8, 2012, 01:50 PM

3. His whole rant contradicts his first sentence where he says he's not going to advance a

conspiracy theory. And as far as all of his 'compelling evidence', I only see a lot of compelling evidence that he's a whack-job loon.

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Response to WestCoastLib (Original post)

Thu Nov 8, 2012, 02:00 PM

4. I really love, love, love number 5

"5. Human beings have the abiity to manipulate weather patterns"

A few years ago I was listening t a radio show and a guy comes on and says that the government has the ability to teleport oblects.

Then he said he saw a documentary called "The Philadelphia Experiment"
and it showed how they transported a ship and the crew got their
molecules jumbled with the molecules of the ship.

This guy, obviously, needs to stop drinking "TEA"!

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Response to WestCoastLib (Original post)

Thu Nov 8, 2012, 04:47 PM

5. If Obama was manipulating the weather, he wouldn't have hit the northeast!

All those Obama voters up to their necks in water? Dumb move!

He should have unleashed his secret weather weapon on the great red middle or the hopeless bigot states! Not cut off power to his homey state voting machines! Not drown his commie-muslim pals!

Or maybe some fascist cabal in the military did it to prevent Obama's re-election? That's more plausible than this guy's silliness about Obama's power over the weather. (I'm reminded of King Canute, who is reputed to have moved his throne to a beach to prove to his followers that he could NOT command the waves.)


I was amused by this guy's description of Bush Jr. and John Kerry, as follows:


"Frankly, I was surprised by the election results. They raise in my mind one pivotal question: How does a president with a track record of failure in foreign and domestic affairs–which is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention (um...Bush Jr.), manage to win re-election against a candidate who appeared to have the very credentials necessary to rescue the country from the current malaise (Kerry), and who was in fact prevailing (polls rising, had momentum) until the very last minute?" --Mr. Nutjob (my emphasis, my parentheses)


Yes, how DID that occur?

How did that mind-bogglingly stupid, drunken, deep-fried puppet, George Bush Jr., beat the intelligent, savvy, articulate Senator John Kerry and our amazing ground game (which matched the Bush-Cheney money machine dollar for dollar and did not have to bus in dementia patients to fill in our rallies)?


Did you know that Bush Jr.'s poll numbers plunged 20 points in the weeks after his alleged re-election in 2004 and he was, literally, the most unpopular leader in the country and the world on the day of his second crowning? Talk about conspiracies! What happened in 2004 qualifies! And it was, furthermore, the worst political conspiracy that has ever been perpetrated against our democracy, because it demonstrated that we could not reverse the conspiracy of 2000. We had been rendered incapable of correcting the foundering course of the ship of state. Our democracy ended there, in November 2004, and has only been sputtering back to life in fits and starts since then, amidst the on-going peril of a repeat junta--a peril that continues to this day and threatens the future. The institutions that were compromised have NOT been repaired--chief among them, the vote counting system.

Oh, oops! He wasn't describing Bush Jr. and Kerry, was he?



But I think it's this stupid conspiricist's assumption that Obama controls the 'TRADE SECRET' voting machines that is funniest and most tragic, in its way. Something like 70% of the 'TRADE SECRET' voting machines in this country (and ALL are 'TRADE SECRET' machines) contain code that is owned and controlled by one, private, far rightwing-connected corporation--ES&S, which bought out Diebold. In fact, their far rightwing connections would make your hair stand on end. (Try this: ES&S's initial funder and major investor was Howard Ahmanson, who also gave one million dollars to the far rightwing 'christian' Chalcedon foundation which advocates the death penalty for homosexuals!)

Why ES&S would permit Obama to be elected is the question we must ask ourselves, not who controls the voting machines. We KNOW who controls the voting machines (or those of us who follow this vital issue know). We DON'T KNOW what deals Obama made to become president--i.e., to call off the ES&S dogs--but high on the probable list would be a deal not to prosecute or even investigate horrendous Bush Junta war crimes and mind-boggling theft of the public treasury, and another may have been to enrich the insurance corporations with health care "reform." Obama clearly has shackles on him--and it's likely that he agreed to some of them and has no control over others--for instance, ES&S/Diebold shaving his mandate, twice, and inflicting him with the Diebolded House of 'Representatives,' twice. His instincts seem to be toward reform and toward "the little guy," but he is, in essence, a sort of formless progressive who is more than willing to seriously compromise on virtually every vital issue on the progressive/majority agenda, from banking regulation to the environment to privatization of our schools, to the infliction of "austerity" here and abroad, rather than "New Deal" measures, and including lawless U.S. actions in the international arena, from drone bombings to plots to capture and punish Julian Assange for his whistle-blowing, and from the corrupt, murderous, failed U.S. "war on drugs" to the corrupt, murderous, failed U.S. "free trade for the rich."

I voted for the man, for what my vote is worth these days. How could anyone in her or his right mind not do so? We don't need another stupid president in full thrall to transglobal corporations and war profiteers! I'd rather have a smart one, in partial thrall. I'd rather have hope than another Bush Junta--"a thing with feathers" though it is (Emily Dickenson). Though I don't think it's up to me or you or us--"we the people"--I weighed in with my (forced to) mail ballot, off to some Diebold scanner (better than no ballot, no scanner, I guess) and potential oblivion. Whoever is running things (Leon Panetta?) can use it to keep the Bushwhack monsters away, if that's what they intend to do--was my thought--and if not, well...I guess I'm going to have to chain myself to a Diebold machine one of these days. (Hi, Homeland Security guys! Just kidding here. Ha-ha! Joke-joke!)

But more than anything, I'd rather see grass roots activism like we saw and participated in, in this election, than a country full of dispirited and depressed people, even if we can't get a tenth of what we want and need for our efforts. We need to fight for our democracy but not with blinders on as to how bad things are. And it is the fight, my friends, it is that fighting spirit--that solid determination to restore our democracy, to live up to our ideals, to expand social justice and create world peace, that has so characterized our people for two centuries--that WILL win, in the end. We must never give up the fight. It is not like us and our forebears to give up, no matter how difficult our problems become. I believe in our people and I revere our democratic heritage. I really do.

THAT is why it has been so important to oppose Romney and another Bush Junta, and to support Obama--not for anything we may gain by it--the rewards will be few, I'm afraid--but to exercise our rights as citizens and to remind ourselves who the sovereign powers are supposed to be in this country: you and me, the People.

This "conspiracy theory" is so crazy as to make me suspicious that it is a plant--that is, disinformation by which to ridicule and discredit reasonable theories about real and possible conspiracies against our democracy. We are up against vast government secrecy, in trying to understand our own government--as well as up against the corporate 'news' monopolies and other dirty players like the Koch brothers. We NEED theories about what is really going on--good theories, intelligent theories, savvy theories, fact-based theories, and, where facts are hard to come by, educated guesses--guesses based on knowledge, experience and hard thought. And we need to understand that there ARE conspiracies against our democracy--within, intertwined with and outside of government.

We don't need crapola like this, except for laughs. But do beware of those laughs spilling over onto people whom we should be listening to --real election integrity advocates, real 9/11 and "military-industrial complex" investigators and whistle-blowers, real journalists and others who are genuinely trying to help us understand our country, our political establishment, our position in the world and the reforms that we most desperately need.

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