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Wed Nov 7, 2012, 09:01 PM

The Sting: Send this to your (R) dad...

Democratic son sets up his Republican dad for a fall.

Drawing on Blue USA's DU thread link, I help son totally red face his republican dad.

Let's set your dad up.

Cut and paste the following 09/26/12 USA Today article spelling out Income Growth being greater in red states than blue states to your dad and make it sound like you're coming around to his way of thinking. I'll tell you why, but for now just take a look at the red state map blared at the top of the article. Looks familiar doesn't it? Holy crap, does it ever!

Make your E-mail short but convincing and leave it at that. See if he fires you back an E-mail thanking you for coming around.

Then when he does, point out to him that you read further into the article (which he probably won't read) and you were surprised to find out the following:

"The big drivers of red state income growth: energy and government benefit payments such as food stamps."


"Poor, southern red states depend heavily on government transfers for income and benefited from increases in Medicaid and other federal programs."

Who knew that government handouts to red states was what boosted their income growth over blue states?

Conversely, I doubt if he does read the article he'll point out your mistake and that, in fact, red state income growth is contributed to, damningly, by Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps).

More info <here>

Son starts the ball rolling:
Hmmm maybe I'll have to move back to Texas?

Surprised you never saw this article…


BAIT TAKEN -- unknowing father replies both to his son and myself:
I would bet the red states have a more friendly business environment, allow people to keep more of what they make etc………..Just saying...

Father steps into my office with the USA Today article print out and walks out red faced as I send him message and confront him in-person with the following (I act surprised, like I don't know anything):

Uh, did you just look at the pretty pictures? Striking. At first I thought it was a election forecast map.
You didn’t actually read the article did you. Geographic – energy states and… and…and…and what?

Son replies within a minute with his own:
Oh wait sorry - I expected to see the energy thing as well known states like Texas have been benefiting handsomely from the hugely increased prices but I missed this…

It is even more interesting!!!

The big drivers of red state income growth: energy and government benefit payments such as food stamps!!!

I guess the red states are getting much more in government handouts then us here in the blue states with our lower unemployment rates and highly educated populations!?!!

Son was dis-invited from coming to Thanksgiving. Not really. We never gave up our secret, but all three of us are having a good laugh about all the intra-family squabbling.

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