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Mon Jul 4, 2016, 01:23 PM Jul 2016

Why I think Trump is trying to sabotage...

... his own candidacy.

1 - A few weeks ago it was reported that a person working very early on for Trump said that he asked (her... I think it was a her) to see that he got a healthy vote, preferably a solid second. She said "He never wanted to be president." Sorry, I don't have a link to this. I just remember it. Pretty sure I saw it on DU.

2 - Everytime something happens that might give Hillary trouble (e.g., FBI interview), he does something even more outrageous than he has before (e.g., anti-semitic tweet). Talking heads jabber in wonderment at the stupidity of it. Maybe they should look beyond the obvious in the pattern.

3 - He has done almost nothing to raise money or create an organization. Again, if he were serious, even he knows that turnout (as contrasted with media coverage) depends on money and staff.

Why would he want to lock himself up in the White House, dealing with stuff even he knows he doesn't understand? But try as he might he can't quite blow it up. Let's wish him success in his quest to get out of this.

Why I think Trump is trying to sabotage... (Original Post) LAS14 Jul 2016 OP
He has been for months AgingAmerican Jul 2016 #1
I agree he doesn't want to be President... CrowCityDem Jul 2016 #2
Early stage Alzheimer's or the effects of a small stroke. nt tblue37 Jul 2016 #4
Or its a psychological problem PJMcK Jul 2016 #6
You make good points PJMcK Jul 2016 #5
I think it goes back to when Obama made him the butt of his jokes at the WH Correspondents Dinner politicaljunkie41910 Jul 2016 #9
I agree and think the writings on the wall. Lance Bass esquire Jul 2016 #3
He got into race for publicity, his racists talk attracted a lot of yahoos, he'll play it out Hoyt Jul 2016 #7
I keep imagining the night... JSup Jul 2016 #8


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2. I agree he doesn't want to be President...
Mon Jul 4, 2016, 01:29 PM
Jul 2016

... but he still doesn't make any sense.

I get that he wanted the attention, and to prove a point, but he's gone so far now that he's doing real damage to his business. I can't imagine things can ever go back to normal once he loses. Plenty of other companies he does business with will never touch him again, given the racism he's now attached to. If he wanted a way out, this is the worst one he could have picked. Whatever the Trump name used to stand for, no one can be proud to do business with him anymore.


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6. Or its a psychological problem
Mon Jul 4, 2016, 02:46 PM
Jul 2016

Obvious disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional and my opinions are based on my education and common sense.

Anyone who has watched Donald Trump's life over the last 30 or more years is not the least bit surprised by his behavior in the presidential campaign. His over-the-top ego, lying, deflection, misogyny, misleading and false insinuations, bombastic pronouncements and public adultery are "treasures" that New Yorkers have witnessed since the 1980's. His businesses have always been on the edge or fell off of it. He constantly has something new that's the greatest and biggest ever; then it fizzles. The stench of bovine excrement surrounds everything he does.

Could it be that his life of constantly running the confidence game is catching up with him? Could he be heading towards some kind of psychological crisis? Is it a medical possibility that part of his psyche is coming to terms with his lifetime of dishonesty?

Is The Donald subconsciously setting himself up for a tremendous crash?


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5. You make good points
Mon Jul 4, 2016, 02:28 PM
Jul 2016

Donald Trump has irreparably damaged his brand. All of the character flaws and social diseases that he has exhibited will hurt his businesses after he loses either the nomination or the election.

You mentioned, CrowCityDem, that other companies will shun associating with him. I think that's true because corporations want to avoid conflicts. They're bad for business. As the recent example of the so-called bathroom laws in North Carolina shows, among companies' greatest concerns is their public image. After all, they want everyone to be their customers.

What's odd is that a great many of Mr. Trump's followers cannot afford the products and services his companies provide. Who does he think his customer base will be when this folly that is his campaign comes to an end?

His kids must be freaking out! By all reports, they are set up to take over the family businesses and here's Crazy Dad ruining everything just as the kids are coming into their own! I'm affiliated with a family-owned international music company and the current management is the second generation of owners. They administer the company brilliantly, mostly because they're smart and they learned from their parents who were geniuses. The current generation is training their kids in much the same way and it gives me confidence that the company is in good hands. I wonder how Donald, Jr., Ivanka and Eric (not to mention Tiffany and Barron) feel about their father's quixotic quest and its impacts on their futures.


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9. I think it goes back to when Obama made him the butt of his jokes at the WH Correspondents Dinner
Mon Jul 4, 2016, 08:56 PM
Jul 2016

a few years ago. I think he thought that if Obama could be President than it must be easy and surely he could too, which turned out not to be the case. He never wanted to give President Obama any props for being intelligent or running one of the best campaigns, and thought it would be easy for him if Obama could win the presidency since after all, he went to the Wharton School of Business and he is "very" "very" rich.

Well neither of those things seem to be working for him right now. He'll never admit that he couldn't accomplish what Obama did, so he'll have to figure out a way to get himself out of the hole he's dug himself into, if his poll numbers and crowd sizes continue to decline. Maybe that 'Doctor' who wrote him that letter saying how good his health is, will write him another letter saying that he detected something of concern on a more recent visit and suggest that he needs to drop out of the race for health reasons.



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7. He got into race for publicity, his racists talk attracted a lot of yahoos, he'll play it out
Mon Jul 4, 2016, 04:44 PM
Jul 2016

to see what he can gain from it. Heck he might get a big payment to Exit. Problem is, whoever takes his place might be worse. But, hard to predict because he doesn't really know where this is going.


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8. I keep imagining the night...
Mon Jul 4, 2016, 05:13 PM
Jul 2016

...before the election, him saying this:

"My friends told me Republicans would nominate and support a crass, racist nationalist and I wanted to see if it were true. Vote for Hillary, Republicans are crazy."

Not saying it'll happen, but I wouldn't be shocked either.

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