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Tue Mar 6, 2012, 11:52 PM

A thought about bain romney's "inevitability".

I'm just running this up the flagpole. Some of you may salute, some of you may pee on the pole.

Supposedly, bain romney is solidifying his hold on the nomination by winning the state that he governed for one term before not seeking a second term because he knew what would happen. He won a neighboring state where he will have NO REMOTE POSSIBILITY of breaking much over 35% of the November vote. He won a state where his only opponent was an old racist with no shot at the nomination.

He has lost solidly red states like Oklahoma, Tennessee and North Dakota and, with 71% of the vote in, he is losing Ohio (a state that no republican has ever been elected without) to little ricky santorum.

Let me repeat that. He is losing to little ricky santorum. He of "JFK makes me want to throw up", He who was Virginia's 3rd senator when he was sent to the Senate twice from Pennsylvania. He who brought his abor...ooops, I mean miscarried fetus home to meet the siblings. He who has declared a war on rubbers. He who came within 3% of victory in one of bain romney's many home states.

This is the man who lost his last election so badly that it was the first race to be called on election night of 2006. It was the widest margin of defeat for an incumbemt senator in Pennsylvania history.

The inevitable nominee who is the favored candidate of establishment republicanism due to his "electability" is losing to little ricky santorum.

I can recognize it when I see a group of people try so desperately to talk themselves into a line of baloney. Hell, I've talked myself into a line of baloney a million times, but God forbid that I ever spend tens of millions of dollars to do so.

The funniest thing is that if bain romney is, in fact, the inevitable republican nominee, his loss will only be greeted by the teabaggers as being entirely attributable to his not being conservative enough. It will prevent the republican party's ability to finally make a move back to sanity by getting rid of the baggers from having any real influence in the party. "Ditto" for rush limbooger. Politically, I'm OK with that. In the long run, we do need 2 solid parties, hopefully both lucid.

I will continue to watch this fiasco unfold with great pleasure.

BTW, since I started to write this post, bain romney has inched closer to little ricky in Ohio with 85% of the vote in. I don't believe that invalidates my point, though. If I were little ricky santorum and lost Ohio in this way, I wouldn't quit.

Of course, If I were little ricky santorum, I think I'd have jumped out of a window a long tome ago.

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


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