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Sat May 14, 2016, 11:15 AM May 2016

Baltimore’s Election Results Are Decertified as State Investigation Is Launched

Baltimore’s Election Results Are Decertified as State Investigation Is Launched
Source: Truthdig by Emma Niles

Although Baltimore’s primary was held weeks ago, Maryland’s Board of Elections announced Thursday that it was rescinding certification of the election results. The Baltimore Sun reports:

Linda H. Lamone, the administrator of the State Board of Elections, said officials became concerned when city officials found 80 provisional ballots that had not been analyzed, and an unusually high discrepancy between the number of voters who checked in at polling places and the number of ballots cast. The number of ballots cast at the polls was higher than the number of check-ins at the polls, she said.

Lamone said state officials were working to determine the exact size of the problem. She expected the investigation to stretch into next week. “Baltimore City was not able to investigate and resolve these issues to our satisfaction,” Lamone said. “We are doing a precinct-level review. We are doing this in fairness to the candidates and the voters.”

Baltimore’s news comes at a time when voters around the country are alleging election fraud, and activists within the city have been voicing concerns about the election for months. “Eight data files went missing for about a day after the election, and some polling precincts opened late,” The Baltimore Sun reports, adding that “thirty-four released felons—eligible to vote under a new law—also received a Board of Elections letter before the election erroneously telling them they might not be able to vote.”

Read more: http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/baltimores_election_results_to_be_decertified_state_20160513
Sorry if this is a dupe! It's so damn important I didn't even look.



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1. Good, Hillary loses 61 Bernie loses 30. He's up 30 for now, until they figure it out.
Sat May 14, 2016, 02:29 PM
May 2016

Trouble is, no one has gone this far, so we have nothing to look at as far as how you 'fix it', after it was already 'fixed'.

Throw the whole damn Maryland election results out for dems, along with NY. Cheaters shouldn't win. When none of the votes count, maybe citizens will care and get involved, no matter who they support.

Support true elections first.


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3. More votes than check-ins... sounds like the vote reporters padded the numbers. So is this how they
Sat May 14, 2016, 02:38 PM
May 2016

steal elections? They just throw an extra 100 or 200 votes into the total in each precinct when reporting the results? And then all the results are certified before anyone has time or an inkling to check the numbers for hanky-panky?

De-certifying these results, and getting an accurate look at the real vote counts in Baltimore could be VERY revealing indeed.


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4. there are many ways, here they padded the total electronically...and when they did the audit
Sun May 15, 2016, 09:11 AM
May 2016

and counted the ballots in certain precincts, they had way more votes than voters who checked in to vote. Just one of many ways.

Many going back to their conventions to certify their state caucuses, are finding they now have been changed to republican after caucusing in Jan-Feb as democrats!

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