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Wed Oct 24, 2012, 08:13 AM

A choice for the anti-choicers and popping the mental balloon

Here's a choice to pose to Mourdock-Akin-Ryan style "pro-lifers":

A) if rapists are doing god's will then they should not be prosecuted and past convictions should be overturned.

B) since rape is considered a criminal act, the result of rape should not be inflicted on the woman against her will.

Pick one Mourdock.
Pick one Akin
Pick one Romney/Ryan
Pick one America.

I'll pull from another post just to be thorough with the rest of the anti-choice ...

I think that if abortion were illegal - even with limited exceptions - MANY things will happen in addition to the return of "back alley" abortions and women dying of horrible complications:

In honor of Sesame Street, do you remember the cartoon with the girl holding a balloon with a cat nearby when she ask "What would happen if I popped this balloon?" Here's what will happen if we pop the Rove v Wade balloon...

1.) The rich and well-connected will still have access to safe and discrete abortions.

2.) Some women who experience miscarriages and stillbirths will be subject to scrutiny. Imagine the miscreant Akin talking about a "legitimate miscarriage." Imagine prosecutors determining if there's enough evidence to press charges against a grieving woman.

3.) Some women who are raped will be accused of falsifying testimony in order to have an abortion.

4.) Some women who get pregnant through consensual sex will falsely accuse their partner of rape in order to have an abortion.

5.) More children will be born into loveless homes where they are neglected and abused.

6.) More children will be found cut up and stuffed in freezers or buried in shallow graves because their parent(s) (or grandparents or other caregiver) are not equipped to take care of them.

7.) The court system will be overwhelmed with contested cases and the clock will run out for many women that "qualify" for an abortion.

8.) Men will be widowers when they lose their wives to things like ectopic pregnancies (I bet Akin doesn't even know what that is) or treatable cancer. (If no medical exception.)

9.) Rapists' DNA will be passed on along (more than it already is) with all the mental illnesses that led to them being rapists in the first place. (Evolution is supposed to work against this but what do we expect if the lawmakers don't believe in evolution.)

10.) Worth repeating...The rich and well-connected will continue to have access to safe and discrete abortions.

I really think that the way to reduce abortions is to have insurance for all with contraception covered and a great prenatal care program; have a good low cost adoption system; have financial support for single women and low income families that provides a healthy and safe environment to raise a child and have community programs that supports kids and teens so that they are not left on their own while their parents are working.

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