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Sun Oct 7, 2012, 01:48 AM

The Other Romney on Mitt & the LDS Threat

This is from Park Romney, Mitt's ex-Mormon cousin. Now, being a cousin to Mitt isn't as impressive as you would think, considering that they are not that greatly removed from their polygamists forefathers. That said, he knows more about Mormonism and what shaped the mind of Mitt Romney than anyone else. I will also post right beneath it a video on the LDS and Mitt Romney from the BBC. It contains an interview with Park Romney, who reports being followed by unknown people during the primaries, and a "apostate" maid who used to work for Mittens, but later left the LDS because he demanded that she give up her son to the clutches of the LDS because he considered her an unfit mother. (She had the child outside of marriage, big no no in Mormonism since you need to get bound to a husband for all eternity. Without a hubby, a woman can't get into the celestial heaven. Doesn't matter how good and Mormon you are. If Mitt himself ever becomes an apostate, Ann will be in BIG trouble!) The video also discusses Mormonism in general, the fate of ex-Mormons, and the Mormon Secret Police made up of former FBI and CIA goons. Little known fact, the CIA is filled with Mormons, since they tend to have connections and usually have experiencing in outside countries spreading the "restored Gospel."

Anyway, here goes:

"What do you REALLY think of Mitt's Campaign for the presidency?

Q. Some are aware that you have far more serious reservations about your cousin, Mittís, campaign for the presidency than you have made clear. Is this the case? If so, why the hesitation? Can you see your way clear to getting past those reservations now and making your concerns clear?

A. Yes, that is true. I hesitate for a variety of reasons. First, I donít think Iím the most qualified commentator on the real issues that his campaign gives rise to, although I understand them well enough. There are those who think I can articulate them as well as anyone and have really asked me to do so. I donít necessarily agree, but I feel somewhat obliged on the one hand, while quite reluctant on the other hand. I really donít want the attention, but I understand and appreciate the request. Itís a controversial topic with considerable risks to even talk about.

Mitt Romneyís religion, Mormonism, which is my former religion, having been a Mormon High Priest, like Mitt still is, is a far bigger issue than most people realize and understand. In our rush to avoid being accused of being bigoted, in America, we have a natural tendency to want to steer clear of this topic. I will be the first to agree that to be arbitrarily dismissive of a manís candidacy for the office of President, or any office for that matter, on the basis of his religion is definitely bigoted. ďArbitrarily dismissiveĒ is the key phrase here. In the case of Mormonism, we have a very unique situation. Questions about Mormonism for those fully informed of the very real issues are not in the least degree arbitrary. There are very real concerns that millions of former Mormons are very much aware of. This is not simply a question of subjective disagreements on points of faith that really canít be proved or disproved anyway. In the case of the Mormon Church, I share the view with many others, including people far more scholarly and qualified in other ways than myself, that the Mormon religion is not only an insidious contemporary fraud, but has been demonstrated conclusively to be such by researchers who are alive today and competent to testify on the basis of evidence still available today. Accordingly, the questions that are most important and relevant to Mitt's candidacy here, since he is a current High Priest of the Mormon Church, are not of religion, but very fair questions of ethics and judgment."

Rest at link: http://parkromney.com/?view=faq&Query=Q10017

I recommend going through his website and reading the links on Mormonism and Mitt Romney. Very few understand that Mitt Romney is, essentially, the perfect manifestation of his religion. This is a church that has edited their own holy book over 3,000 times, which they claim was translated word for word from the original "Reformed Egyptian" by Joseph Smith. This is a church that from its very beginnings preached racist and silly ideas (Smith and Brigham Young both claimed there were Mormons living on the moon and on the surface of the sun) since its inception, but now systematically erases their history and reinvents it as if there had never been any change. They are a religion that promotes "handshakes" to get to heaven, and a false claim of Mormon believers having near super human powers by virtue of being Mormon, all governed by a feeling in their "bosom" as a result of their unique possession of the Holy Spirit and High Priesthood. It is a religion that systematically lies to its own followers, and its own followers systematically lie to the public about what the LDS teaches, because they are told it is better to give "milk" before "meat," even though their milk is quite deadly to the soul.

Basically, Mitt Romney practices revisionist history and lies so well because.... the LDS culture teaches them how. Park Romney has a lot of articles on this topic, which I recommend you go through.

Here is the video from the BBC, quite long, but worth the watch. It'll chill you to the bone:


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Response to CthulhusEvilCousin (Original post)

Sun Oct 7, 2012, 01:49 AM

1. Bookmarked for later.

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Response to CthulhusEvilCousin (Original post)

Sun Oct 7, 2012, 02:55 AM

2. Thanks for the link.

I also watched the whole video. Wish the reporter had addressed "Lying for the Lord" and asked that apostle about the Kolob stuff.

*edited out extra word*

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Response to CthulhusEvilCousin (Original post)

Sun Oct 7, 2012, 02:58 AM

3. There is some scary stuff in this video

The church seems to almost operate like a business itself, more so than a religious institution. If Romney becomes president, how could he handle the strong faith required by the church and the requirements of the job of president at the same time? The narrator says Mitt is still deeply involved with his church, so he is still devoting a lot of time and resources apparently.

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Response to tarheelsunc (Reply #3)

Sun Oct 7, 2012, 03:23 AM

4. It's worth noting

that the LDS religion is extraordinarily materialistic in its theology. In traditional Christianity, you will find scripture from Christ stating that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God (nevertheless, anything is possible with God). You will find scripture which teaches to give up Earthly wealth, to shore up wealth in heaven which "can never be lost". We find scripture that says the root of all evil is the love of money, and so on and so forth.

In the LDS, it's the exact opposite. Kind of like the Charismatics (Think Benny Hinn) preach a Prosperity gospel, and the preachers manage to have huge houses with helicopters (heaven'o'copters) the Mormons also embrace the idea that material wealth is a sign from God that you are righteous. Wealth, what things look like on the surface, nice shirts and perfect hair and teeth, these are all supposed to be the greatest evidence of God's love for the Mormon. This is also why the LDS itself is run essentially like a business. The reporter did not go into this, but the LDS routinely calls Mormon believers to "serve" in private BUSINESSES on a volunteer basis. This could be something like clearing out land to build a Mormon business, or working in various establishments without pay that sell products. As a Mormon, you are also required to pay 10 percent of all income, and this is pre-tax, not to mention the pressure you receive to give "gifts" to the LDS for various causes. I read an article in Mother Jones (I THINK) awhile back that was detailing all of the businesses which the LDS owns. You would be very surprised, and it was not including the businesses that happen to be owned by Mormons like the Marriot hotel chain and others.

The Mormons also tend to boast about their charity, but I have spoken with former Mormons who have worked in their own version of "welfare" programs that they have, personally, been told to turn people away who were not giving gifts or tithing the full 10 percent. IOW, need food? If you fail the audit (they perform audits to make sure you have been paying), you can go eat cake. That's probably another one of the reasons why the LDS has that secret police investigating believers. I also have heard lots of stories from Mormons about corruption by Mormons in business, lawyers or others who do not hesitate to cheat their clients, things of that nature, because of the culture that demands visual signs of prosperity to prove their Mormonishness, even though that's not an actual word.

Edit: I forgot to mention, you will be surprised to learn that the vast majority of leadership within the LDS has no training in theology. They tend to have business and marketing degrees. That, for another reason, is why they sell Mormonism like a product.

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