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2016 Postmortem

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Wed Sep 19, 2012, 09:14 PM Sep 2012

Mitt Romney dyed his face brown for his Univision interview - 'Real Photo'

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Photo from Wednesday at Univision:

How he normally looks:


When Romney got off of the plane Wednesday in Miami 'BEFORE' going to Univision his face was already brown,
so in my opinion no one should blame it on a Univision make-up person.

You can see in the photo below a vertical line on his neck - 47% of his neck is white and the rest is brown.

The photo below is from Wednesday and shows how his face looked when he got off of the plane in Miami:

Edited to add...

There are more photos below down in the comments and also a video.

h/t bushisanidiot

All that is missing is the fake mustache. nt SDjack Sep 2012 #1
And sombrero. ErikJ Sep 2012 #26
The Frito Bandito Politicalboi Sep 2012 #34
More like the Cheetoh Bandito. eppur_se_muova Sep 2012 #294
Or, Cheat-O Bandito NYC_SKP Sep 2012 #314
LOL Justice Sep 2012 #330
and his kumbia music. what a fucking asshat Suji to Seoul Sep 2012 #43
I grew up listening to that kind of music... 6502 Sep 2012 #212
When he starts pumping Ozomatli and Kumbia Kings at his events pandering to latinos, you will know Suji to Seoul Sep 2012 #320
Romneystache WallaceRitchie Sep 2012 #68
and chihuahua (on the roof of the car, of course!) Bozita Sep 2012 #89
Ay dios! lol n/t flamingdem Sep 2012 #121
Ow, that one is gonna leave a mark. tavalon Sep 2012 #150
Aye chihuahua! ErikJ Sep 2012 #162
. aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #163
Did he speak in a fake accent? Jeff In Milwaukee Sep 2012 #185
You all are cracking me up! lexw Sep 2012 #224
I wonder if he brought along his sidekick, Pablo? George II Sep 2012 #252
or Josť Jimenez Voice for Peace Sep 2012 #253
LOL! arikara Sep 2012 #280
He takes brown-nosing to a whole new level. nt caseymoz Sep 2012 #116
They put pancake makeup on a waffle face! Joe Bacon Sep 2012 #126
LOL! Quite literally!!! GermanDem Sep 2012 #256
anywhere where i can watch this with a translation in english? nt cash__whatiwant Sep 2012 #2
On the Univision site you can watch in English or Spanish KaryninMiami Sep 2012 #60
Wow. That's really pathetic. beac Sep 2012 #3
Look at his hands. Unless he was golfing wearing two gloves. Spray tan! At least he's got a brewens Sep 2012 #4
To give him every possible benefit of the doubt, I looked up pictures of Romney golfing Bette Noir Sep 2012 #100
Yep, it may have been brown face tavalon Sep 2012 #151
Speaking of John Kerry... lexw Sep 2012 #229
His EARS are lighter than his face! csziggy Sep 2012 #217
Yep, Delmette Sep 2012 #303
Please tell me he faked an accent. mahina Sep 2012 #5
There is a streak down the side of his face! Do you see that?? jillan Sep 2012 #6
Yep. It's not even a professional job. caseymoz Sep 2012 #107
Yes, surreptitiously so NO ONE WOULD KNOW! gateley Sep 2012 #143
John Boehner pulled him aside to "help out" his buddy Quantess Sep 2012 #173
He's scared to let one of the 47% do his make up, so ann did it ruffburr Sep 2012 #265
He's sweating, his face is running.. OMG get the pancake, latino brown please. crunch60 Sep 2012 #283
OMG... someone please tweet that pic and start a meme. sickening. nt progressivebydesign Sep 2012 #7
Sheeeeeeeeeeesh! Is there any stupidity this creature won't stoop to in this campaign? Indpndnt Sep 2012 #8
Is this possibly a mental breakdown in progress? cr8tvlde Sep 2012 #9
No. He strapped his dog to his car roof. caseymoz Sep 2012 #105
Sorry, I'm afraid he won't tavalon Sep 2012 #154
Guess that's true...it's so embarrasing for our country, though. cr8tvlde Sep 2012 #243
This is something Bush the Idiot would have suggested, and had immediately overruled by his staff. tridim Sep 2012 #10
But, you see, RMoney doesn't listen to the help tavalon Sep 2012 #155
+1 Blue_Tires Sep 2012 #223
Wow. Here are a couple more pics. Kadie Sep 2012 #11
Yes! His neck is white in the 2nd photo! They only put it on the front of his face!!! LOL :) Tx4obama Sep 2012 #12
Eeek! tridim Sep 2012 #16
What's that thing in the back of his neck? FrenchieCat Sep 2012 #17
Looks like an earpiece...wtf? bayareamike Sep 2012 #21
Like our friend W, he needs help speaking or he goes haywire SaveAmerica Sep 2012 #31
Yes, the exact thing Bush did during the debates. caseymoz Sep 2012 #109
The use of a teleprompter is NOT amateurous. ywcachieve Sep 2012 #260
That was a joke. caseymoz Sep 2012 #279
Hope they have a way of camouflaging that better before the debates. nc4bo Sep 2012 #57
Power cord. R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2012 #41
Bwhahahaha! glinda Sep 2012 #81
DUZY! tavalon Sep 2012 #113
No. Manual Override. caseymoz Sep 2012 #118
ole! marasinghe Sep 2012 #171
Now we know where to deactivate him! n/t MuseRider Sep 2012 #210
Heh ... you would know. eppur_se_muova Sep 2012 #296
I am self contained, unlike Rombot 6000 that can't contain his contemp for others. R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2012 #307
Would you believe it's an electrode? N/T left on green only Sep 2012 #148
Dumb ass probably thinks all Hispanics have curly hair... Hepburn Sep 2012 #200
For the election he's gonna go "Mike Brady perm" on us. Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #225
he's heaven05 Sep 2012 #222
Mitt can't even put suntan lotion on correctly...how's he going to run the country? Auntie Bush Sep 2012 #19
Lol! I thought at first it was a lighting illusion agentS Sep 2012 #228
Oh, my! Where's Max Factor when he needs him? classof56 Sep 2012 #30
Hollywood make-up artist would have done Iliyah Sep 2012 #37
Maybe it was a professional make-up artist with an agenda. gkhouston Sep 2012 #141
Then he would be firing himself. caseymoz Sep 2012 #119
definitely make up. look at the lines.. they didn't expect that it would show in the back. progressivebydesign Sep 2012 #51
Looks like a mortician did it. nichomachus Sep 2012 #237
I think it must have been self-applied. caseymoz Sep 2012 #111
I found another photo that was taken right before he went to Univision. See comment #170 n/t Tx4obama Sep 2012 #172
??? heaven05 Sep 2012 #220
are these photoshopped?? CAG Sep 2012 #13
No they are real. Photo in the OP is from The Miami Herald. n/t Tx4obama Sep 2012 #14
It's even worse on their web page. Snooki's Daddy SaveAmerica Sep 2012 #33
He's the tallest Oompa Loompa I've ever seen! tavalon Sep 2012 #114
Can't stop laughing. HELP! aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #146
I could sing the Oompa Loompa song for you tavalon Sep 2012 #149
That was what I thought of, too. hamsterjill Sep 2012 #235
Kinda makes him look like a mutt Xyzse Sep 2012 #191
He did it all by hisself mercuryblues Sep 2012 #192
Mitt, Mitt, the hands, the hands, you forgot to Man Tan the hands! crunch60 Sep 2012 #290
The photos I posted above are from Yahoo news. Kadie Sep 2012 #193
Who does he think he is, George Hamilton? eShirl Sep 2012 #15
Must have been hangin out with the wrong crowd Bluegene Sep 2012 #61
He's Boehner's brother! Frustratedlady Sep 2012 #183
Herman Cain said EffYoo Sep 2012 #276
Yeeesch! I saw George Hamilton in real life and he is scary. Mittster is scary! glinda Sep 2012 #82
I wonder what his BET appearance will look like. (nt) Shankapotomus Sep 2012 #18
Like Ted Danson's lovemydog Sep 2012 #22
ouch, I remember that now eShirl Sep 2012 #298
My son just said that, BET in blackface SaveAmerica Sep 2012 #28
LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL :) Tx4obama Sep 2012 #39
. Guy Whitey Corngood Sep 2012 #71
!!!!!! n/t flamingdem Sep 2012 #125
He said it would be easier if he was Hispanic Generic Brad Sep 2012 #20
Bet he Borrowed Bronzer from Boehner lunasun Sep 2012 #23
No. He'd look like a barber shop pole. caseymoz Sep 2012 #145
His face and hands don't match. no_hypocrisy Sep 2012 #24
I'm just... wow... Daemonaquila Sep 2012 #25
I'm surprised he didn't show up in a sombrero and poncho. LadyHawkAZ Sep 2012 #27
He's Mormxican, I always knew it!! SaveAmerica Sep 2012 #29
Incredible Pandering on a Monumental Scale! mckara Sep 2012 #32
Beyond brown-nosing. lol nt caseymoz Sep 2012 #123
Hahahaha, he forgot to dye his EAR!!!! kestrel91316 Sep 2012 #35
Here's a VIDEO Tx4obama Sep 2012 #36
I think his Make-up artist is one of the 47% and, he/she did this on purpose Heather MC Sep 2012 #49
His eyes ... it looks like he fell asleep at the beach while wearing sunglasses! BattyDem Sep 2012 #93
LOL. Inverse raccoon eyes! gkhouston Sep 2012 #142
Looks like zorro unmasked Hutzpa Sep 2012 #241
what the heck! krkaufman Sep 2012 #190
this is to damn funny / the make up april Sep 2012 #274
"I will solve it on a permanent basis, consistent with those issues..." MrMickeysMom Sep 2012 #285
The anti-Hispanic group is going to be... tracker1312 Sep 2012 #332
Whoa! ornotna Sep 2012 #38
They made him BROWN Iliyah Sep 2012 #40
OMG mikki35 Sep 2012 #42
Farce calls up rMoney when it needs advice. R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2012 #44
What an idiot brush Sep 2012 #45
"Now what's going to happen tomorrow?" Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2012 #53
Hee hee! brush Sep 2012 #64
No, I'm sure the hired help (campaign managers) told him not to, but tavalon Sep 2012 #117
Are you kidding? Cha Sep 2012 #46
I'm starting to see it on twitter now... I did a #tanromney hashtag for fun. lol. n/t progressivebydesign Sep 2012 #47
Earlier I started #RomneyBrownFace but not too many have picked up on it yet :) n/t Tx4obama Sep 2012 #48
It needs two hashtags BattyDem Sep 2012 #95
Yeah, I like #tanromney... going to go over and do some more of that. n/t progressivebydesign Sep 2012 #99
When does he go on BET next? BlueStreak Sep 2012 #50
I can't wait - LOL :) n/t Tx4obama Sep 2012 #54
Hilarious thought. caseymoz Sep 2012 #101
DU might not like this, but I think he deserves to be elected... Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #52
He wants us to believe 3or 4 of his grandmothers were Mexican (n/t) klook Sep 2012 #55
I don't know if his father was a citizen of Mexico or the US really.....hmmmmmmm glinda Sep 2012 #84
Thinkin' Birth Certificate? tavalon Sep 2012 #152
He needs to show us his papers - the 1040 kind. (n/t) klook Sep 2012 #165
Excellent! tavalon Sep 2012 #168
Now watch them claim he had a tan. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2012 #56
It's Coppertone Indoors defacto7 Sep 2012 #58
Of course he did- why would anyone expect otherwise? KaryninMiami Sep 2012 #59
Send these to the Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, and Rachel Maddow. LOL GreenPartyVoter Sep 2012 #62
I've tweeted the thread/photo link to ... Tx4obama Sep 2012 #98
Tweet it to Keith O BattyDem Sep 2012 #112
Good selection. :^) GreenPartyVoter Sep 2012 #178
His hands don't match his face! SunSeeker Sep 2012 #63
LMAO!!! BattyDem Sep 2012 #91
Facts? We don't need no stinking facts! WallaceRitchie Sep 2012 #65
Rafalca's been munching on his hat. TahitiNut Sep 2012 #233
This is Daily Show material KaryninMiami Sep 2012 #66
What fresh Mitt is this? liberalmuse Sep 2012 #67
This must be the big Mitt re-launch his campaign was talking about. Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #248
liberalmuse: Is your title/question to this convulsive thread... ailsagirl Sep 2012 #321
wow...then again, when you are that full of shit, it must eventually start to show! NRaleighLiberal Sep 2012 #69
At first I thought we were just being over critical then I saw this photo on HuffPost LynneSin Sep 2012 #70
This kinda fits his history of playing "dress up" Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2012 #77
Proves he is a totally lost soul. Just look at that expression. Lost. glinda Sep 2012 #85
Wow! evilhime Sep 2012 #72
Noticed this on Rachel, at live event unc70 Sep 2012 #73
He's trying to look like Obama Rosa Luxemburg Sep 2012 #74
Appearing in brown-face is no different from appearing in black-face. Pandering rich asshole jtuck004 Sep 2012 #75
This can't be real nobody would run for office and try anything this stupid and borderline racist. craigmatic Sep 2012 #76
Surprise! Okay, not surprised. He really is this awful. nt Indpndnt Sep 2012 #132
This isn't borderline tavalon Sep 2012 #156
Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer is dating a black girl & over-tans prior to meeting Drunken Irishman Sep 2012 #78
Sure looks like it...OMG, so funny! DianaForRussFeingold Sep 2012 #88
Oh please send this to Rachel renate Sep 2012 #92
That's exactly who he looks like! BattyDem Sep 2012 #96
Holy shit, that's awesome! Aldo Leopold Sep 2012 #206
Mamie, he's feelin hammy, in Miami.............. kooljerk666 Sep 2012 #297
Maybe he borrowed some Boehner mindwalker_i Sep 2012 #79
Could be the early stages of Boehner Syndrome. nt limpyhobbler Sep 2012 #80
He must have washed his hands. Historic NY Sep 2012 #83
Worst. Campaign. Ever. neverforget Sep 2012 #86
I was beginning to fear... Kalidurga Sep 2012 #87
When I saw the thread title ... BattyDem Sep 2012 #90
I've gone ahead and edited the OP and added the words 'Real Photo' to the subject line. Tx4obama Sep 2012 #97
Dear God. He's in blackface. Bette Noir Sep 2012 #94
'YOU PEOPLE' CRACK ME UP!!! ailsagirl Sep 2012 #102
No folks. Not The Onion. The Romney Campaign. caseymoz Sep 2012 #103
If this keeps up ... BattyDem Sep 2012 #136
this has got to be photo shopped. I just simply can't believe he is that stupid. Really. demosincebirth Sep 2012 #104
I'm watching the video ... it's surreal! BattyDem Sep 2012 #106
No... he didn't. he couldn't have. No... Just no way... He DID?! Scootaloo Sep 2012 #108
Keep that photo handy tavalon Sep 2012 #120
This Is So AWESOME aletier_v Sep 2012 #110
Aye, yi yi! Cleita Sep 2012 #115
OMG tavalon Sep 2012 #122
Can't Stop laughing!!!!! beachgirl2365 Sep 2012 #271
I can't stop lauging. I was so sad when Cain dropped out aletier_v Sep 2012 #124
This man is AWESOME! jberryhill Sep 2012 #127
will he change his sex MFM008 Sep 2012 #128
Like addressing the NAACP in minstrel black-face makeup. Speck Tater Sep 2012 #129
Bizarrely racist. Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2012 #130
He forgot to dye his ears. Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2012 #131
There's only one possible explanation - Alzheimer's aletier_v Sep 2012 #133
Nope tavalon Sep 2012 #153
wow ... mshasta Sep 2012 #134
Hispanics will now all vote for him because he's one of them all of a sudden. Kablooie Sep 2012 #135
Romney will whiten-up for the Oct 3rd presidential debate. n/t Tx4obama Sep 2012 #139
Or go darker. BattyDem Sep 2012 #144
Or paint his face with red white and blue stripes to get the tea vote. Kablooie Sep 2012 #160
Be funny if not a reversible bronzer. He would be "Hispanic" SDjack Sep 2012 #194
What - a - maroon intaglio Sep 2012 #137
Funniest thread I've read in months - I don't know about the Hispanic vote but aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #138
Has the MSM picked up on this yet? Speck Tater Sep 2012 #140
Well, he does like Snooki. Jennicut Sep 2012 #147
OMG I hope this goes viral!!! gopiscrap Sep 2012 #157
..... polly7 Sep 2012 #158
By logical extension, the sons Tagg, Steal, Walk, Out, and Foul SDjack Sep 2012 #197
Just a thought brush Sep 2012 #250
WHEN DOES HE ADDRESS THE NAACP? schmice Sep 2012 #159
evidently rubbing.... Vestigial_Sister Sep 2012 #161
Mitt is just a terrible chameleon nt michael811 Sep 2012 #164
Spray on tan or lighting? sakabatou Sep 2012 #166
Yeah, that's a good question Kolesar Sep 2012 #175
k&r pamela Sep 2012 #167
needed something to keep me awake tonight; thanks for the nightmares. marasinghe Sep 2012 #169
I found ANOTHER photo - Mitt getting off plane in Miami 'before' the Univision interview Tx4obama Sep 2012 #170
Oh my... Kadie Sep 2012 #195
Not half his neck -- just 47 percent. Arugula Latte Sep 2012 #227
Kicking LeighAnn Sep 2012 #174
It's probably just blowback from that shitstorm he has created for himself.... never know. n/t 2on2u Sep 2012 #176
Dr. Hathaway are you wearing make up? CoffeeCat Sep 2012 #177
He forgot to dye his hands also. Looks weird. yellowcanine Sep 2012 #179
Maybe he got too close to Rick Santorum yellowcanine Sep 2012 #180
Gives an all new meaning to Brewinblue Sep 2012 #181
use #fakebake hashtag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2012 #182
ROFL DUers....laughing so hard I am crying livetohike Sep 2012 #184
I started a similar thread just before you in the General Discussion forum bushisanidiot Sep 2012 #186
This link is now on the front page of Truthout WilliamPitt Sep 2012 #187
Yes! bushisanidiot Sep 2012 #202
I like the white hands Coyotl Sep 2012 #188
Somebody please photoshop the Taco Bell Chihuahua into the picture. FSogol Sep 2012 #189
Corporations are people, my amigos... Blue Owl Sep 2012 #196
He forgot to color his ears... Hepburn Sep 2012 #198
Performance art - Mitt telling us he's toast aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #199
LOL! GermanDem Sep 2012 #261
Seamus strikes back mercuryblues Sep 2012 #201
Reminds me of Joan Crawford in "Torch Song" MrTriumph Sep 2012 #203
you sure that isn't mike shanahan? frylock Sep 2012 #204
ok seriously, he's darker than Barack bettydavis Sep 2012 #205
I saw him on tv this morning and wondered if he had done a spray tan. Let's see if efhmc Sep 2012 #207
it's going viral riverwalker Sep 2012 #208
best line at your link: "he's not going to win any brownie points..." LOL central scrutinizer Sep 2012 #216
WOW! Bizarre...at least we know Obama doesn't have to do that for his interview today! George II Sep 2012 #209
Yo soy un pandejo de la raza! Botany Sep 2012 #211
What a PUTZ! LoisB Sep 2012 #213
Excellent promotion of a thread, Tx4obama! No DUplicitous DUpe Sep 2012 #214
Thanks. I am in shock right now that it actually went viral :) Tx4obama Sep 2012 #288
Happy to give it another kick... No DUplicitous DUpe Sep 2012 #326
"Maybe I can fool them if my face is brown." LOL - what an ass! polichick Sep 2012 #215
Ah, sure, faith and begorrah, and didn't he speak to the Ancient Order of hibernians just now! hedgehog Sep 2012 #218
It's been said by many a pundit PoliticalBiker Sep 2012 #219
Tx4obama: THIS THREAD MADE IT TO GAWKER!!! Raine1967 Sep 2012 #221
One of the comments on "gawker"... lexw Sep 2012 #231
lol polichick Sep 2012 #272
And this gossip website: RedStateLiberal Sep 2012 #232
and the washingtonpost bushisanidiot Sep 2012 #238
Jonathan Capehart is an MSNBC political analyst - hope he mentions this on the air aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #240
And it made it to Huffington Post too !!! Tx4obama Sep 2012 #289
This guy knows no bounds ... cleduc Sep 2012 #226
Breaking: Eddie Murphy to play Mitt Romney in Game Change II aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #230
Mitt better stay clear of AZ looking like that cleduc Sep 2012 #234
My first thought n/t nichomachus Sep 2012 #239
George Harrison (R.I.P) would write a new lyric mimi85 Sep 2012 #236
I thought this was a bad joke until I saw a clip on TV. Maybe that was the only color make up yurbud Sep 2012 #242
that orange color is more likely to appeal to bodybuilders and Boner yurbud Sep 2012 #244
$ 100.00 says Romney addresses the NAACP in an afro! rustydog Sep 2012 #245
Just damn. Ouch. Solly Mack Sep 2012 #246
Your post made it into Jonathan Capehart's column today!! flamingdem Sep 2012 #247
And here. wildeyed Sep 2012 #249
Romney trying to obfuscate the "ethnic divide", because obviously people think according to patrice Sep 2012 #251
Tim Pawlenty and then he left the campaign livetohike Sep 2012 #273
Bwhahahaha!!! CoffeeCat Sep 2012 #281
You're welcome! livetohike Sep 2012 #304
.... DeSwiss Sep 2012 #254
Gawker has the story WilliamPitt Sep 2012 #255
How now, brown clown? nt Poll_Blind Sep 2012 #257
No white after labor day. Barack_America Sep 2012 #258
. beac Sep 2012 #277
this is sooo funny!!! He must of used a bottle of eslf tanner that he had laying since 1950 sasha031 Sep 2012 #259
Oh mercy. myrna minx Sep 2012 #262
Posted elsewhere, but Gawker linked to this DU post (under "dyed his face brown")... HopeHoops Sep 2012 #263
This message was self-deleted by its author bupkus Sep 2012 #264
Heck of a job, Brownie! countryjake Sep 2012 #266
A little late but... LeighAnn Sep 2012 #267
He's sincere about wanting votes Aerows Sep 2012 #268
Need some recent pics right before interview animalcrackers Sep 2012 #269
Welcome to DU! livetohike Sep 2012 #275
He only wants to win the Sept. DU Photo Contest -- theme Orange! nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2012 #270
He had the makeup done on his jet bongbong Sep 2012 #278
Willard is being shown live in Sarasota on Martin Bashir. Indpndnt Sep 2012 #282
Now at Huffington Post - they even have a poll up on the subject. Kadie Sep 2012 #284
Could it be.....Man Tan? crunch60 Sep 2012 #286
Yeah, but he looks like this with this shirt off... JaneQPublic Sep 2012 #287
All I see is a DAMN FOOL Blue Owl Sep 2012 #291
He's tandering to Latinos... HooptieWagon Sep 2012 #292
Gring-go away. Scuba Sep 2012 #293
He was probably TRYING for brown--but that is definitely ORANGE! nt tblue37 Sep 2012 #295
The guy changes his "core beliefs" like socks M_M Sep 2012 #299
Huffington Post has TWO different articles up now about Romney's face - 'TWO' - woohoo! Tx4obama Sep 2012 #300
From Joe My God Aerows Sep 2012 #301
Better Late Than Never chuckstevens Sep 2012 #302
He's an idiot. WI_DEM Sep 2012 #305
The Onion Vid animalcrackers Sep 2012 #306
Hahaha! bushisanidiot Sep 2012 #317
"Blackface" can't be far off MichaelAK Sep 2012 #308
Go for it Mitt MichaelAK Sep 2012 #309
What the hell? Catherine Vincent Sep 2012 #310
I have no idea why he'd dye his face. Whatever reason it is absolutely insane. lumpy Sep 2012 #311
Maybe oldsarge54 Sep 2012 #312
he looks quite ill davidb19766 Sep 2012 #313
Coverage of spray-tan Mitt on Upworthy JaneQPublic Sep 2012 #315
...worst part is, Joe Arpaio showed up and asked to see his papers... Ken Burch Sep 2012 #316
Now that's funny! classof56 Sep 2012 #318
Looks like an Oompa Loompa! flyguyjake Sep 2012 #319
Actually, he had his head up his ass before he came out for the interview, and forgot to wipe n/t. progree Sep 2012 #322
I have not read the Romney brown face threads. Whisp Sep 2012 #323
Holy Smokes Willie Wonka... leftieNanner Sep 2012 #324
his face looks like a catchers mitt longmont777 Sep 2012 #325
Spray tan rks306 Sep 2012 #327
Mitt L'Orange nt MrScorpio Sep 2012 #328
Remember when Al Gore was criticized in the 2000 debates for looking orange?? Justice Sep 2012 #329
He's reportedly a multi-millionaire and all he could afford was Tan in Can? n/t sarge43 Sep 2012 #331
Here's a photo Romney's face from today (Friday) in Las Vegas - he has lost his tan :) Tx4obama Sep 2012 #333
Joy-Ann Reid mentioned it on last night's Last Word on MSNBC! She said he jenmito Sep 2012 #334
Did he always have brown eyes? Chemisse Sep 2012 #335
Thom Hartmann mentioned it on his TV show aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #336
The Colbert Report animalcrackers Sep 2012 #337
Huffpost outsideworld Sep 2012 #338
SNL pokerfan Sep 2012 #339
Another Candidation dawnwells Apr 2016 #340
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