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Sun Aug 11, 2019, 08:22 AM

July 2019 is the third worst July recorded at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory in 60 years.

I keep spreadsheets of the monthly and weekly data at the Mauna Loa Carbon dioxide observatory which I can use to sort and interpret the data. The data going back to 1958 is posted on the observatory's website, 61 years of data and 60 years of year to year monthly comparisons. July 2019 was recently posted. July 2019 is the third worst ever recorded.

Monthly Average Mauna Loa CO2 (Accessed August 11, 2019.)

The average reading in July 2019 was 411.77 ppm as compared to 408.71 ppm for July of 2018, 3.06 ppm higher than last year. (The carbon dioxide levels fall every year from roughly May to September during the Northern Hemisphere's summer.)

Of the twelve worst monthly readings, 7 have occurred since January of 2015. The 3.06 recorded this month is the 24th worst of 725 monthly year to year increase readings, placing it the 97th percentile for all such readings.

The worst July, 3.40 ppm over the previous year occurred in 1998, an El Nino year in which fires set to clear the Malaysian and Indonesian rain forests to make palm oil plantations to supply "renewable biodiesel" to Germany and other countries went out of control, burning much of the rain forest in those regions and releasing the carbon.

The average year to year increases for every month since June of 2009 is 2.34 ppm/year. The average for the first ten years of such data from June of 1959 to June of 1969 was 0.82 ppm/year.

If any of this troubles you, don't worry, be happy.

Head over to E&E forum here and read posts where you can be comfortable about how agreeing with this paper, Evaluation of a proposal for reliable low-cost grid power with 100% wind, water, and solar (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Vol 114 Iss. 26 67226727 (2017)), is a "right wing talking point."

Maybe you'll feel better. I won't, but maybe you will.

Let's not all of us on the left claim we take science seriously.

For half a century, we've all been hearing all this stuff about 100% renewable energy by "such and such a year." "Such and such a year" is in Godot territory; it never comes; it won't come. So called "renewable energy" did not work, is not working, and, I am absolutely certain, will not work to even slow the growth rate of dangerous fossil fuel waste concentrations in the atmosphere, the clean and unambiguous cause of climate change, never mind stop it. In fact, when this rhetoric received world wide support at a level of trillions of dollars in this century, the degradation of the atmosphere accelerated as opposed to slowed.

I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm reading some scientific papers on the absorption of sulfur dioxide into ionic liquids. I had a wonderful chat with my son on this topic on our trip back from ORNL and I hope he'll keep in mind to rescue what might be rescued in the future we've destroyed.

During the trip I informed him that even though my generation has been abysmally selfish, and his generation did not deserve what we have done to them, leaving them with piles of garbage, a lack of resources, and widely distributed and ubiquitous poisons, it is nonetheless the responsibility of people with fine scientific minds like the one he possesses to devote themselves to humanity and not to repeat our awful example, for each such person of high ability (and even low ability) to do what he or she can.

Have a nice Sunday.

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