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Sat Nov 21, 2015, 05:16 PM

Must read diary from Daily Kos


angel d shares her perspective. Here's a snippet:

What I am about to write is going to resonate with some of us and others of us will scoff and resist at some of the concepts contained within. Life has given me a lot to think about – and be thankful about – and admittedly, I am on a bit of a cosmic tear. But I hope that this essay is read with the same spirit within which it was written, and what that “spirit” is, I will leave for you to decide, but just know that this essay is decidedly very “spiritual.”

Bernie Sanders is waking people up to their own political power. He is not empowering us, but rather he is helping us to remember that as individuals, and as expressions of a higher, collective consciousness, we have the power to make change, and to make a difference. He is using the political platform for his message, but his message crosses all of our collective belief constructs and speaks to the very nature of our humanity.

He is waking us up to the fact that, politically and by extension, across all aspects of our lives, we do not have to accept lesser evillism any longer, that just because something is the status quo, does not mean it has to remain so. The status quo is what it is – until it’s not. And the only way to change it is to simply change it.

He is reminding all of us that we have the power to change our society, that we have the power to change the way elections are run, and he is waking us up to the fact that we have the power to reclaim the democratic process and take it out of the hands of money and put it back where it belongs: political power and democracy belongs to We The People. It does not belong to money.

Only We The People have the power to change things, but because of our entrenched belief systems, we believe we can not. Instead of realizing that each moment is a separate moment containing infinite potential, we believe that each moment is simply a linear extension of the one that came before it, and therefore, at worst, nothing will ever change, nothing can ever change even if it could, we are told that any change must be gradual. It must be incremental, we must be willing to compromise what we know to be true and right if we really want to change. But I call BS on that notion. If nothing changes, it is because we believe that it can’t change, not because change, itself, is not possible.

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