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Fri Oct 22, 2021, 01:14 AM Oct 2021

Poll: Best baseball nicknames.

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With not much to do on Thursday night I saw a photo online of one of my favorite players so I thought this would be fun. Please add you own, and please participate.

11 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Willie Mays, "The Say Hey Kid."
2 (18%)
Stan Musial, "Stan the Man."
0 (0%)
Reggie Jackson, "Mr October."
0 (0%)
Albert Pujols, "The Machine."
0 (0%)
Babe Ruth, "The Sultan of Swat."
4 (36%)
1970 Reds, "The Big Red Machine."
3 (27%)
Bucky Dent, "Bucky Fuckin' Dent."
2 (18%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
Poll: Best baseball nicknames. (Original Post) brush Oct 2021 OP
"Mudcat Grant" BHDem53 Oct 2021 #1
Ahhh...good one. I forgot about him. brush Oct 2021 #2
I voted for the Reds, but only because of local bias. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2021 #3
MadBum - Madison Bumgarner Mr.Bill Oct 2021 #4
Thought it was Charlie Hustle Old Crank Oct 2021 #9
I think you may be right. Mr.Bill Oct 2021 #10
It was Charlie Hustle. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2021 #11
Catfish Hunter? Bleacher Creature Oct 2021 #5
Ernie Banks cate94 Oct 2021 #6
Good one. How could I forget that one? brush Oct 2021 #7
I'm not sure cate94 Oct 2021 #8
The Claw, Clayton Kershaw ❤️ Ziggysmom Oct 2021 #12
No Oil Can Boyd or Moonlight Graham? NBachers Oct 2021 #13
Death to flying things GeoWilliam750 Oct 2021 #14
No Cool Papa Bell or Spendid Splinter? dem4decades Oct 2021 #15
Ted Williams' nickname is a good one! Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2021 #16
Both great ones. The Slendid Splinter...ya can't beat that one. brush Oct 2021 #26
The Iron Horse dem4decades Oct 2021 #17
Yep. There were so many Yankees nicknames, they'd take... brush Oct 2021 #27
The embodiment of speed and grace, The Yankee Clipper. dem4decades Oct 2021 #29
That one I should've added. brush Oct 2021 #30
Doug "Eyechart" Gwosdz Rastapopoulos Oct 2021 #18
OMG, thank you for the laughter! Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2021 #19
"dizzy" dean rampartc Oct 2021 #20
Thanks for these. There are quite a lot, and all worth mentioning. brush Oct 2021 #28
Shoeless Joe Jackson Cartoonist Oct 2021 #21
No-neck Williams DeeDeeNY Oct 2021 #22
I couldn't say, but keep them coming. The current game lacks good nicknames. Auggie Oct 2021 #23
My favourite....Chris Taylor..CT3 Tikki Oct 2021 #24
Underpants - Say Hunter Pence ten times real fast Brother Buzz Oct 2021 #25
Stretch Brother Buzz Oct 2021 #31
Yes he did, I love that McCovey Cove at the Giants beautiful ball park... brush Oct 2021 #32
I thought the Giants sold the naming rights to McCovey Cove - LOL Brother Buzz Oct 2021 #33
Oh, God. I hadn't heard that. Does anyone actually call it anything... brush Oct 2021 #34
It was all a hoax, and I was in the minority because I thought it was amusing Brother Buzz Oct 2021 #35
Thank, God. brush Oct 2021 #36


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3. I voted for the Reds, but only because of local bias.
Fri Oct 22, 2021, 01:24 AM
Oct 2021

The other nicknames are good too.

It seemed like the National League All-Star teams were mostly composed of Reds players in the mid-70's.

Speaking of nicknames, Brent Musburger seemed to invent them frequently when covering Ohio State football games years ago. "Everybody at Ohio State calls him [fill in the blank]!" Then me and my family would look at each other perplexed by yet another Musburger nickname that we'd NEVER heard before.


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11. It was Charlie Hustle.
Fri Oct 22, 2021, 02:08 AM
Oct 2021

Probably should've been changed to "The Hustler" after the gambling problems were revealed.


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8. I'm not sure
Fri Oct 22, 2021, 02:01 AM
Oct 2021

I’ll never forget what a nice guy he was. Really a decent man. I was lucky enough to meet him and have a good conversation with him. I’ve got a great pic with him but finding and sharing is out of my league. Thanks for the thread.


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18. Doug "Eyechart" Gwosdz
Fri Oct 22, 2021, 04:55 AM
Oct 2021

Pronounced "goosh." Catcher for the Padres in the '80s. Lifetime batting average: .144.


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19. OMG, thank you for the laughter!
Fri Oct 22, 2021, 04:58 AM
Oct 2021

I had to look for a picture of him, hoping to see him wearing glasses like Chris Sabo, but no such luck.


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20. "dizzy" dean
Fri Oct 22, 2021, 05:27 AM
Oct 2021

and his brother paul "daffy" dean.

dizzy's broadcasting partner was "pee wee" reese.

doesn't every ball player have a nickname?

"dixie" walker, ty cobb "the georgia peach, " mark "the bird" fidrych, "yogi" berra, phil "knucksie" niekro, "hammerin' hank aaron, etc etc etc.

Brother Buzz

(35,402 posts)
31. Stretch
Mon Oct 25, 2021, 12:38 PM
Oct 2021

Willie McCovey was 6-foot-4 with size fifteen gunboats; he covered a LOT of real estate around 1st base.

Oh, he had a wicked stick, too.

Brother Buzz

(35,402 posts)
33. I thought the Giants sold the naming rights to McCovey Cove - LOL
Tue Oct 26, 2021, 02:39 PM
Oct 2021
Boatbound Acquires Naming Rights to McCovey Cove & Announces World Series Giveaway
By: Boatbound

SAN FRANCISCO - Oct. 24, 2014 - PRLog -- Boatbound.co, America’s leading peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace, today announced that the company has acquired naming rights to a historic section of the San Francisco Bay, affectionately known as McCovey Cove. Named after legendary San Francisco Giants Hall of Famer Willie McCovey, the inlet is located adjacent to AT&T Park.

The cove will now be known as #BoatboundBay and will play host to a large crowd of boats, kayaks, and other vessels under its new name, starting today, when the San Francisco Giants host the Kansas City Royals in Game 3 of the 2014 World Series.

“Boatbound is thrilled to have its name associated with one of the top boating and sporting destinations in the Bay Area,” said Boatbound founder and CEO Aaron Hall. “The official renaming of this historic local landmark during the World Series will help to bring visibility and awareness to our maritime roots, strong local boating culture, and the many exciting facets of our home waterfront.”

To celebrate the re-naming, encourage even more people to enjoy future events at AT&T Park from the water, and promote boating across the US, Boatbound has announced that it will give away boating credits to the over 230 million adults across America during the World Series. The promotion will award $5.00 in credit for each home run hit by the Giants, and $15.00 for every “splash hit” home run by a Giants player during Games 3, 4, and 5. There is no cost to participate. For details and official rules, go to: https://boatbound.co/giveaway.

About McCovey Cove

McCovey Cove is an inlet of the San Francisco Bay located just beyond the right field wall of AT&T Park. The name was unofficially given to this section of the bay in honor of famed Giants first baseman, Willie McCovey.

About Boatbound

Boatbound is America’s leading peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace, allowing boat owners to offset the costs of boat ownership by renting to Boatbound’s trusted community of qualified renters. With thousands of boats listed across the US, boating is now more accessible and affordable than ever. Every rental comes insured with up to $3 million in insurance protection and on-the-water support for a safe experience.

Craig Battin


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34. Oh, God. I hadn't heard that. Does anyone actually call it anything...
Tue Oct 26, 2021, 02:46 PM
Oct 2021

but McCovey Cove, I mean other than Boat Bound promoters?

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