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Thu Feb 7, 2013, 03:29 PM

Games Workshop trademark bullying goes thermonuclear:

Games Workshop trademark bullying goes thermonuclear: now they say you can't use "space marine" in science fiction

For years, there have been stories about Games Workshop being trademark bullies and sending threats to people who use the term "space marine" in connection with games. But now that they've started publishing ebooks, Games Workshop has begun to assert a trademark on the generic, widely used, very old term "space marine" in connection with science fiction literature.

MCA Hogarth, an author who has published several novels in ebook form, has had her book "Spots the Space Marine" taken down on Amazon in response to a legal threat from Games Workshop. She could conceivably fight the trademark claim, but that would cost (a lot) of money, which she doesn't have.


Games Workshop (A company that makes a product I love) is the perfect example of an out of control corporation. They bully anyone they want and they are constantly raising their prices for no other reason than to make even more profit. Heres an article from 1978 that was posted on Twitter that shows how far Games Workshop has fallen.

I have not boughten any of their products, with the exception of Black Library books in a while, mostly because I don't have the money and this is going to make me question whether or not to purchase more of their products in the future.

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