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Sat May 15, 2021, 06:43 AM

Reflections of My Mind

By Al Garcia

Iíve listened to many voices and heard too many lies. Iíve seen so many sunsets that fade and vanish into the shadows of the night. Iíve marveled at the beauty of a rainbow and felt the radiance of its glow deep inside my soul.

I am consumed by the splendor of all that surrounds me and astounds me. The fields of swaying sugar cane, the gentle waves along the riverís edge, the warm embrace of the golden rays of sun. Reflections of my mind devour the sights and sounds and textures of my life. Memories, like mirrors of my mind, reflecting the hues and shapes, shades and tints of all Iíve ever done or seen or felt.

Life betrays the beauty and serenity of my existence. Life beckons me to wonder and to question, but never lets me find the answer to the riddle or the mystery. Time betrays me with the promises of tomorrows, then snatches the breath of dreams and stops a beating heart without so much as a second thought. And I am left only with the reflections of my mind to keep alive inside of me what once had been or may not have ever been.

Voices, sunsets, rainbows and the essence of me. I am but a specter and a phantom of time itself, gathering impressions and sensations as I drift with the blowing tide of the endless waves of time. And yet I believe I am and therefore I must be, for the reflections of my mind reveal the reality of my delusions and illusions, if they in fact exist in my perceived existence.

I have seen and felt the death of time too many times. Shadows of lives once lived and of abandoned dreams invade my mind and heart and soul. There is an emptiness that lingers and endures despite the changing seasons that fade into the folds of time.

The only thing that I have learned as the years have passed me by, is that the only thing that time cannot destroy or touch or alter in any way, shape or form, are the reflections of my mind that forever live and grow and glow.

Reflections of my mind Ė memories and dreams that never cease to be, and remembered faces and places that used to be. And I remember all the voices, all the sunsets and all the rainbows of my life. How wonderous life can be, even if I only have my memories and the reflections of my mind.

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