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Tue Dec 18, 2012, 10:29 PM


The Megyn

Once upon that midnight fated, 
While I surveyed, satisfied and sated, 
Polling monographs obscure but intriguing,
Statistics unknown theretofore.
While I plotted, resolve undaunted, 
Suddenly, there came a visitor unwanted,
And to this day I am haunted, 
By the way she taunted, 
Taunted from my chamber door, 
"Is this just math you do as a Republican, 
'Or is this real" she implored.

So succinctly I remember,
It was in that bleak November.
I, and hosts who couldn't engender
An evolved polity were seen no more.
An acceptance of demographics, 
Requiring oratorical acrobatics, 
And a purge of religious fanatics, 
Banishing Romney, Ryan, and reason
For the remainder of this,
or any season,
And all unnamed here for evermore.

That public pulling back by your person,
Of our Mephistophelean right wing curtain,
Chilled me - filled me with a paranoid shiver anyone would abhor.
Yes Hillary, there is a vast conspiracy, 
And in all sincerity,
From the time I portrayed an Arkansas trooper, 
with guile and temerity,
Bill was my agent provocateur 
Until his cover was blown on the Oval Office floor.

In that void flowed a new contextualism, 
reconfigured as neo-conservatism,
A policy of compassionate corporate colonialism 
on foreign shore.
Within our nation building, 
With its glimmering golden gilding,
Reposed horrors of extraordinary rendition 
in its dungeon hiding 
A moral schism neither questioned nor explored,
And will not be now or evermore.

At every junction 
for twenty years without compunction,
I performed his executive function, 
Transforming his countenance to Presidential,
From that alcoholic ne'er-do-well of yore.
But there comes the day, 
all the blood is leeched away,
And the parasite from its host must stay.
I sought out wealthy but dullard fellows, 
Promising I would be their bellows,
Bellows for the coming inferno 
which would consume Obama for evermore.

Separated from my symbiont 
but seeking knowledge,
I made my annual CPAC pilgrimage, 
My naked ambition not incongruent 
With the bible and American Flag I wore.
For the mere cost of an insider trade, 
This promise Justices Roberts and Thomas made; 
"You will be brazenly delighted
And personally most farsighted
Should you emulate Citizens United
When the next election cycle comes to the fore."

I approached the next crossroads
With care and cunning
As both my profit and prestige 
were potentially stunning
Only needing to convince the marks 
that I could fix the score.
But I could peer into those hearts, 
Those vapid black holes, 
And tell the story any harks, 
ours being kindred souls,
Removing liberal bias for those sharks,  unskewing the polls.
Pretending it is only that, and nothing more.

Don't take me as a common grifter 
None separates the funds any swifter 
From the free market trader
To the serial tax evader,
Their contributions gushingly outpour.
Those conservative captains of commerce and industry,
Rewarded the gallantry of my attacking, 
Hacking with neither quarter given nor guile lacking,
In battles won now and forever more.

My henchmen at the ready, when, an
Anonymous warning made them unsteady.
Tho no real threat could I discern, 
The fear in my men had my concern,
 which I could not ignore.
If we repeat our cybergate
In at least three swing states
It will seal mine and our nation's fate.
I told my men that planes can fall from the sky,
Brakes can fail and you'll never know why.
Only that, and nothing more.

The election drawing near, 
The loyalty bought with fear
Coalesces in the hearts of 
Pawns and proctor, and the patrons
To which we swore.
No good outcome do I foresee,
Should I stay or should I flee,
Oh God,  what  will become of me, 
Will I die or will I be, will I finish this damned soliloquy, now or evermore.


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