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Fri Oct 25, 2019, 07:01 AM

The origin of Super Villains: Brainwave


Brainwave (or Brain Wave) is a name shared by two characters in the DC Comics Universe, who are father and son.[1] Both characters have psychic abilities, while the father is a villain and the son a hero.

The first Brain Wave was Henry King, a super-villain who used his psionic powers to battle the Justice Society of America in the 1940s, first appearing in All-Star Comics #15 (February/March 1943). He was a member of the Injustice Society. The character made his first appearance in a story titled 'The Man Who Created Images' written by Gardner Fox with art by Joe Gallagher.[2]

The second Brainwave first appeared in All-Star Squadron #24 (1983) and was created by Roy Thomas, Jerry Ordway and Mike Machlan.[1]

Henry King Sr. was born in the early 1910s as a metahuman with vast mental attributes. An introvert, he found solace in reading books, and he one day learned to create three-dimensional images of the characters from them, such as Sir Lancelot of the Round Table. He had developed a crush on a neighbor girl named Lucy who eventually married his acquaintance Edwin Ackerman, causing King tremendous jealousy.

As an adult, King was a college and later medical school graduate, obtaining a psychiatry degree. He decided to use his now more fully developed image projecting abilities in a secret life of crime. His first criminal act was creating thought-constructs that stole money needed by him to fund his new activities. He then became a crime lord.

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