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Sat Feb 2, 2013, 10:05 AM

Op-Ed: Sharon Lewis - Military's other risk is fiscal


Op-Ed: Sharon Lewis - Military's other risk is fiscal
By Sharon Lewis
Published: 12:10 AM, Fri Feb 01, 2013

The Fayetteville Observer recently ran several informative articles that provided some insight into how budgetary cuts and the drawdown of the military will impact our community along with the communities surrounding Fort Bragg.

All the articles hit upon important points that those of us living here should pay close attention to. However, there still is an important issue that remains: Nothing has been addressed to help solidify our nation's budgetary uncertainty.

While many soldiers are back here at Fort Bragg now, we still have a fairly large contingency of troops deployed throughout the world, including Afghanistan. It is important for members of Congress to know that they are risking our national security by failing to address, in a timely manner, the fiscal needs of our defense forces.


The numbers are sobering - a $6 billion shortfall for fiscal year 2013 in Army operation and maintenance accounts because Congress has failed to pass appropriations legislation and the Army must spend at fiscal year 2012 budget levels. If sequestration triggers on March 1, another $6 billion shortfall will occur. Combined with other underfunding, the total shortfall for Fiscal Year 2013 could be $17 billion - in wartime!

unhappycamper comment: Putting the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures on the National Credit Card ballooned the National Debt to the tune of two or three trillion dollars, Sharon.

Why do you think my Social Security or Medicare should be cut? Because dubya and the neocons decided to 'do' Iraq on the credit card? Better yet, why were both adventures put on a credit card?

To the best of my knowledge, no one of serious consequence at Wall Street has done the perp walk. Why is that, Sharon?

BTW, each Predator Drone ($26+ million) and Hellfire missile ($150 grand) adds to our National Debt.

If you are so concerned with our 'enemies', stop down to your local recruiting office and pick up some enlistment papers.

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