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Tue Feb 12, 2013, 10:45 AM


Canada operating covertly in U.S without permission? Arrest, denial and demand $2.5M back

L.A. cocaine bust threatens Canada-U.S. police relations


What is interesting the absolute contradiction of the Canadian police ( I originally typed Quebec, but I suppose this is not just the province that is lying here). First, this inspector calls and requests the $2.5 million dollars that was confiscated from this so-called undercover Canadian cop, then this is stated in the article:

At no point did the Sûreté du Québec go into the U.S. to carry on their investigation. At no point did they have an agent, or whoever, to carry on the investigation on their behalf," Forget said.

Eric Slinn, the RCMP’s acting director general for drugs and organized crime, told CBC News the 27-year-old Canadian “was not an RCMP agent.”

Obviously one of them is lying, he is either a provincial agent or a fed, why else would Canadian authorities be demanding their $2.5 Million back? Seeing as this type of crime falls under the feds, I would assume it is the RCMP that would be running this operation, furthermore; with the close relationship that the RCMP has with provinces (via the ISU or Integrated Security Unit), they openly share details with one another.

The question of this deceit is twofold, why would the RCMP operate without American permission? Once caught and reluctantly allowing one of the arrested back into Canada, why would Canadian authorities be requesting their money in an operation they suggest didn't exist? If this person isn't in fact a Canadian officer as Canada claims, than America needs to request that this person be arrested and extradited back to America to face charges.

The more I read the stories regarding the lack of trust of Canadian undercover police and intelligence operations by the U.S authorities the more I want to be a fly on the wall during some of their private conversations. My personal saga with the Canadian authorities underlines precisely why the security establishment in Canada should not be trusted. If they are willing to operate in a cowboy fashion in a foreign country and our closest ally and trading partner, imagine how little regard they have for regular Joe Canadian?

I will continue to expose these stories and make my case to anyone who will listen. Eventually I think the truth behind Canadian tactics will start to resonate with the American authorities if it hasn't already. The RCMP and CSIS might be able to get away with destroying the lives of Canadians who cannot fight back, but eventually, other nations will get the picture. In my case it is paramount that my story is exposed without reservation so that the authorities in the U.S (and elsewhere) understand the difference between fact and fiction. As it was, I was held at the U.S border; passport taken from me (and returned) at the request of the CBSA (Canadian Border), and I was explicitly told that it was their request (Canadian) as to why I was being held (after some time the U.S allowed me in and specifically stated that they didn't have a problem with me)...

For the record this is only the latest accusations against Canadian tactics. There were accusations against the CBSA by an American building developer who suggested that a bomb threat had been called in by Canadian authorities to essentially allow them to justify their existence (a major function of many of these agencies unfortunately). I wish I could locate the online article. Not to mention a businessman who had moved to Phoenix who went public with the harassment he was experiencing from CSIS on American soil...I assumed his suffering stopped once he made the papers.

If anyone can direct me to an organization in the U.S that can help people like myself I would grateful to hear from you. In particular, the legal battle which I could not continue as I had to represent myself.

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