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Mon Jun 30, 2014, 05:07 PM

NBC's McFadden services GOP in interview of Valerie Jarrett - what happened with Obama's ratings?

Cynthia McFadden 'did her bit' for the GOP cause in her interview of Valerie Jarrett she asked:


CYNTHIA MCFADDEN: So the president came into office with an astounding approval rating and it's now down to 41%. What happened?

VALERIE JARRETT: Look, we're going through some tough times now. But I'll tell you something that I learned very early in the first campaign, is that you just can't look at the daily polls. I mean, my goodness, if we listened to the polls, he would've abandoned the race in the middle of the primary session.

I really wish one Obama administration rep would answer such a question - where the interviewer is playing dumb about their complicity in helping to sell the GOP narrative that leaves out their dedicated sabotage of everything Obama and the Democrats have tried to do to repair the economy from the Republican's Trickle Down disaster.....something like the following:

[font size="3"]

"Well, I think the people are frustrated by the Government's slow progress on building an economic recovery to the Trickle Down - Deregulation disaster - and on other matters. But gosh Cynthia, certainly you know that the public's impression of the President - and of others in Washington - is dependent a lot upon where they get their news - and how the news is reported. Most people get their news from you people in the M$M.

And I'm surprised, Cynthia you'd ask that question when you know since the President came into office you people in the M$M must have had hundreds of conversations - with the usual favored pundits - about the President's "leadership" while during that same time period the word "filibuster" seems to have been taboo on M$M. In fact I don't think since President Obama came into office the word 'filibuster' has passed the lips of anyone on M$M - even though the Republicans have set new records for filibustering (formally and by amendment) during that time period. The result is the latest Congress has been recognized - in the print media anyway - as the least productive Congress in our history.

But tell me, Cynthia, because I am not a media news producer - why is it nobody in M$M has whispered the word 'filibuster' since President Obama entered the White House, despite the fact that the Republicans have set records for filibustering..??? Explain that to me please, Cynthia, how THAT is not news?

... Far be it from me to accuse anybody of promulgating disinformation, but do you think that this kind of selective reporting of the news might have something to do with the public's attitude re the President?"

... what do you have to say Cynthia? .... Oh, cat got your tongue?[/font]

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