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Sun Jul 14, 2013, 04:20 AM

It means guns are more important than human life

It means your children are not nearly as important as my guns. You have no right to press for political change in your children's name because my guns are more important. Mourning for the dead makes you emotional. I don't care about anyone's life but my own, so I'm not emotional. (Even though he's agitated through the entire speech.) Emotion is defined as concern for slain love ones. Rationality is worship of guns above human life.

This is exactly what gunners deny their believe all the time. Here they are cheering that someone says it.

They will claim I've twisted their words. I haven't twisted them. I've pointed them out. "My rights trump your dead," means your children's right to life isn't worth shit. All that matters is my right to guns. He couldn't be clearer, and the ten recs for this thread show that those DUers feel exactly the same way.

Thanks for exposing yourselves. Obviously I always knew this, but I have you all red handed admitting to what matters to you in life, and it sure as hell isn't children slain by gun violence. So don't any of the gunners dare get pissed off the next time someone accuses you all of not caring about dead children. You made the fact you do not perfectly clear in this thread. BUSTED.

So that I have this for my permanent record, the ten recommenders of MicaelS's OP are:

So let's dispense with the pretense shall we? Here we can see quite plainly where you stand.

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