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Wed Apr 9, 2014, 03:44 PM

15 Habits of People Who Have Effectively Lost Over 20 – 30lbs and Kept it Off

This is a great article if you're trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Lot's more and click-able links to additional resources at the link below.

1. Do not eliminate foods or deem certain foods as bad or “off limits”

With all the restrictive diets flooding our tv’s and computer screens you would think the only way to lose weight would be to completely eliminate food groups and only live off kale and water. Well that is not the case. Most people who lose weight and sustain their weight loss do not do so by removing certain foods completely from their diet but finding a way to fit them into a healthier lifestyle. For weight loss to be sustainable your lifestyle needs to be sustainable.

Here are some additional resources:

Accept Diets Don’t Work

Have a “no diet” New Year

2. Develop routines and make it your lifestyle

Losing weight has everything to do with creating healthier habits. To do this you need to switch up your routines. Basically, if you do what you always do then you are going to get what you always get. Once you have created new routines and stick with them those routines will eventually turn into habits and become your new lifestyle. Keep in mind that it takes 21 days to form a new habit so don’t give up on those new routines so quick. Also, don’t try to overhaul your life in one week. Slow and steady friends. Too much to soon will cause you to burn out and get discouraged.

Here are some additional resources:

Make weight loss your new hobby

How to turn weight loss information into weight loss action

3. Eat clean (er) foods

Basically clean eating means eating foods that are minimally processed, if processed at all, and closest to their natural state. When you eat clean foods your body receives more nutritious foods, which means it will be nourished and statisfied longer.

Here are some additional resources:

What is clean eating: simple guidelines for busy people

Simple steps to get started with clean eating

4. Have an accountability system

Accountability systems are so important with losing weight. They help you measure success, identify issues, and motivate as you move forward. I personally use my scale to hold me accountable. That is what works for me. I also pay attention to the way my clothes fit and how I look in pictures. I know the picture thing might sound weird but for many years I hid behind my kids in pitcures because I hated the way I looked. One reader suggested always looking at yourself in a mirror, front and back. I think the picture and mirror tip comes down to not hiding from yourself. Hold yourself accountable. Now I am not suggesting that you become obsessive with the scale or mirror. Not at all. But having an accoutabitly system is very effective in helping to lose weight and sustain that weight loss.

Here are some additional resources:

4 ways blogging has helped me lose weight and sustain my weight loss

How to start a weight loss accountability group

How to get back on track with your weight loss


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Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Wed Apr 9, 2014, 03:47 PM

1. Absolutely right!

You need to change how you live.



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Response to CaliforniaPeggy (Reply #1)

Thu Apr 10, 2014, 06:24 PM

3. I just really like the way she laid it all out.

It really is different for each individual, you gotta find what works for you, but there are some basics that really help get you started and keep you on track. I don't do all of the habits listed but I do quite a few, exercise and clean(er) eating being the main things for me.

It's a learning process that's for sure. It took me a while to go from over exercising and eating like an anorexic to lose the weight (over 40lbs, and I maintained it the same way for years afterward) to a healthier, more balanced approach.

Eating well really does make all the difference for me. I'm much happier and healthier now than when I was starving myself. And the thing is you really do not have to do that. It's all about getting good nutrition so you'll feel good and have the energy TO work out.

Anyway, thanks for the rec, I'm glad you liked it, Peggy.

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Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Wed Apr 9, 2014, 04:53 PM

2. I lost 60 lbs in 2011 and kept it off....here's what I am doing

58.5 year old male, 6 feet tall, went from 258 to 198. I move within a range - as low as 194, high as 212 - heavier in the winter, lighter in the summer.

Our approach -

My wife joined me (she lost 20), and is also maintaining it - we each have our favorite person as our support system.

We don't call it a diet - we considered it a permanent lifestyle change.

There are no off limit foods - just portion control and awareness of what we are eating and the caloric content

We took it off by joining Weight Watchers - that taught us how to count "points" and track it. I still do.

We increased our activity - the dogs get a minimum one mile walk per day...often longer.

I have kept a food log since mid 2011 - at the end of the day I just open a Google calendar entry and write down everything I ate and count it up in WW points - my goal is 30-40 points per day (1500-2000 calories, roughly).

I've not had a soft drink of any kind in 7 years - morning coffee, all other meals water - unless we have wine or beer.

Beer or wine limited to 2 days per week, and we either split a beer or have a small glass of wine for each of those two events.

Weekly weigh ins on the Wii that we have.

It sounds complicated, but it is our lifestyle now - it is easy. We both like to cook, and it is mostly fruit, veggies, grains, legumes - some seafood, very little meat.

We love the way we eat - and we always look forward to our meals, and they always taste great.

The big bonus was to my knees - I've got 2 torn ACLs - at 258, I didn't move around well at all, and thought knee replacements were imminent. Now, they feel really good...probably at least 5-10 years until the replacement.

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Response to NRaleighLiberal (Reply #2)

Thu Apr 10, 2014, 06:31 PM

4. That's terrific, Good for you.

I have a few rules but they don't involve counting or tracking. I basically eat the same things everyday, so I pretty much know the calorie content of everything I eat and don't need to count them. I don't bring fattening unhealthy processed food into the house. I will buy a candy bar at checkout though. And if I want to eat an entire pizza? I do. But I compensate for it by exercising a little more and cutting back on other things for a couple of days.

But my real saving grace is that I love to work out, I love the outdoors. I'm very active. I could eat what ever I wanted, to a point anyway, and not gain weight because I work out so much. But I just feel better when I eat right.

I've seen your food and gardening posts, they really do look yummy, NRaleighLiberal. Congrats on you and your wife's success.

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Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Sat Jul 5, 2014, 11:40 PM

5. Going vegetarian got me down to high school weight...

Due to some kidney issues, I went on a low protein diet (with pharmacuetical grade amino acids to supplement) and because a total vegetarian...no eggs, no dairy, no meats, no nuts...
I dropped about 10 lbs and can fit in my college Landlubber jeans!

I wasn't really overweight, but the extra 10 pounds came off quickly....helping my joints, too!

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Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Mon Jul 7, 2014, 01:46 AM

6. Thank you!

This is excellent advice and I am going to start implementing it immediately!

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Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Mon Mar 23, 2015, 01:34 PM

7. I liked number 2 so well that I printed it and placed it on the front of my

refrigerator. I am a BIG believer in habits - good ones especially. I had never thought of eating properly as a habit.

I am tackling just one thing at a time. Right now it is breakfast. When I am absolutely positive that I have good habits on it - that I don't even have to think about it, I just eat correctly out of HABIT, then I will tackle the next good eating habit I want to develop.

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Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Wed Apr 22, 2015, 09:56 PM

8. I'm doing weight training


to build my body up. I quit caffeine, and have quit smoking. I struggle with maintaining weight for various reasons, but since I quit smoking, I feel a HELL of a lot better. I felt a hell of a lot better, too, when I quit caffeine.

I'm not a monk - I will occasionally eat red meat, but cutting out the really bad things has worked for me so far.

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Response to Aerows (Reply #8)

Wed Apr 22, 2015, 11:13 PM

10. any exercise you like to do works. For me it's

walking, yoga and strength training. I ski and snowshoe in winter and kayak and swim in summer. I also play guitar and often will stand, dance and play just to get the exercise. Just keep moving. "The more you're in bed, the quicker you're dead"---Tuesdays with Morrie

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Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Wed Apr 22, 2015, 11:08 PM

9. a few tips from 110 lb/5'5 formerly overweight woman

When I was a teenager, I weighed 143 at my top. What a curse. But I gradually got it off by age 30 and have been 110-115 lb. ever since. Now I'm 63 y.o. and weigh 112. Here are some important things I've learned:

A healthy diet for weight management is a healthy disease-preventive diet as well. Being overweight is a risk factor for cancer and other diseases, as are alcohol and smoking.

The best diet is low in fats, sugars and salt, and high in raw plant foods. Olive oil, avocados and other "good fats" are OK but dairy should be minimal.

Organic foods are best for disease prevention. Agricultural chemicals we ingest through the food chain are a huge risk factor.

Do not eat processed foods. Period. They are filled with salt, chemicals and sugar.

Do not drink sodas. Even some fruit juices are loaded with sugar. Cut real juice with sparkling water for a healthy "soda."

Use lemons in salads and drinks. Eat grapefruit with a little maple syrup, honey or agave juice if the fruit is sour. Squeeze oranges and make your own OJ

Always have extra (undressed) salad or veg. sticks ready to go; also a light dressing (olive oil/vinegar or lemon base, add a little real maple syrup to sweeten).

Ripen fresh fruit a handful at a time daily on your windowsill. Some people don't like fresh fruit b/c it's not ripe. Also, food tastes better when it's not cold.

Have unsalted or just lightly salted nuts around for snacks.

Dress popcorn with vinegar, soy sauce and nutritional yeast.

The list goes on but these are just a few tips

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Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Tue Aug 4, 2015, 07:41 AM

12. It's About Life Style

It we talk about health, then we talk about lifestyle. Maintaining our weight means maintaining our health which also means maintaining out lifestyle. The bad news is, it's not easy. But the good news is it can be done.

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Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Response to Raffi Ella (Original post)

Mon Apr 23, 2018, 03:47 PM

14. I lost about 30 pounds by quitting all alcohol

sounds drastic but it was really packing on the pounds, even a few beers a day. Then I read the book "How not to die" on a whim and started down the path toward veganism. I still eat a little fish and cheese but no more poultry, pork and very little beef.

I not only look and feel better, but that "tummy bulge" finally went away. My only exercise is a couple of 30-minute dog walks plus yoga every day.

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