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Thu Aug 20, 2015, 12:53 PM

Myofascial Pain Patterns---Are they related to function rather than anatomy?

If you have any experience with trigger points---either in yourself or clients--you know that trigger point A will always produce the same pattern of referred pain in everyone who gets it. Even though there is no anatomical connection between the trigger point and the area where you feel the dull ache.

So, what if the connection is not anatomical? I.e. there is no "pinched" nerve or obstructed blood supply at site A that affects the distant area of pain? What if the connection is functional?

The idea came to me while getting a massage. I realized that each trunk trigger point was associated with parts of the body that would be used in a common, repetitive movement. So, for instance, pressure on one trigger point at the lower back caused referred symptoms to the legs muscles that would be used to walk or climb stairs. A certain upper back trigger point caused a referral pattern that would be used to throw something overhead. Another would be used to climb.

I also noticed that if I used my biofeedback training to warm up the referred areas--i.e. increase the blood flow to these areas--the primary trigger point relaxed more easily.

This could explain how yoga works. You slowly perform certain stereotypical movements, while paying attention to breathing and then relaxation of all muscles used in the movement.

What does all this mean? Maybe fibromyalgia is a natural body characteristic---tension in one muscle groups provokes a response in other muscle groups in anticipation of performing a necessary function like walking---that has gone too far. The body is always preparing itself to walk, climb stairs, throw a spear, climb a tree, eat even when at rest.

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