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Sat May 14, 2022, 01:43 AM

Who's minding national security in South Korea?


(Source- 언론 알아야 바꾼다 youtube 5.12 윤석열 안보 패싱! NSC도 폐지? ) Graphic shows the route to and from the former Ministry of National Defense Building on Youngsan base (north of the Banpo bridge across the Han River) to President Yoon's private residence in Seocho on the south side of the Han River. It also shows the location of the former Foreign Minister's official residence in Hannamdong, (right, north of the Han River) which Yoon and wife intend to use after it is renovated (in one month?). The Blue House (top center) former site of the president's office and also the location where the president's official residence has traditionally been located is shown north of the Yongsan base.

A critic joked, the president probably left the office to do some drinking. He likes to drink somek ( 소맥 ), a boilermaker made with soju and beer. President Yoon isn't even in office three days and the security gap created by his refusal to move into the Blue House where the South Korean presidents traditionally lived and directed NSC meetings from the national command center underground is already on display. Why? Because some wizard guru, Gosa Jeon Gong, a youtube figure, apparently informed him and his wife, that the Blue House had bad feng shui ( 풍수 ) and that Yongsan military base where the former MND building is located had better geomancy. No joke. No comment from the conservative South Korean media. The new president is a Milton Friedman privatizer and anti-labor, that's all that matters to them. Yoon said during the campaign it was okay for employees to work 120 hours a week, but it seems he treats the Presidential office as a nine to five job and isn't available in a threat situation. The president's constitutional authority and responsibility for national security was apparently delegated to subordinates. So much for the notion promoted during the campaign that the conservative candidate with no foreign policy or national security experience whatsoever would be better for national security.


An avalanche of complaints on social media in South Korea reveal that the traffic was blocked and detoured through Yongsan after 5 pm to clear the path for Yoon to go home for the day. The daily complaints about the traffic congestion caused by his daily commute to and from work in the former MND building show that he is working something like a nine to five day, except that he was late for work the last two days. While predictions were that Yoon would get to work in about 15 minutes or so, there were reports of people being late to work by 45 minutes to an hour due to the police blockade to cater to the new president's routine.

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