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Mon Dec 14, 2015, 11:59 AM


Two stories from the weekend, how do you connect these two causes?

Over 600 San Diegans March for Climate Change

Dec 12, 2015 (San Diego) They came to the Cabrillo Bridge. They were just over 50 when Reporting San Diego showed up, by the time the march started at 12:30 there were over 600 people. Young students from La Jolla Country Day led the parade, holding the banner for the People’s Climate March, the banner for San Diego 350. They marched under the banner of “San Diegans for Climate Justice.”

People came from many walks of life, and many communities to march as one. They came to demand that something be done about climate change and the destructive effects it is having already on the planet. They also learned during the meeting that the COP 21 talks in Paris succeeded, a cheer broke, as this agreement is the beginning, not the end. This agreement aims to curb global warming to less than 3.6 F (2C.)


National March Against Police Terror Held in San Diego

Dec 13, 2015 (San Diego) At one point the demonstration has up to 21 people. While not well attended there was passion among the speakers. Desiree Smith came to speak once again about her son and how he was abused by Officers. She said “It is a time for a change. Black lives matter in San Diego.” She added that ““in San Diego lone 400 people have been killed at the hands of law enforcement.”

She came to represent the families of Anthony Ashford, Demontez Jones, and others. As she read the names, one of the demonstrators quietly played the drum as if playing a bell. There have been thousands nationwide that have also been killed by law enforcement, she remarked. Also this does not include just those who were abused and targeted by Law Enforcement,

With the advent of social media many of these abuses are now being recorded. She added, “My son was brutalized by the police. He will forever be traumatized. He was chocked, his head was slammed against the wall, he was slammed to the ground while a taser was pus against his back. All on his high school.”


Here is the issue for discussion. I know my answer to this... are these two connected? IF so, why is it that climate change is mostly a white liberal, middle class movement and the other one is not?

Points of connection.

Using my town, the kids from La Jolla Country Day School (private by the way) have the luxury of saying, we are going to go half lights, and adjust the heat and cold. The kids at Lincoln High were sent home last year from school becuase it was too damn hot. San Diego Unified is planning to spend a few million to retrofit old schools with AC because we are going to get more heatwaves, that will also be happening far more often. And knowing how things work, the kids at Lincoln will be among the last ones to get it... take my word on this Patrick Henry is way ahead of them.

As climate change accelerates we expect to see more civil unrest and take my word on this, cops are not going to be precisely nice in the middle of unrest. So yes, police brutality is actually connected to climate change, not directly but it is.

And I did pose this same question to activists how the hell do you connect these two seemingly unrelated causes? Mind you, activists for the most part actually do not understand these connections either, or for that matter that what happens oh 20 miles from Balboa Park influences Balboa Park. (That be Tijuana Mexico). One does, but he's from Guerrero. He's my good friend Manny Aguilar, who has been hitting the streets longer than many here have been alive.

Oh and before anybody asks... I am quite sore... I got my exercise over the weekend, no way around it, and do enjoy the photos. There are way too many of them for me to even try to link to a few here.

GD: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10027445499

Working Poor: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1284550

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