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Mon Apr 29, 2013, 08:30 PM

This is some of the most UNINTENTIONALLY funny B.S. I have ever read in my life...

...seriously, check it out

Some excerpts:

"In 2009, 6000 vets committed suicide. Why? Because they were so ashamed of themselves that they felt compelled to execute themselves."

"They enjoy soldiering, namely bullying, killing, torturing and sometimes raping and pillaging. When they get back they become terminally guilty and kill themselves. It a natural consequence. They deserve the same mourning as other multiple killers."

"38.Since time immemorial, man have escaped their duty to look after their children by running away to war."

Wait, what? I don't even.... I'll just say that this is complete bullshit.

"also might wonder about a man that selected an occupation that would keep him away from his wife most of the time, especially when he spends that time in the company of young fit men excluding the company of women. If he is a closeted homosexual or bisexual, getting married primarily to satisfy the demands of his parents and church, you are in for a life of misery. He will never be able to truly love you. He will never be true to you. Gay men used to sign on as sailors in the days of sailing ships, but would have a wife, in name only. Even straight men in prisons and in the military without access to women often resort to homosexual encounters.'

Of course there is anti homosexual shit as well

"It is hard not to be swept away by that trim athletic body. That is about the only plus, and even that won’t last forever. If you do decide to marry a soldier, that is probably the real reason. Hormones are taking over your brain. You are picking a good mate as if you lived in a cave and needed a muscular brute to protect you from wild animals. Think of the misery you know others have found marrying a handsome bastard."

Not only is it anti-service member but it is misogynist as well. This paragraph is basically saying that women are too dumb to pick a good mate and are just going off of hormones. Ridiculous.

I'm not even sure this is a real site, but what makes me think it is legit is the large amount of time that this person/s must have put in to it. So if it's a troll site, well done! But I really don't think it is.

BONUS: Check out the picture of the "typical U.S. Soldier in Iraq." I WISH I was ever that cut!

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