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Thu Oct 11, 2018, 01:34 PM

TeleSewer: Morales "supporters" square off with pro-democracy "thugs" in streets of Bolivia

Bolivia: Pro-Morales Groups, 21F Protesters Clash as Evo Urges Citizens to Celebrate Day of Democracy

The day took on a different meaning this year, with Morales supporters facing off with detractors to defend his right to run for re-election.

Bolivians in several of the country's major cities attended rallies Wednesday to celebrate the Day of Democracy, which marks the end of the 18-year-long military dictatorship in the South American nation.

The day took on a different meaning this year, with thousands of Evo Morales supporters <b>defending the president's right</b> to run for re-election in 2019, and facing off against detractors.

In La Paz, Morales, flanked by the Bolivian Workers' Confederation (COB) union, one of the main players in the country's fight to return to democracy in the early ‘80s, called on citizens to value their right to vote and live in a democracy. The 58-year-old former coca farmer, who took office 12 years ago, has faced criticism, after the Constitutional Court ruled he had the right to seek another term in office after he narrowly lost a 2016 referendum on the same topic to a "No Campaign" led by groups, which it was later revealed, received training and funding for “democracy promotion” from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

"We must celebrate) the recovery of democracy,” Morales said. "The ones who have the right to speak for democracy are the trade unionists. Trade unionism, social forces helped us recover democracy."




1. Telesur (aka TeleSewer, aka Chavismo News) is the plaything of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez (now Nick Maduro). Any "news" has the appropriate Marxist spin to it. It is almost entirely paid for by funds stolen from the starving Venezuelan people. They have an agreement with both Sputnik and RussiaToday to share stories.

2. Evo Morales wants to be El Presidente forever. He cannot legally run again (Bolivian Constitution). He demanded a binding referendum on the issue. He lost. Now, he insists he is not bound by the referendum, the courts or the Bolivian Constitution. He insists that it is his "human right" to be president for as long as he deems it.

3. The Morales "supporters" are activists who are largely infiltrated by violent, anti-democracy Castroists.. the same Castroists who were in Honduras creating a ruckus after the election was lost, who then ran to Nicaragua when Ortega called.

4. The Bolivian "court" that approved of Morales running for office a third time was packed with pro-Morales sycophants, placed by Morales directly. This is what he learned from Maduro, who packed the TSJ in Venezuela who have never overturned a Chavist law (nor allowed an opposition law from the AN)

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