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Thu Jun 28, 2012, 02:06 PM

"Manufacturing Contempt" (the corporate press on Chavez vs. Capriles)

Excellent analysis of the totally screwed up, unreliable corpo-fascist press coverage of the Venezuelan presidential election.

The title of the article is actually, "Our Man in Caracas: The U.S. Media and Henrique Capriles," from Keane Bhatt's blog, "Manufacturing Contempt" (which mostly deals with this topic: corporate press vs. Chavez).

Found it at NACLA:

And at Venezuelanalysis:

Both of these sources provide some balancing analysis, information and dissent if you at all wonder why huge numbers of Venezuelan voters keep voting for an incompetent, buffoon dictator.


(Note: I will be unavailable to reply to comments the rest of today, but will check out any replies tomorrow morning. I felt that this article needs immediate circulation--we have so few instances of up-to-the-minute analysis of corporate press bullshit on Venezuela.)

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Response to Peace Patriot (Original post)

Thu Jun 28, 2012, 02:37 PM

1. Venezuelanalysis is a pro-Chavez rag

full disclosure: Its founder is Gregory Wilpert who is married to the Venezuela Counsul in NY, contributers include Eva Golinger whose own rag is financed by the Ven government

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Response to Bacchus4.0 (Reply #1)

Fri Jun 29, 2012, 02:51 PM

4. You prefer the Wall Street Urinal, the New York Slimes, the Miami Hairball and...

...all the other propagandists for the 1%, as your 'news' sources?

I balance their tripe on the Latin American Left with news sources that favor the poor majority, democracy, and fairness, not to mention providing a far, FAR more informative read on what is really happening in Latin America. You apparently prefer the "Alice in Wonderland" (inside out, upside down, backwards) viewpoint of the corporate press, which is so often utterly misleading and even downright liars (ahem...WMDs in Iraq?) on so many subjects. And that may be why you mistook a NACLA article for a Venezuela Analysis article. Your bias is showing. Venezuela Analysis merely reprinted the NACLA article. It didn't generate it. THAT's why I visit venezuelanalysis.com. They not only provide information that the corporate press suppresses about Venezuela, they reprint excellent articles like this one, that will NEVER appear in the corporate press, which is incapable of criticizing itself and has become disgustingly monotonous in its advocacy for the rich and powerful, its disinformation and its lies.

Where do you get your news from, Bacchus4.0? Do you ever consult a leftist source to get an alternative view? How come you always bring up Venezuela Analysis' bias, whenever any article is cited to that source, even if just a reprint, and never, ever discuss the bias of the corporate 'news' monopoly? Do you even realize how biased the latter is--how unreliable, how disinformative, how utterly useless as to understanding even the most basic things about Latin American current affairs?

If we believed the corporate press, we would have to believe that Venezuelan voters are a bunch of stupid peasants, who keep electing an incompetent, buffoon dictator, by big majorities--for instance. I found that view suspicious, so I've tried to find out WHY Venezuelans support the Chavez government so consistently. In truth, in their own view, they voted themselves a "New Deal" and their own FDR-like president. Would that we could do so! But we are, in truth, a decrepit empire with only the remnants of democracy and an election system so compromised that we really cannot verify the election of ANY public official in the country. Why doesn't the corporate press examine THAT reality and fulfill its obligations as the "Fourth Estate"? It's actually laughable to expect them to do so, they are so corrupt.

They do the same thing on all the important issues in LatAm--promote a stupid, unrealistic, non-fact-based, IGNORANT view of the region, just as they promote a stupid, unrealistic, non-fact-based, IGNORANT view of our own country and its economic, political and military realities. LatAm is undergoing a leftist democracy revolution of immense importance, but you wouldn't know it here, if your only news sources were the corporate press.

This revolution has enormous implications for our people here, in the business line, travel, social and family connections and in numerous other ways, including basic understanding of U.S. policy and reaction to U.S. policy in the region. Our people are ignorant--ignorant!--of what is taking place in Latin America, in the broad new alliances among LatAm countries--such as UNASUR and CELAC (which exclude the U.S. as a member), specific trade alliances (Mercosur, ALBA)--all dominated by countries with Leftist governments--in opposition to U.S. domination of the OAS, in resistance to U.S. domination on all fronts, and in the assertion of the independence of individual countries and of the region, and, most especially, on issues of social justice. The region is transformed from what it was a decade or so ago--and, not unimportantly, Venezuela has been a pioneer of this vast change.

Really, the corporate press' cartoonish creation of their bogeyman "Chavez the dictator" and their other swipes at associating the new Leftist leadership with tyranny, are not only absurd, they are also deeply propagandistic and uninformative. Lacking reliable information from the corporate press on half of the western hemisphere, we need to seek out other sources in order to figure out what's going on, and Venezuelanalysis.com is one of the best sources on Venezuela--for the broad sweep of its articles (many topics--social, political, educational, agriculture, etc.--and reprints of other articles), for detailed information and often excellent analysis and for its attention to the views of ordinary people (who don't exist, as far as the 1%-er press is concerned).

If you don't like a Leftist bias, and prefer a Corporate bias, then read BOTH--and weigh the differences as to reality--unless you don't care for reality either.

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Response to Peace Patriot (Reply #4)

Fri Jun 29, 2012, 04:08 PM

5. its not a news source. Its propaganda. Its like Granma or Prensalatina

I don't know why you think its so enlightening to focus on Ven government spin and spinmeisters. for example, you are not going to find info about Maduro and his support for a military auto-coup in Paraguay. Anyway, willful ignorance is your choice of course. but others should be aware that propaganda sites are what they are.

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Response to Bacchus4.0 (Reply #5)

Fri Jun 29, 2012, 09:19 PM

6. The article, which was RE-PRINTED with permission at the second source, was originally published

by the North American Congress on Latin America.

Original was published at the FIRST source linked:


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Response to Peace Patriot (Original post)

Thu Jun 28, 2012, 05:26 PM

2. Very glad for the chance to see the article at N.A.C.L.A.. especially the part played in the attack

on the Cuban Embassy by that sorry load of slimeballs who stole their water, lights, electricity, phones, etc.. then got to work destroying the cars of the people who were inside the Cuban Embassy, while making sure no one got into the place bringing food or water for the duration, during the time their cohorts kidnapped Chavez at gunpoint and took him out of the country to a small island, claiming he also had "resigned."

Capriles chose himself to go in to speak with the Cuban staff personel.

Thank you for the entire article, from beginning to end, it was important to see. I also had to watch the video linked with the article of the assault on the embassy, and the shabby way the older Venezuelan clowns tried to apply themselves to tearing up the cars parked outside.

As for the selective reporting regarding the beginning of the campaigns, and the media "coverage," it's sad to see, but completely confirming of any of our experienced guesses of how that happened. Really ugly to see, and undeniable, that what we used to imagine was trustworthy turned into the conduit for "managed news," instead.

Thanks for the information. People of conscience will definitely appreciate it.

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Response to Peace Patriot (Original post)

Thu Jun 28, 2012, 11:33 PM

3. I read this several days ago and found it a nice piece of propaganda.

Capriles got over a million people to show up and as my thread on the overall attendance to his rallies he has had, in all, far more people than Chavez show up during this election campaign. This is objective fact. PSUV's own Chavez rally data shows that many many of the people showing up were workers for the state. This is again objective fact. The exit polls in the primaries showed that Capriles' support is across all demographics, not just the rich but the poor alike. This is also objective fact.

Chavez' double digit leads in the polls are of course in polls where the undecided factor is very high, in the double digits themselves. In polls where the number of undecideds is low, the split isn't so wide. Regardless, polling in Venezuela is notoriously hard, so the propaganda piece doesn't really make much of a point there to anyone who is familiar with this issue.

Capriles was completely absolved of the false allegations that he played a part in the Cuban embassy controversy, indeed, he was doing everything he could to stop the violence without escalating it.

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