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Sat Jun 1, 2013, 03:36 PM


Brazil 2014: The Communists Are Coming...

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DUers who follow the Latin American group probably remember a thread posted by Catherina some weeks ago about Cuba sending 6,000 doctors to help alleviate the shortage of medical professionals in some regions of Brazil:


As predicted by some DUers in the same thread, there was a hysterical (and funny) reaction by Brazilian mainstream media and bloggers following the agreement. Ricardo Setti, columnist of the infamous Veja magazine, wrote an article named "Bolivarianism in the making", in which he wonders about Cuba's hidden "political, ideological, doctrinal, and strategic interests in sending this army of professionals over here", all of them "duly educated under the fierce dictatorship of the Castro brothers." In another edition, Veja "explains" to their readers "how the importation of Cuban doctors will flood Brazil with Communist spies". Somehow the magazine came to the conclusion that one in each five doctors that will be "imported" is a spy... Josť Gobbo Ferreira, from the news blog Alerta Total, wrote: "What better way of infiltrating Cuban guerrillas in our territory without warfare, without defense, in places where the action of the Brazilian government is deficient or even absent? What better way of indoctrinating groups such as the Landless Workers' Movement, for example, than infiltrating guerrilla instructors among them, disguised as doctors?"

As if that wasn't enough, the hysterical commentators found more "evidences" of the subversive radicalization conducted by the Brazilian government. The Worker's Party is celebrating its first decade in office this year (2003-2013). A poster commemorating the occasion was released. See below:

The obvious reaction: "Worker's party adopts Stalinist aesthetics in propaganda of 10 years in the Federal Government". "The Worker's party, in an action led by the advertiser Jo„o Santana, resorted to the style known as socialist realism, the official aesthetics adopted by the Soviet Union during the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin, to make the pamphlet broadcasting the rally celebrating its ten years in the Federal Government. The same material uses an expression of former US president Abraham Lincoln ("Government of the people, by the people, for the people".

And then came the last straw: a TV advert run by the government, also celebrating the ten years in office. See below:

Of course, the brilliant anti-communist guardians of freedom quickly "cracked" the "subliminal messages" carefully "hidden" in the video. At the same time the narrator says that the Worker's Party is "preparing the second great jump" in the history of Brazil, "the most definitive jump in our history" a woman is shown is running with a red flag, ahead of the flag of Brazil. There. The ultimate proof the Brazilian government is planning to overthrow itself and transform the country in a communist dictatorship!

So... bored with the hysteria of media and the conservative sectors of society constantly saying Brazil is on the on the brink of becoming a communist dictatorship, a group of internet users decided to create the satiric page "Communist Coup 2014 in Brazil" on facebook. So far, more than 63,000 people have subscribed to take part in the Communist Uprising that is scheduled for January 1st 2014. In a very democratic process of decision making for the upcoming steps of the dictatorship, the comrades are required to help planning the actions that will be set after the liberation of Brazil by answering polls. Some examples:

What will be the name of the currency after the liberation?
a) Dilmas
b) Currency is a bourgeois institution. We'll use barter.
c) Comrades.

After the doctors, what else will we import from Cuba?
a) Mechanics of vintage cars.
b) The plastic surgeon of Josť Dirceu.
c) Bloggers.

Iphone cover with the picture of Che Guevara. Should we buy it or not?
a) Of course! We can curse a lot on Twitter with style!
b) Of course! You've got to revolutionize without ever loosing your tenderness.
c) No, I prefer a picture of Kim Jong Un.

What will we do if 100,000 people subscribe?
a) We'll make a Harlem Shake
b) We'll make a LENINGRAD Shake. Harlem is a Unitedstatian and Imperialist neighborhood.

What will we do about Facebook?
a) We'll change the option "like" to "comrade's support".
b) We'll transform it in a "social...ist networking".
c) We'll change the background to red.

You can subscribe to the 2014 Communist Uprising in Brazil in the links below.


Don't forget. January 1st. Bring your hammer and your sickle. And don't forget to learn The Internationale by heart. I'll meet you there.

"Arise, the workers of all nations! / Arise, oppressed of the earth!" ...

Sources (in Portuguese):

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Replies to this discussion thread

Response to ocpagu (Original post)

Sat Jun 1, 2013, 03:45 PM

1. The Cubans are coming The Cubans are coming!!

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Response to ocpagu (Original post)

Sat Jun 1, 2013, 05:49 PM

2. Brazil's right wing is about as silly and nonsensical as ours. Who knew? n/t


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Response to ocpagu (Original post)

Sat Jun 1, 2013, 06:25 PM

3. Wow! Crazy! They had an image of Dilma wearing a combat uniform, smoking a cigar,

standing to the left of Lula. How odd!

They've leaped straight back into the 1950's with their spooky emotionalism, haven't they?

Just that right-wing stuff. Once again, there as they do here, they assume everyone else is as stupid as they are when they design their propaganda.

It seems so FAR away to have to wait for the next election, doesn't it? How can the people endure all the propaganda to come?

Thanks for this view, ocpagu. Didn't know this has been going on. It's good knowing what is happening there. They are so similar to the US right-wing clowns, unfortunately for both countries.

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Response to Judi Lynn (Reply #3)

Sat Jun 1, 2013, 08:16 PM

4. The right wing is the same, here and there.


That image of Dilma smoking a cigar in the video is a photoshop from this picture of her in a military base in the Amazon jungle. This manipulation appears quite oftenly in the internet:

A bunch of senseless clowns. They would be funny if their actions were not, so frequently, harmful.

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Response to ocpagu (Reply #4)

Sun Jun 2, 2013, 02:21 AM

5. That means her family knows now that when she gets to work, she lights up a cigar!

What a shame someone with photoshop skills has nothing more important to do than assist assholes with their dirty propaganda, isn't it?

That's exactly what's wrong with right-wingers. They defile everything they touch. They degrade and ruin our world just being here.

You'd think they'd have better sense than to keep pushing that worn-out old cold-war crap about "commies," wouldn't you? Especially in countries which have a history of torture, murder of people for their political positions, all delivered viciously by the fascists. Looks as if they'd want to finally give it a rest, but it's their nature to keep fighting for absolute control. They don't play well with others. You can't expect them to share, like civilized people. Just doesn't happen.


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Response to ocpagu (Reply #4)

Sun Jun 2, 2013, 02:27 PM

7. ! n/t

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Response to ocpagu (Original post)

Sun Jun 2, 2013, 03:36 AM

6. I would say the Cubans do inform, but they are not professionals

Given what we know from analysis of the Stasi, KGB and other former Soviet empire security and spy agencies, it's very likely the Cubans will be both medical personnel as well as informers, and will carry out political activities. But I think the brazilians are using this as a good will gesture to bait the emerging Venecuba entity into having a more proactive view towards Brazilian business interests.

Right now Brazilian multinationals are getting a lot of business in Cuba and Brazil in the emerging fascist or Putinesque system being imposed by Raul Castro. The Venezuelans think the Cubans are communists, but the Cubans are now morphing just like China, Vietnam and Russia.

My analysis is that Brazil is committed to use soft power to try to temper the fascist totalitarian nature of this emerging Venecuba Federation, to try to keep it more democratic. At the same time the USA will be the stick to the Brazilian carrot. The announcement by Colombia that its starting the process to join NATO is a shot across the bows to Cuban imperial ambitions.

I support Brazil's approach as a human rights activist and anti imperialist. But I also dislike Brazil's moral flexibility and the way it's government focuses so much on getting business for its multinationals. It seems to want to play a game as a small China with a progressive twist - lets see what comes out of this move in 10 years.

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